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3 days ago

Kind of dumb to rate a trail 1 star because of forest closures. But whatever. Short hike, on a hot day will still kick your butt a little. Water is really murky this time of year from monsoon runoff

Last weekend my wife and I did this hike, the weather was great and the views incredible, the hike itself was easy and the trail to the top was very well maintained, the rangers & staff very friendly and will to answer any questions you may have, after the hike headed back into Global to have some Mexican Food.

1 month ago

Great views and excellent directions, as provided in previous reviews. Decent flow of water considering the time of year. Water was still plenty cold, but slightly murky. Keep in mind when deciding to swim the rate of flow- just upstream is private property who keep cattle that have direct access to the stream...

1 month ago

1 month ago

Extremely beautiful destination. Trail is very rocky, slippery, and steep in many places, but it’s all worth it!

The only reason I am giving 2 stars instead of 1 star is that it is a somewhat challenging hike. You are pretty much uphill from the beginning of “trail” to the top. Other than that, it was not someplace I would ever go back to. I wasn’t aware that I would have to deal with motorcycles every 20 minutes or so and the “trail” intersects FR 626 which people drive their cars on. So yes in addition to endless motorcycles, you also get to deal with cars and trucks driving by you. I don’t recommend this trail to anyone looking for any type of solitude or experience with nature. In my opinion I don’t think this should be listed as a hiking trail at all. It isn’t a hiking trail.

on Box Canyon Trail

2 months ago

Reading the reviews really helped! Short and sweet!

Short, easy hike. Beautiful.

4 months ago

Tried to go 6/4/18 - Closed as are nearly all trails along 260 due to extreme fire hazard.

Drought. No falls or water

Good workout. Took me 2’40”. Used 1 quart of h2o. No issues with getting lost or losing the trail. Lots of loose gravel and rocks made it a little difficult on some of the descents.

Directions from JP and Chrissie T were super helpful. Found the embankment and deer fence without any trouble, trail into the wooded area, clearly marked! Then a little confusion...... until we looked down and noticed the arrow, after that, stunning views into the canyon, stopped at several points to take pictures, the trail going down, and back up not as difficult as we anticipated, we just took our time both directions. Would have spent more time in the water and it not been SO cold!!!

5 months ago

Mile marker 271, pull right and park. Pass gate and cross cattle bars, stay straight into open field until the orange/white "caution type" sign and cairn, or Karen as I called her and called out to her many times seeking direction along the way. At one point I saw Karen perched high on the edge of a cliff and I just had stop there because I didn't see a realistic way to reach her. At this point we did see rock climbers which was pretty impressive. I would have liked to see more but it just seemed too risky. This hike is physically challenging and makes you have to consider which choices are best to make. I liked that, but the lack of water actually falling from the rocks and the nasty water pool, I really have no desire to go back. But, glad I did it. One liter of water was enough for our 2 hour hike. It would have been better in more supportive shoes, but we managed in our Nike's.

5 months ago

This little mountain was tougher than I expected!
The trail (road) is easy to both follow and walk on and there are no technical parts, but the constant incline is relentless though not particularly steep.
I started at the trailhead shortly after 6am and had ~60F at 3200’ and enjoyed shade 3/4 of the way to the top.
At about 5500’-6000’ I saw a bunch of deer.
The temperature at the summit was pleasant, but I had mostly full sun on the way down and it started to get warm. It was high 80ies when I made it back to my car around noon, and I went through 4 liters of fluid.
It took me just over 3 hours to reach the summit and I was back at my car in ~5h45m including breaks.
This hike felt every bit has hard as Superstition Ridgeline, though having 10 degrees warmer weather today probably made a difference...

Great directions lovely hike

Short but steep walk up. Path is paved and well maintained. Well worth it for the views at the top.

This is a great hike! Perfect for training for Grand Canyon. It is an old dirt utility road that takes you to the tower at top. Stay to the left when the road dorks.

