Great hike with lots of water at the bottom. Not as easy as some have said. Steep slopes with rocky footing at times. Still it was very doable. We could see the falls in the distance as we went down into the canyon. Water was running heavy and fast in the creek creating lots of rapids. Couldn’t get back to the falls. Too much water to go up the creek. Some of the more agile young people worked their way around and went up about a quarter of a mile but they too turned back. We also walked down the upper trail and got some outstanding views of upper part of the creek and canyon.

19 days ago

excellent trail, even without water flowing

Nice short trail with lots to see and not too busy even on Saturday. There are still a few pools and it is well worth going all the way to the falls. I will do this one again!

I think this hike is really easy and good for everyone looking to see some green in the dry Tucson area. We went on Christmas day and there was no water but there were some pools, not good enough to swim. The hike down seemed a lot shorter than 1.8 miles, we didn't go all the way to the falls because it was dry. We took a small strong dog (standard schnauzer) and she was good with the big boulders and jumped if need it. If it was full of water I may writing something different.

Scenic trail. Have to scramble through rocks and boulders at the very end.

Nice afternoon hike, not very difficult as our 4 and 6 year olds made the trek, mind you they are very experienced little trail monsters! I agree the lack of rain does take away from the water experience but it is still beautiful. The drive up to the parking is fun too.

Go during the rainy season; this trail was not terrible, but would've been cooler if there were actual falls! Saw LOTS of dead grasshoppers along the stagnant pools. Fun rocks to climb on at the bottom.

Great hike. Cool rock scramble towards the end thanks to little rain and no water.

A quick afternoon cool off. Even when the falls are dry there are some nice pools to swim and beaches to relax. There is some rock climbing skills needed to reach the upper Falls.

Great hike. Beautiful views!

Great for all folks to get down... getting to the falls require a lot more skills climbing over rocks. Good time if you can when the water is flowing.

Loved this hike! Awesome scenery.

5 months ago

Beautiful hike. There are times when you have to climb over boulders. The big waterfall only had a trickle of water. I'll be back another time when there is more water.

6 months ago

Great hike. For a short distance it is somewhat strenuous. The sun beats on you and bugs are out in full force but if you leave them alone and wear bug spray they don't bother you to much. You have to climb up and over rocks and some are slippery. But it's a great workout and there is much to see along the way if you don't have much time and can only do a portion of it.

6 months ago

Do NOT try to go the whole way to the falls with dogs. There are very large boulders that make it extremely difficult for them and for you. This was a very fun hike and the falls are beautiful. I will definitely do it again WITHOUT my dogs. Also wear closed toed shoes. Chacos or tevas might seem like a good idea because of the water but the sand and small rocks will get into them and make it a very unpleasant hike.

Fairly easy hike into the falls. There are a couple of areas where you have to climb over some big rocks, but the biggest waterfall is worth it. The water is 65 degrees and very clear. Great swimming!

wonderful trail, full body workout, great views and amazing waterfall if you make it all the way to the end. be careful for desert critters, we have run into two rattlers whilst on the trail and they can be very easy to miss as some blend into the color of the rocks and sand. just be wary and keep your eye open to your surrondings. great to hike after a nice rain!

7 months ago

Fantastic hike! It's not easy but it's not difficult. Pretty tiring hike all the way to the big falls (3rd waterfall). We went at 8am and it was a lovely hike, saw very few people. It's an amazing reward to get to the big falls and swim.

Once you get to the second falls you can either climb up slippery rock (be very careful) or take almost a horse shoe pathway (pretty steep) to the falls that will add a few minutes to the falls but is a lot safer than the slippery free hand climb.

Please note my wife and I did this as complete beginners and we did just fine. Bring plenty of water and be careful!

Closed July 4. Can't get to it. Road closed due fires.

Beautiful views. Get there early, we got there at about 5 am. There is no water right now. Good hike for beginners

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