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The beginning is definitely very steep and does take longer than expected to make that initial .70 miles can be quite a workout on the legs and calves to the first peak which can seem anti climactic but it does give a great option to loop back down or keep going on further to another peak or further down the canyon. It’s definitely a moderate to hard hike in the beginning because it’s pretty steep

This is probably my favorite trail. Provides an amazing variety of challenge with nice inclines and declines suitable for a variety of skill levels. The views are incredible especially in the evening. This trail provides access to a number of different trails that provide steeper inclines! But definitely never disappoints. It’s an amazing workout with beautiful views.

Great views of the city. My Fitbit clocked it at about 7 miles. A real fun scale up, not rocky, and not strenuous.

1 day ago

Nice Easy/Moderate Hike...Watch Out for Horse droppings! Nice incline up to the top....where you’ll find a heart of stones :). Bathrooms at visitor center, no fees! Enjoy

I hiked this with three of my kids ages 7, 9 and 11. We are beginning hikers and this was doable for us. Challenging enough to let us push through with grit and make us feel proud of ourselves at the end, which is what I wanted. Nice views! Lots of loose rocks and gravelly areas, some scrambling in the steeper moments. Will definitely do again!

1 day ago

My Girl and I wanted to do “Fatman’s Pass” off the Mormon Loop, but we couldn’t find it. We ended up taking a random trail down the side of the mountain before the trail turns south and loops back. It took us to a really nice neighborhood. We walked the wilderness behind the homes and saw a coyote! It was beautiful. However, I’m pretty sure we were trespassing, and we never found Fatman’s Pass.

2 days ago

Super easy hike with wide paths. Easily used by hikers and cyclists. It’s connected to so many other paths so it would be easy to integrate other trails and increase the distance and difficulty.

Just did this trail and it has beautiful views. Not hard at all. Few steep places but otherwise a beginner hiker can conquer this.

Easy start to a more advanced hike

Good views of the city easy in easy out

Great Hike Today!!! Beautiful with a nice trail variety for a hard hike. Be sure to take the immediate Left as you enter (before check in station) or you’ll be driving all over. Bathroom at Trail. Sadly some garbage along the way....

just did the mormon trail, great hike, will do the loop next time

Amazing views and sunset

Great hike with my mom and dog! will do it again.

Fun moderate hike. The first mile is typical AZ hiking on dirt and rocks. At the top, be sure to follow the hidden valley trail (it's a loop so either direction is ok). That trail makes it interesting. You will see lots of people, including young children and dogs. Not a lot of parking in the lot but street parking available a block or 2 away.

This was a super fun hike! We clocked a little over 5 miles. Getting to Fat Man’s Pass was a little confusing and the trail to get there wasn’t clear. But after roaming around for a bit, we found it. Went w a friend who used to liver here and she said it was her fav hike she’s ever been on here! Def would go again. A little bit of climbing

Beautiful sunset spot!! Pretty steep areas so make sure you wear hiking boots.

Great hike-good views, not too long and challenging

I've hiked here twice, once with others and another time with my small dog. Not too difficult if you hike often, though 1 person in my group started having difficulty towards the top and coming down.

Amazing Hike with Friends.....Great Incline Workout....Moderate/Easy......

This was a great hike. The direction we took made for an intense workout because it was hilly. This is my first time hiking in Arizona and wow, the sun is no joke (it was in late October). Take the water advisory very serious. It was in the sun the whole time but really beautiful!!

12 days ago

Had a great time, not too difficult. Had two dogs with me, lab and Aussie mix. Had plenty of room for both. Trail wasn’t too crowded. Took about 45 min up, 35 down. Saw some kiddos on the trail as well.

Y’all are wild if ya mountain biking this. Overall fun trail.

Im not sure Id mountain bike, but this is a good trail. Nothing undoable but definitely a workout

mountain biking
16 days ago

The Gila trail is not marked. I mentioned to ranger at the end of my hike. His reply was that it is a ‘social trail and the sticker must’ve fallen off’. Great hike. I was a little concerned about getting lost bc of poor signage.

Great trail! I wouldn’t consider it hard though. Once you’re on Pyramid Trail, foot traffic gets light and it’s very quiet. This is a new favorite.

I usually am not a huge fan of city hikes, but overlooking the city at sunset on the Mormon Trail portion of this hike was pretty nice. Would definitely do this hike again.

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