6 months ago

Seems like an ideal place for picnics. Wouldn't recommend bringing dogs.

Nice paved trail. A little steep, so flip flops not recommended going back down. Benches all along the way to rest of enjoy the view.

Great walk up to the cliff dwellings. I am 74 but had no trouble getting up. Lots of benches to rest on. Beautiful views,

8 months ago

A nice hike indeed, a dangerous one if not careful. Hard to find since road was moved! More like 18 miles from Payson, near mile marker 271, right before the green roof cabin at the Boy Scout camp on the right. Do not go if rain is expected and save for summer months when hypothermia is not a threat. The rocks at the base are slick even when dry and many an air vac have rescued those who fell and broke or became stranded going up on the other side. Be sure to stay left when you come to the cliffs. Some people scramble down the cliffs on the right but it is dangerous. There is a much clearer path if you stay left which is a slower, safer descent to the mouth of the canyon. Once there look downstream and know that all of that can be safely traversed if careful. Suggest crossing the narrow stream at the bottom of the descent at the now “top” of the canyon and look for the easy scramble down the first rock face to the water. Continue safely exploring by swimming downstream a bit to next speck of dry rock. Stay within ability to climb back up; small dogs not suggested, but strong ones who swim can make it. Stay safe!

9 months ago

So close to the highway and so beautiful! I was grateful for the trail description from Chrissie here because it is not marked and we likely would have turned back had we not had those details.

Very nice trail. Paved all the way, great views, and amazing to see how they lived in 1400 AD.

on Box Canyon Trail

11 months ago

We parked on the side of the freeway and climbed up the embankment you can clearly see where you walk up not hard to find. After a short walk you will see a fence... go under the fence ...first part of the trail is flat.. trail itself is not marked stay straight and look for a very small incline up and a ledge..once you hit the ledge follow the path down to the left. The decline is steep lots of flat large rock's be careful. We saw mountain climbers training and practicing.. follow the trail down keep going it's a short hike down but remember what goes down must come up. Once you get to the bottom the view is amazing. Very enjoyable hike bring water and snack if you just want to hang out at the bottom and enjoy the view for a bit. Reserve water for the very steep incline UP you will need it. Overall it was an amazing hike.

off road driving
11 months ago

Great trail! Did it with my friend, we both drive built 100 series land cruisers. Both of us used our rock slides twice. Come prepared and so long as an experienced driver drives all will be fine. Minimum of 2 vehicles and carry proper recovery gear!

trail running
Thursday, October 05, 2017

Really difficult but so much fun and the most beautiful views!!! Easy to get to, and I was the only one out there. Definitely will be back!

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Do you need a permit to hike this???

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Bridge is closed. Trail is supposed to be closed but someone opened the gate Trail is destroyed. All I can say is don’t do it !!!!!!!!
Don’t read old reviews the trail is not the same

Tuesday, September 05, 2017

We hiked the old forest road (FR27), which is very rocky with deep ruts off and on for the majority of the hike. We started at the top of the Mountain where the communication road is closed off. The road we drove in on (FR 626) is very rocky and I recommend a vehicle with good clearance. Be sure to bring plenty of water. We stashed 2 gallons of water at the bottom (near mile post 228 off US-87), and also where the old road meets the new road. On a hot September day, we needed it. The vegetation varies from desert cactus at the bottom to mountain pines at the top. You can see Roosevelt Lake and 4 Peaks from the top. This hike gave me a sense of accomplishment, and I was glad to see my vehicle at the top. Round trip took us about 8 hours but we weren't in a big hurry.

Monday, August 28, 2017

Beautiful, quick hike. start from coordinates given by alltrails, which is off to side of highway. entry is up the embankment (~12 feet). 3 min after you find the trail, you go under a fence. flat walking for next but, great scenery as you start to see the canyon, and then the trail goes down to the waterfalls. somewhat steep descent on smooth rocks. small waterfall and pool. return ascent gets heart rate going.

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