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Easy hike, definitely miss marked as “hard”. This trail is moderate at best!

I did this trail unexpectedly as I was planning on doing the three sisters. But I parked in at the wrong spot and took off up the trail I thought was correct. Before long I realized my mistake - oh well maybe I should up grade to PRO...

Anyway, this was a good solid to hard hike for me. Started off around 9:30. Should have begun earlier as it warmed up more than I expected that day. No biggie. This track is a little more rugged in places than my normal climbs on south mountain (Holbert, Mormon Loop, Geronimo, Devastator) but there was nothing as demanding as the steep parts of Echo Canyon @ Camelback.. Probably could use the up grade from Brooks runners to climbing shoes due to the rocks, but they did fine - no slipping.

Lots of people on the trail: couple scout troops, families even some dogs - but definitely more than lightly traveled on the weekends.

Overall great trail, great views from the saddle and on the way up. Will do this one again but would head off to the needle to extend the hike to 8 or nine miles or only after I get those 3 sisters in.

Parked at the end of Ernie's road but missed the turn off about 50 yards in to go left. Not sure if there was a more marked trail that way but we bushwhacked around looking for the rim/edge and did not find a grand vista. There is definitely no trail in the location marked on the map here (we had a GPS and crossed the "red trail line" on the map several times near the saddle but did not come across anything. HikeAZ has it right: "Follow this "trail" as long as you can as it quickly disappears near a fence/property line." Just be aware. It's still a nice area though.

Watch out for snakes we hit an area about 2 miles in where we came across a constrictor on the way out and a rattler on the way back right on the trail. Almost stepped on both they were camouflaged so well !! Love this hike for interval training.

Easy hike for first 2 miles, then scramble comes up on you. Be ready to climb. Requires athleticism and no fear of heights. Spectacular view at the top. Highly reccomend for those capable.

Went up Peralta to the saddle. Great hike got there around 5:15a and it was empty. Once we got the the first vantage point, went on to “The Tree” worth going all the way. Some shade at sunrise but after that it’s a baking beauty. Tough trail but doable for most everyone. Take water, none on this trail. No scrambling and very well marked!

Adventures are awesome. We traveled to the medicine wheel, saw an owl, explored the area. Will return to the cave and to the see the views of Salt River. The heat is arriving and this trail requires a map. A great adventure!!!

23 days ago

Apparently I missed the part about no dogs? As usual, took my dog. Seemed fine. Not a remarkable trail, but the views at the top where it intersects Highline are super. Have to go off trail a bit to see them.

**Read this if you want to take your dog...**
I hiked this amazing trail two weeks ago with my 50 lb 8 year old trail seasoned blue weimaraner who hikes mountain trails 4-7 times a week. The trail was fine, easy even, until we had to climb over the large boulder. We did it but there is a ledge about a foot wide on the other side of the boulder with a 20 foot drop below. My dog was not a fan! Two of us handled her by harness to get her over and pass her down. (I was told by a friend you can go around that boulder-Just like you can go around the 12ft wall on Flat Iron) After this point the trail increases significantly in vertical climb up to the peak. Up is never the issue-as you know down is harder. We got about 3/4 of the way on this part of the trail to the top of the peak before we tapped out! We probably could have climbed it, but the decent would have been dangerous and irresponsible for both me and my dog to attempt together. This dog has hiked Flat Iron in the Sups, Humphreys and hikes Black Mountain in Cave Creek 3-6 times a week-all labeled as difficult hikes. Take your dog if you don't mind NOT climbing to the peak. The entire hike round trip took 2 hours for very seasoned hikers with stops. I would recommend bringing gloves.
We will return this weekend without my dog.

***Road driving caution. I drive a Jeep Trailhawk -I drove this 18 mile forest road fast and rough. It was a lot of fun but it loosened 2 heat shields and broke 3 motor mounts--I can't entirely blame the road for the motor mounts, they may have been close to needing to be replaced. But drive fast and fun knowing the risks...

Great Sunday morning hike. Great 360 degree views. Started out around 9:30am and finished up around noon. Would recommend an earlier start from now through the hot months as it was approaching 85 when we finished up. There is no shade on the trail. Bring plenty of water & sunscreen. Wear hiking footwear as it’s very rocky on the trail, especially, the first half. Great hike!!

Great view from the saddle!

What a great trail! Fantastic views along the way and of course at the top. The hike is fairly easy until you get to the chute. Take your time going up and you should be fine, only a few questionable spots.

This is a gorgeous hike!!! There were hardly any other people out when I went, so it was a very nice experience. The view of weavers needle is superb. The desert is just glorious in these parts. I couldn’t stop taking photos. Oh, and I saw a collared lizard right off of the trail! I wouldn’t rate this trail as difficult though- more like moderate. But that doesn’t matter- highly recommend!

What an epic hike/scramble/climb. Not too crazy as far as route finding, but makes up for it with the difficulty of the scree chute. Not sure how/why Alltrails considers this dog friendly.

