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Simple, easy to follow trail once you reach the hills with nice saguaro views. Not as breathtaking as the canyons but I imagine this sunset beats all others (went during the afternoon in October)

Beautiful! If you walk westward down the wash there are stunning purple rocks for quite a ways.

Too many jumping cactus! Ouch.

We did this hike at 11am. Not the hottest point in a Tucson day, but plenty sizzle for a northwesterner. Lots of rocks, but beautiful. A good way to start if you haven't been hiking in a while.

Great hike, really pretty. Be very careful of cholla, the monsoons have washed them all over the paths so take extra caution especially if hiking with dogs

its chill..but didnt look like much of a canyon but it was neat anyway.

5 months ago

Okay. The Cougar trail starts at pullout K15, across Kinney road from the parking area. It ends at pullout K23, same side as the parking area. The actual distance is closer to six miles in and out. The whole trail basically follows a utility easement and is usually a well defined unpaved service road. at about 1.85 miles, there is a large wash, and the trail spikes away from the power lines. It is easy to miss the continuation over the wash and continue onto the Ringtail Trail where you may find yourself back on Kinney Road at pullout K19, so keep an eye out for the trail - remember it follows the power lines.

After this wash, there are some good climbs, with the last revealing a view of the Tucson Desert Museum, and the highest spot on the trail. From here, you're basically at the end, and can go downhill a few hundred feet to pullout K23 as described above. The hike back is a bit weary, especially after the sun comes up! But mostly downhill with a few shady spots to rest (good for the doggy!)

The Tucson Mountains are your backdrop most of the time, with some good sweeping views of the valley. Also some dense underbrush in the washes and behind the Archery Range (The trail runs the backside of that). There are too some nice groves of saguaro, but overall I'm giving this trail 3 stars. It has poor and nonexistent markings, a number of unmarked side trails, and it is an easement. The power lines are almost always in the view.

Good hike to warm up for something bigger.

5 months ago

Unless you hike more than two times a month, this trail is not easy. It is poorly marked to start. We ascended the west flank from a rather hard to figure path. A large wash has to be crossed w/o signage. The trail is very rocky, with loose debris as you go. Not for tennis shoes or preteen or dogs. The views and Saguaro cacti are outstanding. When descending the east side, the colored rock is very cool looking but very difficult to proceed downhill. I agree that the trail should be traveled counterclockwise.