It was a nice, scenic hike. there was plenty of water in the pools below to swim in. The hike back up definitely works your thighs and calves.

Amazing! We went swimming at the end - what a blast. We did this hike with 6year old twins. There are some steep parts at the end, but little ones can make it with a hand here and there. Absolutely worth it!!

rock climbing
2 months ago

Moderate trail. The deeper in lots of rocks to climb and small pools of water. Nice options for views and just a couple hours commitment

one of my favorite trails

There is no marked trail below the canyon. Just climb between the rocks. A little dangerous but funny. When I went there, the fall is very small, but the pool under the fall is still very beautiful.

2 months ago

Hiked this yesterday around 7am before the heat. Starts with a few switchback to get you down to the riverbed. This is the driest I've seen this trail. There's water puddles here and there, with some trickling water. The lower water level does allow for easier climbing and route choice. Take your time on the final accent as you either go straight up the rock face or around the side. There's still plenty of stagnant water at the falls but no actual waterfall, which is a little disappointing, still a beautiful canyon though.

Awesome trail. Came across a rattler between the parking lot and the trailhead, so keep your eyes peeled. The initial descent is gradual, when you get to the river bed it’s fairly easy going except a few spots require some climbing over rocks. We had our 7 yr old walking with us and 10 month old in our Deuter III. There were a few larger rocks in the river bed that provided adequate shade for breaks for snacks. Unfortunately, with the kids progress was slow, starting the hike at 7 am, we turned back around around 830 due to the heat. I’m not sure if we would have been able to make it much further with the child carrier on anyway. All in all, a great hike, I hope one of these days once it get cooler we’ll be able to finish without having to worry about the heat.

2 months ago

If you like hordes of people with kids and dogs running loose then this is your hike!

Great easy hike. I won’t be doing this trail again only because it was too easy for me and there wasn’t any running water at the time. Also heard it’s packed when the water really starts to flow. Other than that I’d recommend it to anyone who is just starting off hiking or wants to get in a little cardio on the way back up.

No water yet. We found tadpoles in some small puddles. Make sure you bring extra water. Very fun and easy hike. Can’t wait to go back! My 8 year old did great

Just hiked this trail on the 24th . No running water, just some standing pools; despite that it was an absolutely beautiful hike. Watching the sunrise over the mountains as you're in the canyon makes getting up really early worth it!

I went alone and close to sunset. The view was amazing and very peaceful. The location feels like you’re driving to the middle of nowhere but the directions took me straight to the trailhead. I’d definitely do it again when I have more daylight to explore further.

Our favorite hike currently. Difficulty depends on the water level. We can bring the dog! Some climbing required if water is high. Fun and beautiful.

Says dogs are ok but if you want to climb the boulders may be best to leave your dog home. If your dog loves boulders - of course- bring him ;)

Took my dog we had a tiny scare, of course some other dogs were off leash but were super friendly (my dog is not). There was water but the river is not active. Definitely go at an earlier time sun is blazing when you go back uphill to the trail head. Other than that loved it!

Enjoyed the trail Great Views great Swim for the kids Very Pet Friendly

6 months ago

Good trail took the dogs out they had fun, lots of slippery rocks, not much water right now .

Excellent hike. Round trip from the parking lot to the waterfalls took us about 2 hours. Right before the falls there's several steep sections that were fairly slippery. It's doable but be careful.

Amazing hike. Switch backed over steams then ponds of water. Rock climbing. Kiddos loved it. I would rate this as a harder hike, more difficult thru some areas. Some slippery rocks. The hike was totally worth it, when you get to the top it is priceless!!

Great hike with lots of water at the bottom. Not as easy as some have said. Steep slopes with rocky footing at times. Still it was very doable. We could see the falls in the distance as we went down into the canyon. Water was running heavy and fast in the creek creating lots of rapids. Couldn’t get back to the falls. Too much water to go up the creek. Some of the more agile young people worked their way around and went up about a quarter of a mile but they too turned back. We also walked down the upper trail and got some outstanding views of upper part of the creek and canyon.

8 months ago

excellent trail, even without water flowing

Nice short trail with lots to see and not too busy even on Saturday. There are still a few pools and it is well worth going all the way to the falls. I will do this one again!

I think this hike is really easy and good for everyone looking to see some green in the dry Tucson area. We went on Christmas day and there was no water but there were some pools, not good enough to swim. The hike down seemed a lot shorter than 1.8 miles, we didn't go all the way to the falls because it was dry. We took a small strong dog (standard schnauzer) and she was good with the big boulders and jumped if need it. If it was full of water I may writing something different.

Scenic trail. Have to scramble through rocks and boulders at the very end.

11 months ago

Nice afternoon hike, not very difficult as our 4 and 6 year olds made the trek, mind you they are very experienced little trail monsters! I agree the lack of rain does take away from the water experience but it is still beautiful. The drive up to the parking is fun too.

Go during the rainy season; this trail was not terrible, but would've been cooler if there were actual falls! Saw LOTS of dead grasshoppers along the stagnant pools. Fun rocks to climb on at the bottom.

Great hike. Cool rock scramble towards the end thanks to little rain and no water.

Monday, October 16, 2017

A quick afternoon cool off. Even when the falls are dry there are some nice pools to swim and beaches to relax. There is some rock climbing skills needed to reach the upper Falls.

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