This is an amazing trail, not much traffic, great views

Really worth the work! About an 1-1/2 drive out to the trailhead and then a nice trail. Once you hit the saddle it’s a bit more elevation. Few sketchy spots near the top - we just went slow and watched our footing. Exhilarating view at the top with thousands of lady bugs. And we could see mount Humphrey’s.

OMG there was snow! This was our second time up Browns Peak but we didn't expect snow in March. As Canadians, we aren't afraid of a little snow and decided to go for it anyway and see what we could do. As usual, the views going up are gorgeous and the trail was in good shape. Scree Chute is intimidating enough without ice and snow, but with it...wow! Other people were coming down so we decided to go for it. With hiking boots and gloves we made our way to the top and back down again. It was super sketchy though. I'm glad I can say I've done it in the snow, but I don't think I'd attempt it again. Free climbing in those conditions is unpredictable and I'm just not sure it's worth the stress. Browns Peak is still a favourite and absolutely beautiful up-top. I will definitely do this one again, sans snow!

off road driving
2 months ago

This was a perfect fit for a late morning start for a couple of us jeep gals. We didn't go to the cabin we choose to go towards the mine, testing our skills :) I have a stock LJ with 33's and her's is a JK with 33's also, but she has a 2-3" lift if I remember right. Both vehicles had no problems at all. Great scenery also. I would go back just to be able to go down and check out the cabin.

20 minute walk up a moderate grade path to the top of a plateau. Ruins with rock wall features and numerous scattered pottery shards are present on the plateau.

This is my favorite hiking trail in the Phoenix area. Very do-able, just takes a while to complete. For me about three hours round trip. I’ve seen young children to elderly people at the top, observing the awesome view of Weavers Needle. Dog friendly, however, my ten month old Lab was a little tired the last mile. We came prepared with food, so with a bite to eat and a break, she was able to finish the hike on her own. Between the two of us I had three liters of water on me. Several shady spots on the path as well. Highly recommend!

Beautiful. The hike out to the first lookout is only 2.2 miles, but it’s easy to keep going and turn back depending on how long you want the hike to be. Clear path and no climbing. There were only a few stretches of steep hiking, but otherwise it was not too strenuous. I would say this is a fairly easy hike, even for beginner hikers!

I hiked this trail yesterday and I fell in love with it. The views, the little cave, etc. Magical!

I honestly love this hike. It involves a little bit of rock climbing/scaling. Views are pretty amazing. If you go during the spring months be sure to bring bug spray. For the avid hiker, I would give a moderate rating since it does have some climbing. For a beginner, I would say it's difficult. The road up there is the worst part - long & bumpy. That's the only reason why I've only gone once. Otherwise, I'd be there all the time.

The views are nice and the trail is moderate to easy. The trailhead is not at the point that is marked in the map and the length is closer to 9 miles than 6.5.. Also the trail is poorly marked at many points. We enjoyed it in general and the small beaches were a delight.

Great hike with most of it through a pine forest on nice dirt trail. Once you ascend over the pines, you come to Brown's Saddle and the imposing peak is ready for you to climb. Difficult climb and we reached a chute that is listed as a Class-4 exposed scramble so we stopped a couple hundred feet from the top. We will be back and get to the peak!

Great hike, easy stroll to the base of the peak. After you get to the base it gets a little tricky. If you aren’t too experienced, take it nice and slow. Once we got to the top we hung out for about a half hour and talked about how we never wanted to leave this view. It’s amazing. The hike took about 4 hours, but that was very casual. We saw some people with a dog, but I wouldn’t recommend at all.

This hike was terrifying to me. My fear of heights doesn't help.

2 months ago

really great trail for hiking or biking. very little elevation gain. took about 1 hr 45 min

Great view, a few technical parts but nothing worse than flatiron

off road driving
2 months ago

The hike and drive were great.

First the drive - I took the road from the Beeline Hwy (87) to the trailhead. I was in a 2wd Suburban. For all those people who say that you need 4wd, they are wrong. I think they are conflating the term 4wd with high clearance. Any 2wd high clearance vehicle will work. There was not a single place on the drive in that I was ever remotely concerned about being stuck. That being said, I wouldn’t recommend a sedan or crossover. I also wouldn’t recommend any vehicle with low profile tires because there are lots of rocks that could puncture your sidewalls. The drive was about 1.5-2 hours from the Beeline so be prepared. However, it was very scenic and enjoyable.

On to the trail, it was great. You start in a deciduous forest and move on up to the rocky portions above the trees. The chute looks extremely challenging from the saddle, but it’s doable. Unfortunately when I went (late February), it was during a cold snap and by the time I got about 100 feet from the top, all of the footholds were full of ice. I could see the top, but there was no safe way for me to make it to the top. I was extremely disappointed, but I’ll be back when it warms up.

For those wanting to know how it compares to the Flatiron: they are similar. Brown’s is less physically grueling (less elevation gain), and less crowded. However, there are more technical areas in Brown’s. Browns is also nice in that you park and you’re immediately on the trail, as opposed to Flatiron where you park and then have about a mile long flat(ish) walk on big stones that can twist your ankle and is not scenic.

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