Established in November 2000, this remote and unspoiled, 280,000-acre Monument is a geologic treasure, containing a variety of diverse landscapes from the Paria Plateau, Vermilion Cliffs, Coyote Buttes, and Paria Canyon. Elevations range from 3,100 to 7,100 feet. Steep eroded escarpments consisting primarily of sandstone, siltstone, limestone and shale have been deeply eroded for millions of years, exposing hundreds of layers of richly colored rock strata.

6 days ago

Absolutely stunning.....
Worth the wait and effort of the lottery.
I'd go again in a minute !

The campsite was much nicer than I expected. There are several sites now, maybe 8 with canopys for shade and a bathroom. ( No running water )
We stayed into the heat of the day and had the place to ourselves all afternoon to explore. But the hike back was a bit grooling in 97 degree heat and no sign of shade. Luckily we all had plenty of extra water. The breeze saved us, but we were a bit sand blasted by the end.
Be safe out there......
What a gorgeous gift of nature !!

Went to White Pocket today. The whole place is awesome!
A must if you are in the area.
Good alternative to the Wave, some say its nicer...

Get Map and directions from Guides at the visitor Center.
We took following roads 1017 -1087 - 1086
Up to the ranch driving is easy. Afterwards there are a few tricky sections.
However if you have some experience in sand and a 4WD there will be no problem.
Just keep going!
Shortly before the gate there is a big bump/pothole, be carefull and dont overspeed.

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We did a portion of this hike in April, Wire Pass to first rock fall, about 9miles round trip in and out. Was beautiful, will post a few pictures The drop off obstacle people mention in Wire Pass really wasn't that bad to climb down, or climb back up on the way back, a few logs and rocks placed perfectly to make it easier, we have a youtube video that shows us going down and up this. Would love to do the through hike from Wire Pass to Lees Ferry someday, but need to coordinate with other hikers in order to get a car at each end. Have started this group in facebook where hikers interested in through hikes can post and meet others interested in same hikes, to set up ride shares https://www.facebook.com/groups/1986748654889852/ if you have any interests in through hikes, please join and contribute

1 month ago

White Pocket is absolutely stunning. Four wheel drive is required deep sand.

Beautiful bucket list destination. It's really not a trail. The hike is easy to the wave and even though the actual wave itself is small the hike to and around the wave is beautiful!

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