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The Superstition Wilderness area is open only to hikers and equestrians; no 4wd vehicles, ATVs, dirt bikes, or bicycles are permitted in the wilderness area.

2 hours ago

Fun trail with great views and the cave is awesome! Steep towards the top and a few spots to climb over some rocks - which makes it fun!

10 hours ago

No waterfall.

Fun trail with a great view at the end

Great hike. A ton of fun and a great view. Harder towards the top.

8 days ago

Very beautiful trail but bring lots of water. Views are amazing.

8 days ago

It’s a great hike. It gets steep near the top and you really need proper hiking shoes or trail running shoes with really good grip. I saw several people fall over. I found it harder going down - loose rock etc. It took as 1.20hr going up and we are of average fitness. People had their dogs.

I rated this 5 stars due to the views and how many landmarks you see along the way that call to be explored.

That being said, trekking through boulder canyon sucks. Especially in nike runners (my mistake). Definitely use boots on this trail and be prepared for lots of rock hopping.

9 days ago

It’s a pretty Trail. The only downside was there were tons and tons of bees by the purple trees but we didn’t get stung lol we just ran right underneath each one. We also went right before sunset so not sure if it’s the time of day we chose to go because there were lots of nats also. The hieroglyphics at the end of the trail were cool and we did a little climbing up the stream since it was dry. It was totally worth it though to watch the sunset from up there!! Amazing amazing amazing view! Was a little nervous walking back in the dark but saw some deer, nothing scary haha.Definitely want to check out lost gold mine trail also which starts at the same trailhead. The backstory behind that was interesting.

11 days ago

This is a great hike. Starts easy but gets really steep towards the top. I had to take several brakes close to the top. Once you get in the cave, it is all worth it. It is a lot cooler and worth the view. A fun hike!

14 days ago

Made the mistake of going when it was 100 degrees out. There’s no shade until you get to the cave. The last part of the hike is pretty steep. Had to get on all 4s to get down some of the boulders and did slip a couple times. The wave was pretty cool and we had fun taking pictures. Would only recommend going when it’s cooler outside. I didn’t find the trail difficult to follow at all.

15 days ago

It's pretty busy with lots of hikers off all ages and capacities. It's also a bit of a rocky path so with lots of folks there, you may have to take the rockier side of the path.

16 days ago

Really nice views towards the top of this trail, the beginning is a little bit boring but it’s worth the work to get to the top! I did this trail today and it was 104° and quite hot! I just went slow and took many water breaks and it was actually quite lovely at the top. I think it was a little bit cooler up there. Highlight was seeing that Weavers needle just over the edge.

18 days ago

This was a beautiful, easy jaunt through the desert with lots of great views and very mild elevation gain. There's plenty of parking and the trail is well-marked the whole way. The petroglyphs at the end were really cool to see, as well!

One of my favorite spots! True there can be a lot of people up to Humphrey’s saddle- but every time I go up and over I can spend most of the day with out seeing another person. You can’t go wrong with peralta either way- some of the best views around

19 days ago

We loved this hike. I took my 8 year old. I would recommend a hiking shoe as there is some loose rock and the end of the trail and it gets steep. At the end.It is worth the beautiful view and the cave was bigger than I expected.

This hike was great. The views were amazing! The petroglyphs on the rocks were very interesting. No water falls this time!

cool little hike with a sweet swell at the end

Very beautiful hike, view at the top is breathtaking if you enjoy the lovely desert! Also some shade along the hike. Very nice when it's hot outside.

Peralta trail offers two paths to hike. The one to the left offers a trip to the wave cave. The hike to the right takes you to petroglyphs with water runoff from winter snow melts that taste exquisitely smooth like snow.

Really awesome climb with a rewarding view. Saw some mountain goats as well!! lol

22 days ago

Great hike, lots of shade at the top. Trail was a little hard to follow at the base but got way better. My golden retriever loved the shade and sand to play in at the cave.

Totally worth the hike. Things to know: there is absolutely no shade the whole way up, but there is plenty at the top. The trail is easy to follow if you go straight through the fence and follow the trail (if it forks, don't follow the path that has rocks blocking the way on the ground). Of course, bring a lot of water.

I consider this a Hard hike. The trail is easy until the Petroglyphs which is the end of the Hieroglyphics trail. There are two ways to go from there, left will take you boulder hopping and right to a faint trail. Both ways have cairns but I prefer the faint trail to the right. The rest of the way is hard. My favorite view is reaching the saddle that meets the Superstition Ridgeline trail. From there follow cairns southeast passing the summit area and turn back around to reach the summit. Took us 7 hours, including approx. 30 mins rest and picture time at the summit.

Loved this hike, especially the last ¼, super beautiful and unique terrain!

Bring plenty of water, and even more in your 4x4. Start early as it's an all day affair, and bring friends!

27 days ago

Love this beautiful hike!

27 days ago

Great little hike with kids. Was not crowded and nice views.

First let’s start out that this is a great trail with lots of EVERYTHING you could look for in a trail. As the previous hike noted, past the saddle there IS NO trail, and barely any markers. And since no water was to be found except for some pools in the river canyon. Navigation thru the washes was very time consuming. Running low on water, I ended up loosing the trail at the SW boot trying to navigate the boulder canyon and needed to call 911 to get SAR to help me. The red line GPS on the AllTrails app was extremely unreliable after the saddle. You are on you own navigating and finding the trail to the west side loop trail. As the GPS line will tend to drift you away from the loop trail on the SW corner. Do yourself a favor and download and use the SAT layer map to find the trail again. THIS TRAIL IS NOT FOR UNEXPERIENCED HIKERS

28 days ago

Great hike! Challenging toward the end as most have said.
From the parking lot it was actually 1.5 miles out and back, not 3 as the app says. The trail is not marked so just keep walking straight and go past the barbwire fence. Also, the road to get to it is all dirt and rock, could be a challenge for smaller cars to navigate (wish we would have known). Bring lots of water! Enjoy

28 days ago

Did this hike on a Weekday morning. Only saw a handful of people the entire time. First half of the trail isn't anything special, but the second half makes up for it. Great easy/moderate hike. Spend some time at the top, the longer you look the more petroglyphs you see.

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