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The Tonto National Forest, Arizona, embraces almost 3 million acres of rugged and spectacularly beautiful country, ranging from Saguaro cactus-studded desert to pine-forested mountains beneath the Mogollon Rim. This variety in vegetation and range in altitude (from 1,300 to 7,900 feet) offers outstanding recreational opportunities throughout the year, whether it's lake beaches or cool pine forest. As the fifth largest forest in the United States, the Tonto National Forest is one of the most-visited “urban” forests in the U.S. (approximately 5.8 million visitors annually). Its boundaries are Phoenix to the south, the Mogollon Rim to the north and the San Carlos and Fort Apache Indian reservations to the east.

It’s tricky getting to the cave but so worth it!

Good hike to get your heart pumpimg and legs burning without pushing yourself too hard. Great for beginner looking for more of a challenge. We followed the trail counterclockwise, but once we reached the "canyon" area towards the end we sort of lost our way and crossed back across to the loop to near where we started because we started following the riverbed instead of the map. Oops! Would love to try again and complete it properly. I love the little area you pass through on this and the Garden Valley trail. It was a little busier than I'm used to because I've never visited the Sups on the weekend, but not too bad and everyone was super friendly.

nice short walk to rick piles, with nice views

Warning—this is a climb and not a hike. So FYI depending on what you’re looking for. I didn’t enjoy it because I was looking for 1) a great cardio workout where I would get my butt kicked and 2) be alone with my thoughts. Instead I was too concerned with where my next step would be, climbing up boulders, and dreading the way down. So I turned around halfway up the gap. Others on the trail seemed to be enjoying themselves and there were all ages. So I suppose it just depends what you’re looking for prepare yourself for a “climb” to the top.

Fourth time hiking Picketpost and finally it’s easy. The views take your breathe away. It’s beautiful!!!!

I did not like camping here. It’s too close to the road and you can hear cars all night. I prefer more secluded.
The trail is easy and short

Definitely not too rigorous.. great challenge for beginners

1 day ago

-pretty scenic...
-not too difficult;
-a little crowded on a Sunday, but weather was perfect so a lot of people were out.
-would definitely hike this trail again.

Great, low intensity hike...perfect for a sunrise or sunset hike, as it is easily accessible and relatively quick to get up. Excellent photo opportunities and views at the top!

Very nice trail

Great loop hike! Lots of great views. After the 2nd mile we didn’t see anybody the rest of the way on a Saturday.We did the loop counterclockwise as we prefer to do the steepest part of the elevation going up. Worked out great for us and our knees. Our GPS on an iPhone x recorded 11.62 miles. And it felt it.

Parked at the end of Meridian Road and hiked to Bulldog Saddle. Track hoof prints and keep an eye out for the path in tall grasses. Be aware that Usary Pass is a klick west of the backside of Bulldog Saddle and not to confuse the two depending on where you park. Always bring plenty of water!

3 days ago

Nice quick trail. Lots of interesting looking rocks.

3 days ago

This was one of my favorite trail, watch out for the bee though. Once you get to the waterfall, if you can climb to the top there is even more to see beyond.

challenging & awesome view

Love this area and hike. You can really go so many different ways up here and find a lot of different places to explore and shot photos or just swim and relax. Little pools everywhere. Amazing rock canyons, little waterfalls all over and the big one of course with the little cave and multiple falls. Be careful the rocks are slippery and it is very dangerous around the falls. My dogs loved this area we went back at night to shoot night pics and had fun then too. I know there's been some bad Hingis with flash floods here so I made sure and you should make sure to check the radars around as you're about to head there. Be extra safe it can't hurt!

Great Hike today!!! Loved the rocky incline workout and beautiful scenery, breathtaking!!!

Loved this trail. It is close to home and good climb in a mile.

Loved it! 4.2 miles down to the falls which were amazing. Hiked it on Feb 13th and didn’t see one person. Beautiful hike but the hike back up was a challenge took about an hour and a half. Well worth it!

No hot springs found from the other reviews. Roads are very rocky, 5 hours to Peoria.

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