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Hiking among the majestic Saguaro's. Beautiful! The trail, a few rocky spots but a scenic, serene hike with views. Highly recommended.

Beautiful views and nice easy elevation changes. Just enough to get your heart going a little. Ends in a nice riparian area. Take your camera to get pictures of the gorgeous mountains. Now I have Elephant Mountain on my list to conquer next

I connected to this from Spur Cross. It was an ok hike through the shade. There is an old cave/mine shaft that was pretty neat. I may have given it more stars if there was water or in the spring with flowers. Bird activity is as minimal. I enjoyed Spur Cross more. But for kids or older folks this is a relatively easy trail

If you're looking for a few miles, not much elevation gain, and a variety of trees, saguaros, and every imaginable desert plant, this is a good hike for you! If you travel clockwise, once you get into the creek bed area, you can take a right and cross the dry creek, then the next left and go through an amazing display of river trees, and past a small cave entrance. I usually do this easily in 90 minutes, can move briskly and get it done in 70 minutes.

No water on the trail, nor at the trailhead, and spotty cell service so plan accordingly.

11 days ago

Enjoyable trail. Hiked counter clockwise which definitely involves a steeper climb than hiking clockwise. Trail easy to follow even through the wash. Wish public was allowed to go up to the area with the ruins. Definitely need good hiking shoes for this hike. Even with mine still slipped on the loose rocks/sand a few times going up. Also trail is 7 miles from the parking lot.

Beautiful hike with some unexpected beauty and wildlife. Can’t wait to go back in the spring to see the wildflowers.

the part of this trail we did was great, but we accidently got off the loop and want 2 miles out of the way. Oops! So we just went back out the way we came. still was very beautiful and a great hike to do after a few weeks of not hitting the trails. Not too challenging, but still a good workout. Will definately be returning to do the actual loop.

This trail is awesome!

Just gorgeous! Saguaros, hawks, crows, trees with leaves that make beautiful music in the quiet wind.....

24 days ago

Ended my trek through Spur Cross on Dragonfly from the connecting Tortuga Trail. It was mostly downhill and by the time I got to the dry creek the footing was a bit rough so I went slow. The views down here were amazing! Lots of saguaros and the trees were yellow/orange along Jewel of the Creek. The rock formations were intimidating but gave the scenery a nice feel. Will return when there’s water in the creek!!

24 days ago

Was suggested by the ranger that I try this trail if I wanted elevation gain. This was a nice trail for views and just the right amount of strain. Loved getting to the top and seeing Elephant Mountain right there in front of me. Took this counterclockwise.


A terrific trail, challenging, but not tricky. Wear hiking shoes (not running shoes) and bring lots of water.

There is some confusion about the restricted area. You can't go up to the Hohokum fort because of the danger, but you certainly can keep going on the descent part of the trail so you do the full loop as the map here shows.

All Spur Cross trails are worth the hiking.

Love this trail! Great each season.

Did this today. The Trail had much potential till I got to a point where it said area closed. It seemed like so should go up but instead I ventured past about a mile and felt like I was going the wrong way. I headed back and started to go back up the trail that said area closed and there were fresh footprints and a definite trail but my husband was worried about venturing further so I turned around and headed back out the way I came in. Does anyone know if that trail is closed off? Does it go up and then loop back down? Or should I have kept going on the mile past it? It just seemed like that trail was heading farther away from the return point. It looked like it went for miles

Good early morning hike.

Nice hike great views all the way and need to see the ancient ruins of a fort at the top. Got an early start and only came across a few others toward the end including a few mountain bikers. No dogs

4 months ago

Forgot to rate this when I went back in NovemberDecember of 2016. I went on a weekday and it was stormy (and even rained) so I never saw another person out on the trail. It was just me and my 9 year old Australian Shepherd. I love this trail for lots of reasons...

1) The views are GORGEOUS!!
2) The length was perfect
3) It's far enough away from the city that you really feel like you're in the deep wilderness.
4) It's not a heavily trafficked trail, and it's too treacherous for mountain bikes, so it's just hikers (no offense Mountain bikers )
5). You have to pay attention and be on the lookout for Carins to find your way out of the wash (so it is challenging).
6) It's a great workout!!

P.S...I guess I did rate this back in 2016, as I just found my rating. I forgot to mention...this trail is better navigated with hiking boots rather than running shoes. You'll need the traction and stability that boots offer.

Nice views. It's full of scenery. You get a lot of tuna's (Cactus Opuntia fruits) enway.

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