Photos of Tonto National Forest Nature Trips Trails

READ before you take this trip

This was an incredible hike. Only saw 2 other people the entire trip. The only complaints and advise I have is:

- the road to the parking for the hike is dirt road. We went after it rained and it was a little challenging with a car. Suggest a truck or Jeep. It’s a long drive from the main road. My car made it fine but it was a lot slower than if I was in a bigger off road vehicle.

- the hike is NOT 8.6 miles. We followed it to a tee (this app was amazing and it recorded everything) it was 10.3 miles long! Thank goodness we took snacks and plenty of water. (Pack accordingly) better to have more than enough then not enough)

- stop and enjoy the sights!! It was beautiful! We went clockwise (and so happy we did!) the hardest part was at the beginning but once you get over the first mountain to the bottom the running water was beautiful and so relaxing. We sat there for 30 min listening to the water run and the birds chirp and took our first break.

- the rest of the trip was great. Lots of up and downhill. But nothing too hard. There are a few places where you need to watch your footing because of the drop (small trail)

- Stop for breaks and bring snacks as this is a long one. NOT recommended for hot weather. The sun was out and at times made it hard (it beats down on you) not a lot of coverage. But since the weather was so nice, the breeze made it tolerable. Wear good sunblock! Even though it was breezy and cool we got a good redness from the day. Cloudy days seem to burn more lol.

I hike often but this by far was the longest one I’ve been on. I’m not in the best shape and still was able to do this one. A little harder at times but definitely, if you have the stamina do it! My daughter (18) came with me and she has only hiked ( more like walked ) once in her life. It was hard towards the end to get to the finish. But definitely doable. I would say between moderate and hard. Because the length and the climbs. Be prepared for over a 10 mile hike for this one. I will try to attach my map so you can see. The record on the map was spot on and so helpful. There are only 2 places along the journey that it is hard to find the connecting trail, the map helped when we zoomed in and were trying to figure the direction. Otherwise it is easy to know where to go. It is not marked well at all and easy to get lost so make sure to look at your phone often.

*********I took a charging case and a backup mophie charger for my iPhone. Thank goodness or I would have run out of battery. The app runs constantly and drains the battery. we would still be in the mountains if it wasn’t for the app! *******

We are definitely sore today. Mainly calves, but feels great to accomplish this one! Enjoy your trip!