Perfect for a “want to get outside”, very light hike. This hike isn’t very long, so you can go around a few times to increase the time. I choose this hike when I’m tired, stressed, or just feel like something simple. It’s beautiful enough to be stress relieving, and easy enough to make you feel like you got outside and moved around. For people wanting a serious hike, this would not be the right choice.

Short hike up a small hill, with small views of the Mountain Park Ranch development and the Fry's parking lot, if you ever wondered what it looks like from 100 feet up. My dog wasn't crazy about the trail, which has a lot of sharp, loose rocks. But it's a pleasant enough jaunt if you're in the area. This trail is on the private property of the Mountain Park Ranch homeowner's association; see the revised trail description for directions on how to find the trailhead and get invited as a guest. :-)

I would give this trail a 0 if I could. I didn’t even get to start the trail. The start of the trail is parking you in a lot that says private area and tow away zone for non authorized vehicles. There isn’t any street parking that I could find either. Unless these people built the mountains, I don’t see how they can restrict who gets to use them???

Have no clue how this trail is. I’d go elsewhere unless you want to risk your car getting towed.

11 months ago

Great trails! I would have given it a 5 star rating but directions to the trailhead were a mess, spent about 20 minutes trying to find it. The trail is not labeled well at all! However, despite the rough stuff the trail/s were awesome. I’ll definitely be back!