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Situated within rugged terrain in the northeastern part of the Sonoran Desert, these well-preserved cliff dwellings were occupied during the 13th, 14th, and early 15th centuries.

off road driving
20 hours ago

Great trail, no traffic, 110 in valley & 88 at top!
Great views!

5 days ago

off road driving
29 days ago

Really great trail! Beautiful views and interesting abandoned mines and equipment. The trail has gotten harder over the past few months though. It's still fairly easy to get to the main mine area, but to do the whole loop has gotten very difficult. I have a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon with a 2.5" lift and 35" tires and It was harder than anything I would do again. I made it out with minimal damage, but it wasn't easy. I wouldn't recommend it for anyone that doesn't have a serious off-road vehicle.

trail running
1 month ago

Red rocks, beautiful country.
The trail is more of a 4wd road and are a little easy to get off track on as there are no signs.

Wow, incredible to be on this scared land. Interesting part of Indian Culture.

Beautiful trail! Starts out pretty flat terrain, then you start down a beautiful rock trail along the mountain side. Pretty quick hike to get the blood pumping. Finding the trail is not easy. The map with start you on the side of the road (hwy 260), park before the guardrail, climb up the dirt embankment and you'll find little dirt trails you can tell people have used. When you come to the fence look for the hole and climb under. Then it's pretty easy from there. Just follow the dirt/rock path to the creek. If you want to get in the water, bring water shoes.

Lower dwelling are good 3 stars but the upper is much better hence the 4 star rating. Biggest issue is getting a spot on the weekend for the hike it is ranger guided only access. Not a difficult hike and a slow pace with the ranger talks which are very informative. Our 4 year old did it without issue so don't let the ranger description scare you off.

Nice hike. it was paved with many benches along the way. I took my little brother. It was very steep but thats excepted as you are going up a cliff lol.

Fun walk! It's a paved walk, not really a hike, and super quick. The dwellings are great and the view is beautiful! This would be great for families and child-outings. Fun to see as a visitor to AZ

7 months ago

This is an old Foest road, AKA trail and meets the new Foest road 626 just after the 5 mile point. There are camping spots along the way and beautiful views. Yes, there is a trail and hike HERE

off road driving
8 months ago

Great trail! Fairly difficult in areas with beautiful views in between. The mine area is a great place to get out and have lunch. Trail took us about 6 hrs to complete with an hour of that being a lunch stop. The trail is narrow in many places that would make it difficult for a full size 4x4. All in all a great experience.

8 months ago

Beautiful quick hike down to a quiet paradise. I had the place all to myself and took a quick swim in the freezing water! Lots of great rocks to climb. And a few small waterfalls.
The trailhead was not very clear but if you park just before the guardrail, get out of your car and climb up the embankment right there, it's a quick scramble up. Then follow the path to the deer fence and crawl under.