Ted Walker Park

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This was my second time trekking the PRW trail. This time, I began at Redemptorist and looped around to Ringtail, an onto the PRW trailhead/parking lot. (My buddy and I parked a vehicle at both locations, since we are beginning hikers.)

The Ringtail trail was very difficult to find, as it isn’t clearly marked. In fact, we turned off in the wrong location, and got stuck in the thorny brush. If you are coming from the PRW trailhead, or if you are parked at the retreat (which, btw, is where the petroglyphs are located), watch for the huge saguaro growing out of a builder. RT trailhead is just beyond that landmark on the right. Then, watch for the metal trail marker. It’s easy to miss! RT Trail juts off in the opposite direction, so watch for that, too. I have uploaded pictures, in effort to help you.