Fairly easy hike into the falls. There are a couple of areas where you have to climb over some big rocks, but the biggest waterfall is worth it. The water is 65 degrees and very clear. Great swimming!

wonderful trail, full body workout, great views and amazing waterfall if you make it all the way to the end. be careful for desert critters, we have run into two rattlers whilst on the trail and they can be very easy to miss as some blend into the color of the rocks and sand. just be wary and keep your eye open to your surrondings. great to hike after a nice rain!

Fantastic hike! It's not easy but it's not difficult. Pretty tiring hike all the way to the big falls (3rd waterfall). We went at 8am and it was a lovely hike, saw very few people. It's an amazing reward to get to the big falls and swim.

Once you get to the second falls you can either climb up slippery rock (be very careful) or take almost a horse shoe pathway (pretty steep) to the falls that will add a few minutes to the falls but is a lot safer than the slippery free hand climb.

Please note my wife and I did this as complete beginners and we did just fine. Bring plenty of water and be careful!

Closed July 4. Can't get to it. Road closed due fires.

Beautiful views. Get there early, we got there at about 5 am. There is no water right now. Good hike for beginners

Great directions! Great short hike. Early start recommended if you are going in the summer time, it was about 95 degrees we we went after noon. Saw standing pools of water at the bottom but no waterfall. Perhaps we didn't go far enough. I forgot to turn on the feature to track the hike. I would try it again if I was in the area.

3 months ago