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This is a very nice trail to hike, not to long and not a lot of elevation, just a nice mid hike.

This was really a beautiful trail. Apparently this area gets more water as the vegetation was lush including green ground cover. Hedgehog cactus were profuse popping up like freckles on the face of the desert. Expansive views as you climb up and out of the Saguaro forest are just lovely

Lovely saunter. Well tended trails where you traverse along a mild ridge and alongside the desert floor to complete the loop.

12 days ago

I had a Harris Hawk that kept following me around d the trail as it was landing on the Saguaro’s ahead of me.
It was pretty cool!
Trail is super easy, even for a disabled 60+ y/o like me.

Great hike, not much of a trail but that was not a problem. Steep, some exposure, but manageable. Not for a beginner. Awesome view up top.

Nice hike to the painted cave. The trail references and markers are a little hard to find. Use the overlay that comes with this app to guide you. There did not seem be a defined path for the final leg down and then up valley to the cave. Once you make the clime and look in the cave you will get to see the paintings on the inner wall. Very nice reward after a great cardio workout. The final 1/4 mile to the cave will have you on all fours occasionally to make the accent.

This was a great moderate hike. The ridgeline was fun to hike, the view great, and the plants interesting. Signage would be nice, but the all-trails map made it easy to find.
All & all a good time.

This is a nice flat trail with great views of hillsides full of Saguaros. It is easy enough to do with a backpack child carrier.

Lovely enjoyable trek!

Quick and easy hike from jw marriott hotel! Views were nice, lots of cactus to see.

Sometimes you have to go backwards to go forwards

on Rock Wren Trail

1 month ago

first of all, a WARNING: the "alltrails rock wren trail is NOT a loop! It's a beautiful, rocky, but mostly easy trail that ends 2,4 mile from its trailhead. if you want to get back to the parking lot from whence you came you will need to turn around and go back on the rock wren trail another 2.4 miles. there are several other trails you will encounter that you can create some kind of a loop for yourself out of when you start out, but the tucson mountain county park map at the trailhead clearly shows the rock wren trail NOT to be a loop. why alltrails calls it that beats me. if you leave for a short hike a little late in the day thinking the trail is a loop you could wind up spending the night on the trail.

It was an awesome trail. I parked at the Brown Mountain Picnic Area trailhead which in fact is easy to find the trail. There are a few picnic tables and grill stands if you desire. The start of the trail is narrow and not marked. It is only about 150 feet to the main trail after you walk through the wash. It is very easy to find. There is a dead saguaro that is still standing that is your indicator that you are in fast on the correct trail.

Take the trail counter clockwise starting right at the saguaro, since the ascent at the far end of the trail is much easier than the close end.

I would have rated the trail easy/moderate but I definitely agree with the rating of moderate because of the terrain. It is not steep, and provides switchbacks, however the footing is a little treacherous. I wouldn’t recommend running as it may be too easy to skip and fall or obtain another sort of injury. I’m very coordinated and at times had trouble with footing. But not to worry, there were a bunch of older folks on the trail.

Definitely recommended! Pretty views all across the top of the ridge!

trail running
1 month ago

Easy trail that I was able to run. The trail is relatively narrow though, so there were some areas where I momentarily wandered off into the washes. Beautiful hike with amazing views. Would highly recommend.

A nice short trail with great views of the pass. I did this as a run but it was a bit rocky at times.

Nice trail with good views but be aware that the trail shown above is NOT from the Brown Mountain Trailhead. The real trailhead in on the right side of the road that also goes to the Gilbert Ray campground area. When you take this trail be aware that you'll need to cross a wash with no signage. The trail picks up about 20 yards to the right of where you enter the wash. While the trail is fairly rated as moderate, it's not one you'd want to take without hiking shoes and some prior hiking experience. Also, be aware that there's lots of cacti leaning into the trail early on. The hike stats above are for the picnic area trail entry. From the main trail head you're looking at closer to 5 miles RT and 900 feet of altitude gain.

Great hike. Did the detour to the top of the peak for fabulous views.

Very nice easy trail. Perfect for a morning walk before it gets too hot.

very eazy early morning warm up. Love the Gilbert Ray campground. very quite and relaxing.

2 months ago

not well marked

2 months ago

Not well marked and lots of trails in the area.

Cute trail. Easy.

I can’t believe 57 people gave this trail a 4-5 star rating! Half of the hike is butted up against Irvington road...so I guess the “beautiful views” are the houses and the cars??? The only reason I can see anyone recommending this trail
Is if you live down ajo or close by and you maybe want to do a little trail running. THERE ARE THOUSANDS OF BETTER TRAILS IN TUCSON!!! If I want to hike somewhere just to see views of the city, I’ll walk up tummamoc or A mountain!!!! I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS TRAIL.

3 months ago

Easy trail for beginners, new Sarasota trail also that creates an extra little pathway. Beautiful views, can spot deer almost every hike!

My adult daughter and I hiked this trail at 7 a.m. which was a perfect time. We saw families of mule deer, an owl , and a tarantula!! We also saw a javelina family on the grounds of the Marriott which was right at the trail head. Parts of this trail were flat and easy. However, much of it was very rocky and I had to concentrate on not sliding and tripping. But I am 60 and not as spry as I once was. We did not see another soul on this trail and loved the solitude. We stopped and took so many pictures it took us over 2 hours to make the loop. In addition to the wildlife, the views were gorgeous!!

WARNING—- attacked by bees 1.5 miles into trail!! There must be hives hanging off the side of the peak. Be very careful when at the lookout areas!!!!

4 months ago

ok, this started out very nice. but I got to a point where the actual trail signs differed from the online map. which caused me to go about a half mile out of my way. so I back tracked to where the discrepancy was. that's when I realized to finish the "loop" it would take me out of the park system and down to a golf course then back up a road to where I was parked. this was not at all appealing. so I turned it into an out and back. beautiful area, but the differences between reality and online caused issues for me.

An awesome trail to hike. Just have to pay attention to the trail signs and your surroundings.

trail running
4 months ago

Great trail for a run!

trail running
4 months ago

Great quick trail. I was trying to trail run and I don't do that often, so it was a little rocky for me, but easy to walk when I needed to. Beautiful scenery and even saw a mule dear. Highly recommend.

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