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on Cougar Trail

12 days ago

5 stars = as good as it gets!
There may be better trails, but this novice has yet to encounter them. I feel accomplished after this hike!

Leading up to this trek, I conditioned on 6 previous trails (including 1 trip up Tumamoc and 2 trips along the base of this mountain—between picnic areas). This was a challenge for me, as I have chronic joint pain (mainly knees). That said, I was able to complete the loop with relatively little pain. (However, I use trekking poles, take turmeric and fish oil daily & take Aleve as needed for pain.)

FYI: there are 4 peaks (maybe it was 3, but it seems like there were 4) along this ridge, so keep that in mind, if you are a beginner like me.

TIPS: I recommend starting at the Brown Picnic Area and hiking clockwise back to the trailhead.. There is a RR and water at the 1/2-way mark: San Juan Picnic Area. One could even hike with a buddy and park one vehicle at each picnic area, if need be.

I really enjoy this hike! I have hiked along the wash (at the base—between picnic areas) twice now. The next time, I am determined to climb to the top and complete the full loop! (I have had to ease into this hiking season, due to chronic joint pain.)

TIP: If you begin at the Brown Mt Picnic area, and want to hike out to the San Jain Picnic Area (where there are RR’s and a water fountain) and back, be sure to veer to the right at The Headless Saguaro. Veering to the left will take you to the top of the mountain.

A beautiful short hike. Emphasis on short. It’s quite brief but would make for a wonderful lunch break for anyone who works on the west side.

If you're looking for something that requires effort, this is not your hike. This is a peaceful meander, thoroughly meditative, in and around beautiful cacti and marvelous views.

Very scenic and easy to hike

quick trail for morning cardio

1 month ago