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The Superstition Wilderness area is open only to hikers and equestrians; no 4wd vehicles, ATVs, dirt bikes, or bicycles are permitted in the wilderness area.

9 hours ago

Great hike! Challenging toward the end as most have said.
From the parking lot it was actually 1.5 miles out and back, not 3 as the app says. The trail is not marked so just keep walking straight and go past the barbwire fence. Also, the road to get to it is all dirt and rock, could be a challenge for smaller cars to navigate (wish we would have known). Bring lots of water! Enjoy

22 hours ago

Did this hike on a Weekday morning. Only saw a handful of people the entire time. First half of the trail isn't anything special, but the second half makes up for it. Great easy/moderate hike. Spend some time at the top, the longer you look the more petroglyphs you see.

Great, enjoyable hike! We would rate the moderate, however, highly recommend hikers be aware of their hiking ability. The hike is very remote and it would be difficult should anything unexpected happen.

The 19-mile drive was gorgeous but took over an hour. The hike was fantastic, gradual incline with a few steep inclines and declines. Make sure to bring more than enough water and snacks!

Overall a fantastic day and well worth for those who want to make the drive!

1 day ago

Nice inline, definalty have a lot of water if it's hot outside, since towards the end it gets fairly steep. Well worth it, beautiful view.

An AMAZING hike with different views and terrain around every turn.
Going back this Friday for everything is blooming !!! Can't wait to hike this trail again.

This is still one of my favorite trails. It’s beautiful with lots of places to rest along the way, including some shaded spots. Definitely one of the moderate ones that’s closer to difficult than easy, but doable for anyone who is willing to take the time. I took my three kids up ages 6 to 14 at the time. There was lots of resting, gameplaying, and snacks involved but they made it and it was awesome!

6 days ago

Such a fun beautiful hike. If you bring a dog please pack the poop out. So many people leave the poop bags at the entrance. Don’t be a Ricard. Leave the places you visit how you found them.

outstanding! think this trail should be listed as difficult. it's not far but. it is steep in spots. some people may have to use their hands. but we'll worth it.. enjoy!

Easy fun trail for the kids.

8 days ago

A lovely walk with a real remote feel to it. I would second Mark Rutherford - the trail is not tough and ‘moderate’ would be fitting.

The hardest part of the day is squeezing past other trucks on the access road! The ten mile approach is actually fine with 4x4 and a little care in places. The views are to die for too.

Finding the trail down into the canyon is easy and I had little/no route finding difficulties. The trail itself was in good shape and there was little brush to impede progress.

The cliff dwellings are fascinating and a great insight into the lives of those who trod the land before us.

Nice trail first hike was a bit tough due to distance for me, but fun!!

10 days ago

Awesome hike. closer to 12 miles not 11.5 not that it makes a huge difference. Once you hit the ridge it's a bit of choose your own adventure of going boulder hoping or staying low on dirt.

10 days ago

Decent short trail with a modest payoff at the end. 6.5 out of 10.

10 days ago

Nice trail with great views of the Superstitions. The petroglyphs are cool and we even saw a rattlesnake.

14 days ago

Heiroglyphic Trail is a good easy trail, with minomal elevation gain, a good hike for all skill levels, the coolest part was seeing the writings on the rocks at the top of the trail.

fun hike, a little hard towards the end but very well worth it.

14 days ago

Went on Saturday with a friend. See some cactus flower bloom on the trail. Great work out. Beautiful design on the rock. Only challenge I have is to go around the biggest rock with so many people stand in the way. Not to give anyone access to get on rock my fear was to slide and fall but I did not

14 days ago

Reall really great trail, however the turnoff for the falls is quite easy to miss. This trail shares a trailhead with the longer, Reavis Ranch trail. The left split-off trail is around 2-3 miles from the trailhead, after the meadowy hills. Even if you do miss it, there is some awesome country out there, but the falls are worth the trip.

Great trail for a hiker with moderate ability.

A short hike to get to an amazing spot! Great photo ops. Go a little further up the the river to get to a very peaceful shaded spot.

16 days ago

Spectacular views of Battleship Mountain, Weever’s Needle and more. The drive to the trailhead is worth doing for the sights on the way even if you don’t hike an inch. Great challenge and worth every drop of sweat for the views!

17 days ago

This is one of the most beautiful hikes I've done! I am 30 weeks pregnant and made it to the top, and so can You! the only thing I was not aware of was that it's about a 15 minute drive on a dirt road. besides that it was a beautiful trail with lots of gorgeous views! definitely worth the drive⛰

Fun for the family. Not hard and has some amazing views, waterfall and hieroglyphics.

19 days ago

No trail

The route shown is to Superstition Mtn. Robber Roost is a right turn when you get to the saddle above Carney Spring. Then like in the youtube video you continue over to Fremont Saddle. This is a very tricky trail to follow until you get out of the small canyon that you follow off the saddle. Basic rule is all ways go right at a junction, except for the couple of times when you go left when you are on top.

20 days ago

The perfect spring hike. Started at 7:45am and only 5 cars in lot. Was full but not overflowing when I returned 3 hours later. The trip to the lone pine is a must. Added probably 0.75 miles out and back to the tree. Gave a much better sense of scale of the needle and better views from that vantage point...and shade for an apple and hand ful of trail mix! Moderate rating is accurate. Varied terrain, nothing difficult. A great half day hike!

Great trail. Easy to lose the trail during the second elevation. Had to do some scrambling to find it. Definitely a tough trail. I saw about 20 big horn sheep when I hiked it yesterday. The view from the top is amazing.

21 days ago

I say it’s easy till you climb up, then it’s boulder hopping, I had to return for family or else I would of stayed longer. . The views take your breathe away, don’t do this trail in the heat. Bring more water than you think is required, bring snacks and enjoy. It was great to hike with some fearless souls. I will be back!!!!!!

21 days ago

Started at Canyon Lake and hiked about 7 miles in until I needed to turn back due to time constraints. Well-marked trail with rock cairns but there was no obvious “end”. The best views were in the first half of the hike; the second half was still interesting but was lower down. Very few people, pretty hot (some nice breezes, though), parking across the street at the marina, and really only moderate in terms of difficulty.

Beautiful views, have to do some minor rock climbing at the top but easy for all. Lots of families, dogs and little kids on this trail. Very picturesque! Have some hieroglyphics and the pools of water were mostly dried up in March but still some there to see.

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