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13 days ago

Nice, moderate 3+ Mike hike which loops around Thunderbird Mountain between 55th Ave and 59th Ave on Pinnacle Peak Road. Better to park on 55th Ave as there is more parking space, and just cross the road near the signal, which immediately takes you to Cholla Loop.

Loved it Especially the American flag when you get to the top

I do this quick hike when im pressed for time. I took my 9 month old son with me a few times in his hike pack...perfect short hike. Only downfall is close to road.

1 month ago

Moderate rating is accurate. I would suggest hiking the loop clockwise. This will provide a more gradual incline to the summit. Descending is with less small rocks and scree.

1 month ago

Accurately rated. Very accessible. Nice view overlooking Glendale from the summit. Added a black throated sparrow to my bird list.

2 months ago

This trail offers moderate elevation gain and no shade, but offers great views of the basin. In summer months hit the trail early. Trail is rocky in places.

My son-in-law and I go there almost every Sunday morning. It is pretty easy with just enough rocks, turns and elevation changes to make it fun.

Fun little hike with some great views of the temple

this was my beginners hike. I've done it a few times with my boys and they loved it.

Used to run this trail a lot great and fairly easy

3 months ago

nice hike

3 months ago

Good cardio work out. This was the first time for me on this hike. I will do it again.

Awesome trail

Fun stair-like climb, slow ascend but a lot of rocks to step up.

4 months ago

Very rocky but excellent views.

if you follow the whole loop- coach whip-ridgeline-sunrise-coach whip, it's more like 4 miles. still a good easy/mod hike

I would do counter clockwise next time, too much down hill, and lots of loose rock the entire 7 miles

I had a blast. Good trail. Amazing view from the top with benches to chill or meditate.

5 months ago

Fun hike, a bit rocky :)

Love the flag at the top! Very motivational...

Nice trail for us older folks just starting out

This was an amazing sunset hike to do. It’s fast and easy and you have plenty of time to get to the bottom before dark!

5 months ago

Nice, quick morning hike, 30 minutes up, 30 minutes down. Probably faster if you're not skittish and out of shape like me.

Wonderful view when you reach the top, plus a cute selfie op with the flag. Saw a bunch of lizards sunbathing and whatnot on the way up.

Definitely bring enough water and a hat, especially in the spring and summer.

Great for dogs too!

Disappointed by this trail. So many other better trails in Phoenix. It's fine if you're looking for something short, quick and easy and don't care much about seeing desert flora - not too many cacti here compared to other places.

An easy, convenient trail I find myself on a couple times a week.

Good workout! lots of loose rock in places, awesome views all around. it can be kind of crowded at times.

great for a morning hike and perfect to do with family.

5 months ago

Very good hike.

6 months ago

love you Trail walk it with my dog once a week

This park is so crowded, but well maintained and easy to access if you're in a time crunch. There are rocks and the occasional snake, but I do enjoy completing this hike several times a year.

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