Scenic trail. Have to scramble through rocks and boulders at the very end.

Nice afternoon hike, not very difficult as our 4 and 6 year olds made the trek, mind you they are very experienced little trail monsters! I agree the lack of rain does take away from the water experience but it is still beautiful. The drive up to the parking is fun too.

Go during the rainy season; this trail was not terrible, but would've been cooler if there were actual falls! Saw LOTS of dead grasshoppers along the stagnant pools. Fun rocks to climb on at the bottom.

Great hike. Cool rock scramble towards the end thanks to little rain and no water.

A quick afternoon cool off. Even when the falls are dry there are some nice pools to swim and beaches to relax. There is some rock climbing skills needed to reach the upper Falls.

Great hike. Beautiful views!

Great for all folks to get down... getting to the falls require a lot more skills climbing over rocks. Good time if you can when the water is flowing.

Loved this hike! Awesome scenery.

3 months ago

Beautiful hike. There are times when you have to climb over boulders. The big waterfall only had a trickle of water. I'll be back another time when there is more water.