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Turned out to be a Gorgeous Sunrise Hike after lots of fog....Maintained nice trail with amazing views for an easy hike! Clean bathrooms always a perk and plenty of parking.

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4 days ago

Great position along the ridgeline, fun ups and downs. Trail that drops down to National a little faint, some boulder scramblin looking for where to go.

Great hike for all. Slightly challenging towards the back end but the 360 degree views of the valley are worth every step.

New to the valley and waited for a cool day to try this and loved all the amazing rock formations. The backside of the loop seems like a bushwhack but you can see the main trail so it’s easy to stay on course.

Easy trail, better for mountain biking than hiking in my opinion.

Great hike in a rare traveled portion of the park

Lots of fun and beautiful nature

I really liked this trail. Nice views and not too busy when I went. If you look close you can see some petroglyphs at the beginning of the trail.

Pretty cool hike! The terrain was a bit rough for someone clumsy as I am haha but it was true to its moderate rating. As long as you wear good shoes you should be fine

on Pyramid Trail

16 days ago

Great workout and not as populated as many other trails

16 days ago

Great trail. Gets a lot of use but everyone is courteous.

Amazing Hike with beautiful views and a great incline workout....went beyond Trail to “The Rock Castle” Hiked with Girl Take a Hike this morning. Friend Patty needed assistance down Trail as ankle injury...MANY THANKS TO fellow hiker stranger KEVIN for assisting her down the trail back to safety.....KUDOS KEVIN.....Thank You! Porta Potty’s At parking lot!

This trail is misnamed - if you look at it, it actually doesn't go along the Pima Wash trail at all. It starts where it could, but then it goes on National Trail and Ridgeline Trail (or vice versa, if you go counterclockwise). It was a perfectly fine path to hike but most of National is more like walking on a dirt road.

As a beginner this trail was a challenge for me but doable! There are great views and room to rest on your way up. The elevation was a good challenge for me

Kicked my Butt! Javalina Out and looped back in Boulder Trail :). Definitely a moderate hike from 9 am-11:00am....No washrooms, marked well! Great Incline and Workout

Little to no shade. recommend doing it early in the AM or late at night during summer months. Fats Man Pass and the tunnel were fun to explore! I did this with 3 friends of mine. It took us awhile due to the heat and time of day. bring lots of water

So fun. Always try to hike here when it’s raining because the water flows are amazing! Just a great short hike!

We have gone up this trail two weeks in a row and have really enjoyed the loop. The steep hills are probably the “hardest” part of the trail but not crazy.

Nice trail. Great for early mornings or evening hikes. Amazing 360 view of the valley.

This trail is great for kids. Took my 6 yr old there and he was entertained the entire time. The rock structures are really fun (tunnels, sliding rocks, ...). We did make it a day-long picnic trip though since it is pretty long (well, with a 6 yr old ...).
Highly recommanded (but not in summer !)

1 month ago

Amazing views - such a nice trail. It is short enough that you can do it in summer before the sun is really up. And if you are up to extend it, there are many other trail this one connects too.

I started hiking South Mountain in June and have loved every minute of it. From the steep climbs to flat ground, I definitely get a good workout. The views are incredible in the early morning hours.

Very easy trail . Start early bring water.

Great hike! Neat view of the valley. The morman trail itself is easy to follow, the loop part is not very well marked in my opinion. Definitely good to have a map on hand and extra water.

Not difficult, but a great trail through the South Mountain area with lots of offshoots for different trails. I did get off trail somehow, but due to lots of people around and high visibility, I wasn't concerned. I'll definitely do this one again!

1 month ago

Solid hike and a great workout as there are some steep inclines at times. Incredible views of downtown Phoenix, Sky Harbor Airport, and the rest of the metro area.

I’d rate as borderline difficult but when I hiked it we went up Lost Mine and down Eliminator, which involved steeper switchbacks- stunning scenery and very cool geology either way!

Great trail. Good mix of moderately steep and flat. Great views as with most South Mountain trails.

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