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The Superstition Wilderness area is open only to hikers and equestrians; no 4wd vehicles, ATVs, dirt bikes, or bicycles are permitted in the wilderness area.

Recent rains have small stream and waterfalls flowing. Good way to shake the summer lack of exercise. No scrambling and moderate incline.

A pretty easy hike, not too much elevation gain with some nice running (not always) water at the end. The hieroglyphs are nice, and I’m pretty sure some people have added their own as well.

one of my favorite hikes. easy to moderate then the last 500 feet is difficult.

2 days ago

went with my dad and two kids. we loved it! the spring is beautiful and the weather was perfect.

3 days ago

Went hiking with wife, kids, and cousin on the first very beautiful day of the fall hiking season. Waterfalls were still running the day after very heavy rains which made it very refreshing to stop and admire the tranquility of the petroglyph area. One of the best trails for the whole family to be found in Arizona!

Very rocky. Wear proper footwear. Some steep inclines but worth the climb. Easy for the first .8 or so but as you get to the base of the saddleback, lots of boulders to get to water pools and petroglyphs.

Great experience. Longer than I expected though. Not in the greatest shape, but my son carried the pack, so I can’t complain! It seems like this trail goes through about three micro climates—brutally rough rock ravine with cacti constantly reaching out for you, then lush almost tropical (for a desert) vegetation on the back side, water seeping everywhere, then finally clean, giant hoodoos standing silent sentinel over the vast Arizona floor. Steep trail down; my legs are still sore. Awesome day.

sweet trail would do it again.

Beautiful Sunrise Hike this morning with some friends....waterholes were full, no waterfall yet, not enough rain. Good Times!

Did this hike today for the first time solo. I have done it before with a group last year as part of the ridge line hike. Today I went to Carney Springs left a little late at 2pm and hit the summit at 5pm. Sunset was at 6pm so I had to use my head lamp for the down hill part back to the parking lot. The trail app saved once it was dark I got turned around and off trail twice. made it down by 730 PM. Saw a coral snake at the top of Carney Springs was cool but alittle freaky. Fun hike harder then the Flat Iron for sure.

9 days ago

I hiked in and camped near the ranch. Wonderful hike, quite moderate and enjoyable. The apples were all over the place as of early October!

trail running
9 days ago

Plenty of apples this year (2018). I would try and make it up during October before they go bad.

10 days ago

A beautiful trail from start to finish. A solid moderate rated trail, I can see where for some it could be ranked difficult. Good hiking shoes with good gripping power is a must. Trail required focus on the path as you walked it, no looking around for me, so frequent stops to take in the amazing views. Path is visibly easy to follow, no markers outside of the trail head. Was light traffic today, ran into maybe a total of 10 other hikers. By the end I had 5.7 miles, so as others noted, it’s longer than the states 4.8 miles. Took me 3hrs 15min, with taking about 15 mins at the turnaround point to take in views. Great hike for views and a workout!! Then treat yourself to food & beverage in Tortilla Flats afterward, it’s a well deserved reward!

11 days ago

Nice trail. Easy-Med. The petroglyphs were amazing to see! If you don't like people this is not the trail for you. There were a ton of people, loud with no "trail etiquette". Litter and graffiti on the rocks next to and over the historic drawings.

on Wave Cave Trail

11 days ago

At the start of the trail, you will come to a fence which appears to discourage you from entering, but you actually have to walk through it. Otherwise you'll get lost and wind up on another trail and have to back track. See attached photo of the fence. You have to walk through it were the orange posts are.

Other than that, it's not too bad of hike. I would call it moderate.

May want to bring gloves as there were some points where you need to grab rocks for balance/footing.

11 days ago

This trail is on the tougher side of moderate for those less seasoned. The ascending climb to the cave can prove to be difficult but “surfing the wave” at the top is well worth it. At the fork, make a left not a right. If you find yourself having to crawl through brush, you went the wrong way!

Great views. I was hoping there would be more than a small water dribble because of all the rain this week. The ponds were all full but only a slight water flow from pond to pond.

14 days ago

Cons: It is extremely easy to lose the trail.

Pros: The trail offers a little bit of everything including beautiful views challenging climbs and cool breezes down the canyon.

16 days ago

This was NOT a moderate hike. It's lovely at the cave, but so hard to get there. Like everyone said, easy to get lost.

17 days ago

Finally Hiked The Wave Cave!!! Loved it with GTAH AZ....Kicked my Butt, one of my top 5 favorite hikes!!! Amazing scenery riding the wave :)

My friend and I started around 1 and didn’t get to the car until about 7:30. This hike was a an amazing journey but was very challenging for me. I had to brake often. I’d recommend being in shape lol, unlike me. Great hike, the views of the back of the superstiones are amazing.

23 days ago

Really fun trail. You definitely have to pay attention to where you are going, since the trail isn’t marked besides one sign in the beginning. It is definitely a harder moderate hike, challenging at the end but that’s when you know you are near the cave! The views are well worth it. Love this one!!

24 days ago

Wow! The views from this hike are phenomenal!!! Watch for snakes, I saw 2.

Excellent beginner trail. My 9 year daughter and I hiked this very easily. Plan to get there early as the parking lot fills up quick.

on Hieroglyphic Trail

25 days ago

Turning over a new leaf, really nice experience with this trail. I should have been hiking this trail sooner. The irony is that I was a resident of Gold Canyon and lived not even 2 miles from the Trailhead beginning Point.

Went counterclockwise and started at about 7 AM. The views going up Dutchmen trail are probably the best of the hike. Once you hit Black Mesa Trail the hike turns into a pretty average (albeit very healthy) Sonoran desert landscape without any views. The exception here if you turn around after climbing the rise after the Black Mesa and Dutchman junction. A great view of Weavers Needle can be found.

The whole loop took about 3 hours and I went through 3 Liters of water. Sun was at my back going back to the trailhead via Black Mesa and 2nd Water trails by going counterclockwise.

The beginning of the trail is not really marked. We got a little lost and had to look out for foot prints. Once you start hiking the incline it’s easy to follow.

29 days ago

I would rate this hike as easy. Went around noon, at that time of day there is almost no shade the entire trail. So I definitely recommend lots of water. The hike up is a very slow incline. You won’t miss the petroglyphs, they definitely are worth the hike. I’d say the hike down is more beautiful, as you can see the valley. Rocky trail.

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