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easy trail to get to fat mans pass and natural tunnel. Both are amazing to visit!

16 hours ago

Started out slow but ended up being a Great incline workout...had to back track a few times, so use the AllTrails GPS. Nice trails, rocky here and there....Lots of coyotes, birds chirping, flowers blooming! Park on street, no fees, no washrooms. Good Times 2-15-19

This trial is great, but it’s not hard. Great views and a nice way to get out and be active. You’d have to be running the trail for it to be classified as hard.

Took the old dirt road to National to Hidden Valley Loop, then came back on Mormon to Ridgeline. Lots of Wildflowers & saw a coyote family. Great views. Moderately busy. A few rocky areas in Hidden Valley that involved some scrambling & a boost for the dog, but otherwise a moderate trail.

love it I logged 5.25 miles.

I ended up parking in Warpaint and walking to Secret to meet the trail. I got a little nervous with the “No Trespassing” signs I had to cross to get to the trailhead at the suggested location. I also took the suggestions of other and used GPS frequently to make sure I was in the right trail and still ended up getting off the trail a couple times. There are some challenging hills, but plenty of places for trail running. Not too bad!

My son loved this hike, he's 2 1/2 and it was an easy hike for him. I love how short and scenic it is. I recommend this to anyone ❤

Love this hike. Steady incline in the beginning and evens out when you get to the end of Mormon. Took less than 2 hours and not very crowded on a weekday afternoon

Quick and relatively easy hike. Went counterclockwise so the second half was mostly flat

4 days ago

Went out this past weekend and tried this for the first time. Started around 9am which was a little brisk but, earnestly it felt perfect once I started on the incline.

Took just under 3 hours to loop for me, I would label it as intermediate/moderate as it’s only level of difficulty is roughly 30-40 mins of initial ascent when taking the eastern side of the loop up. The rest is a tame mix of flat to downhill terrain, with only slight inclines in the form of switchbacks to take you back to the start.

Bring plenty of water in the summer as I went through most of my 3L in February.

5 days ago

Wow! Tons of butterflies, grasshoppers, and bees! Probably more than I’ve seen on any other trail. It was a nice trail with some decent elevation gain. After we split from the pyramid trail, we didn’t see a single person until we completed the loop and were heading back to the trailhead. There are also some pretty cool caves to check out as well.

5 days ago

Never disappoints. Flowers blooming. Great workout.

Really fun! Morman Trail offers great views. Hidden Valley Loop is a blast! Go counterclockwise to go down the fun rock slides!

This ended up being almost 8 miles. Didn’t think we went off trail at all, still a very nice hike.

Moderate hike. Just started up hiking again so I had a great work out. Trail is well marked.

Great hike for all ages. Beaten down trail and signage for easy guidance. Trail is busy with not only hikers (including dogs) but mountain bikers as well. Bring hydro back, snacks, and camera!

Yesterday was my second time hiking this trail. Is absolutely beautiful.

Hidden Valley, the trail after Fat Man’s Pass was hard to follow. When you get to the boulders, the trail continues to the right between the boulders.

This trail was really beautiful. Plenty to look at and pleasantly traveled. Would recommend to anyone! We followed someone’s recommendation to do the loop counter clockwise—I’d recommend doing it the other way. Within Fat Man’s pass of the loop there are some very slippery boulders. Smooth enough to literally slide down them on your butt.

Going either direction, I think these boulders present a puzzle. Going counterclockwise you have to go down them though. My friend went prior to me w a guy on the trail offering to spot her. Unfortunately, she went hurling down and he wasn’t able to stop her fall. Thankfully she was not hurt!

Going from below (clockwise) you’re more likely to spot other routes through holes in the boulders. Loved the trail regardless!

What a great trail! Perfect for the people who don't want too easy or too difficult of a trail. We only had a little more than 1 hour to spend here but we will definitely be back!

Pleasantly surprised at this trail. A bit on the easy side but beautiful scenery the entire time. I recommend doing the loop portion of the trail counter clockwise.

There are a few portions of the trail where the rock is very slick, but nothing too crazy. Highly recommend.

no shade
11 days ago

12 days ago

great trail. beautiful scenery. definitely a good workout.

12 days ago

Great trail, about 2.25 miles up and 2.25 miles back. Most of the trail is moderate, but a few sections I would consider hard. Loved getting the heart rate up and seeing the view from the summit.

12 days ago

This trail is rated as easy and it’s not, there is a lot of climbing up and down with many loose rocks. It does have some great views and I would recommend it to anyone that is looking for a short moderate trail.

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