Someone else had mentioned that this trail as posted doesn’t exist. At least some of it definitely does, but it’s barely there. You can see my recording to see where I went. I started from San Pedro House and went south on what seemed to be the marked trail - it’s basically a dirt road. About 4 miles up it turns left to Miller Backcountry Campsite (there is a sign - and apparently vault bathrooms!) and after that, the route north on “Sky Traverse Trail” (according to Google Maps) is more like a deer path, and difficult to find and follow. It is not close to the trees and the riparian area for most of it, just walking on a narrow, nearly invisible trail through chest-high dry grass. It was only once I was about a mile from the start that it went close to the creek and became pretty. If I were out here again, I would just go east from the San Pedro House, then south along the creek, and then go back the way I came.