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Forgot to rate this when I went back in NovemberDecember of 2016. I went on a weekday and it was stormy (and even rained) so I never saw another person out on the trail. It was just me and my 9 year old Australian Shepherd. I love this trail for lots of reasons...

1) The views are GORGEOUS!!
2) The length was perfect
3) It's far enough away from the city that you really feel like you're in the deep wilderness.
4) It's not a heavily trafficked trail, and it's too treacherous for mountain bikes, so it's just hikers (no offense Mountain bikers )
5). You have to pay attention and be on the lookout for Carins to find your way out of the wash (so it is challenging).
6) It's a great workout!!

P.S...I guess I did rate this back in 2016, as I just found my rating. I forgot to mention...this trail is better navigated with hiking boots rather than running shoes. You'll need the traction and stability that boots offer.

Nice views. It's full of scenery. You get a lot of tuna's (Cactus Opuntia fruits) enway.

Great trail. Beautiful views. If you go during the spring between March/April time frame, there are wild flowers blooming everywhere. It's worth seeing at least once!

on Cottonwood Trail

3 months ago

Solitude in stunning desert lands. Going gets rougher once you get onto FR 247, wear sturdy shoes.

Straightforward and scenic trail. take plenty of water ( I took 3 litres) and some protein sources. watch out for Rattlers.

3 months ago

Hiked Spur Cross to the Cottonwood trail & then on to Cottonwood Spring. Cottonwood spring was a trickle but still very pleasant to see water in the desert. To the right of the trail Bees have built a hive, but did not bother me. The trail is quite clear except in the washes, but if you pay attention you will find the trail again easy enough. There is a loop back to the Cave Creek Trail from the Cottonwood trail that looks doable if you have the time & you start early enough on the trail. Bring plenty of water n hiking fuel... Cheers

3 months ago

This trail can be a little challenging but worth the views! This trail will take you through washes, watch for the trail signs. The gnats are out in force, so I would recommend bringing some Off or Deet spray. We went from 5am till about 9am. Trails did stay cool during this period and decent amount of shade for the pup. Wear sunscreen and bring plenty of water. Really enjoyed this trail due to its variety of terrain and view points.
CAUTION: Rattlers are out there(on trail) saw a couple on the way back to the parking area roughly 815-830am.
There is a $3 fee you pay at the beginning of the trail to help keep it maintained. As well as maps for the trails.

Hiked SX, to outer loop of TR, to EM, over the saddle, back to SX. Still a beaut of a hike(even as Summer approaches), but small gnats are out in force. Packed 4 liters of water & drank 3 of them. Direct sunlight made it very toasty. I look forward to doing this again. Start early, bring a lot of water, hiking snacks, & loose fitting light colored clothing. Don't forget the hat.... Cheers

on Dragonfly Trail

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