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2 days ago

Not one of my favorites but nice & easy trail

on Wind Cave Trail

2 days ago


This was a really fun trial. Fairly quiet, long course, needed 4WD a lot of the time in my modified Wrangler, had to use 4low a couple times. Beautiful views. Will definitely be back.

3 days ago

Awesome hike. I would definitely recommend

4 days ago

Nice and flat hike. Very beautiful.

5 days ago

Easy to follow, lots of saguaros, nice view from the top.

Love this hike in the spring when the brittle bush is blooming and cascading down the mountain like a huge waterfalls.

Really pretty and the cat peaks pass trail offers a cut through right back to Blevins instead of taking part of meridian back. bewarw though, the pass is Rocky as you go over a small hill. Pup loves it!

It was a decent hike, good views, a good sunset hike, there is no true destination so enjoy the journey not the destination.

7 days ago

This hike fun because we went during the warmer months and it was not busy. Beware though, the altitude gain is all at the very end! It isn’t a cave at the top, more of an indent in the side. There was multiple bee hives at the top so be very careful.