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The Superstition Wilderness area is open only to hikers and equestrians; no 4wd vehicles, ATVs, dirt bikes, or bicycles are permitted in the wilderness area.

Great views as you gain elevation, and hieroglyphs are worth the effort.

Loved it❣️My Favorite Hike so far

Getting to the trailhead is a bit confusing as you drive through/past an active mining site. Keep going, it’s really worth it!
The trail is lightly traveled for sure...we didn’t run in to anyone on trail. The light traffic made it a very peaceful hike but had to stay on guard to keep on trail. Really no formal markings but several cairns in place from previous trailblazers. It was colder than expected at the start but that turned out to be a good thing on the way back as some stretches are exposed and got a bit warm. Definitely wear layers!
Great canyon wall views and creek-side walking...though most of the creek was dry. Still plenty to see with how the trees and plants and rocks play together. I was surprised and delighted with this hike. Will definitely go again

Great hike. our twins 8 years olds made it with very minimal complaining. Hike is easy but trail makes it slightly for complicated because of how Rocky. would absolutely hike it again. bring a lunch and hang out at the hieroglyphics.

3 days ago

Great hike

3 days ago

This was a beautiful, easy hike. The petroglyphs were really neat to see. The trail was super crowded and there were a ton of large, slow moving groups so prepare for a slow stroll or go on a weekday.

3 days ago

This hike was amazing! It is long and definitely a scrambly challenge, but it is certainly easier than its north side sister, Flat Iron. The trail is a little tricky to follow, but with GPS we had no problem. I highly recommend GPS for this trail. Spectacular views of gold canyon and of weavers needle. The best part was we only saw a few other people on this hike and had the summit all to ourselves!! This is a great trail if you want amazing views and a challenge, but also to avoid the crowds of Flat Iron.

No definite trail but definitely worth the hike up to see the cave. Pretty good workout.

4 days ago

views are 5 star. totally worth the hike.. getting there and back whole other story. The Cairns markings are pathetic and agreed with others hard to find and keep track of. was very easy to get off course. you would be better off pre planning and setting your own way points then try and follow those. best bet know where it ends and make your own path. not sure how this app tracks the route so poorly but Endomondo clocked it at 11 miles. so some prepared for a farther distance. for me personally after 8 miles of constantly being in and trekking over boulder fields was glad to get out of the canyon. I'd say it's a good one timer, doubt I would do it again so many more better ones around..

Excellent easy hike. I'm very gradual walk up the mountain to the hieroglyphs. Some rocky areas but overall very gradual and very nice. Extremely scenic and the hieroglyphs are good. The closer you get to the waterfall and hieroglyph area the more difficult the walk becomes but it's well worth making the hike. Lots and lots of indigenous vegetation and cacti. We thoroughly enjoyed it. The only downside is it's heavily used. Probably better during the week then on the weekends.

coming back was a breeze one we realized where the trail was. note to self: cross the wash don't follow it

4 days ago

Nice hike. Took me about 2 hours to complete.

Definitely as advertised! Bring several maps or route descriptions with you to cross reference. Start EARLY - you will need all day and you don’t want to caught on the mountain when the sun goes down! Bring lots of water and shoes you’re ready to rock climb in...if it starts to seem TOO scary, you may have gone astray from the trail, so check again...but there are scary bits for sure that can’t be gotten around except by just doing them (especially the two crack climbs, one at the very beginning of the hard part and one very close to the summit, plus the second narrow part aka balance beam of doom!). Be careful out there!!!

PLEASE READ.......This is not a hike to take lightly it is straight up a rocky climb. You will loose your way a few times. Thank goodness for the good people that placed the carins. I added a few myself, please rebuild the ones that have lost a few rocks it helps tremendously to have obvious carins. There are some beautiful views for sure. This is only a 6.8 mile hike but feels more like a 12 mile hike. Plan on all day so you can take your time and take some breaks. Take plenty of snacks for energy you ll need it. I will NOT do this one again. Be mindful and do not take your dog.

Was i nice hike with a little bit of exposure.

Nice hike. An incline most the up, gets pretty steep towards the top. Beautiful views for sure, but very busy.

Amazing ruins at end of hike. If you keep climbing up you can find some amazing buildings from the Native Americans. It's a long drive in about an hour of desert road. I would suggest not using a car. Not for novice hikers, but amazing experience at the ruins.

Beautiful hike with a 6 and 8 year old. Bring plenty of water!

*BEWARE* do not park where there are no parking signs - they will tow!!!! We had to park in side bc parking lot was full. We thought just maybe we would be ok because we saw many others do the same. We were gone 2 hours hiking, which was beautiful but when we came back our car was towed!!! If it wasn’t for some friendly others to give us a to the nearest store, we would have been stranded!!!! Now we have to wait 2 days to get the car because the impound lot is closed on the weekend!! I know it was wrong of us but pretty messed up that we couldn’t get our car back the same day!!! We will never return again.

Great hike! A bit of a workout the last .5 miles and well worth reward.

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