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Great trail. Good mix of moderately steep and flat. Great views as with most South Mountain trails.

Great trail to take the pup on!

I prefer going straight up Telegraph Pass, rather than taking the right to follow this trail. I found it boring in comparison. It offers the same views so many other desert trails marked Easy offers.

Exceptional workout and views. Admittedly I don't always complete it all the way down to Chandler Blvd. I do an out & back from the Telegraph Pass trailhead. I just prefer an out & back. :)

I used to hike this regularly years ago when I lived in Ahwatukee. I love this trail because it offers cardio, lovely views, and is challenging enough to make you feel like you hiked, rather than took a walk. It's fairly populated but not so on major holidays (i.e. Christmas Eve, Easter morning, Thanksgiving morning, the morning of Dec 31, etc.) That's when I hiked it most, for the solitude and lack of distraction. This is an out and back trail with the last part up to Telegraph Pass having the steepest grade. I don't necessarily recommend this to tourists who don't have proper hiking or trail shoes, because there is a lot of loose dirt and stones/pebbles. But if you have the proper shoes and lots of water, the view from the top of Telegraph Pass is lovely.

We only did part of the trail, wanted to see the sunset! I would like to come back to visit and walk the trail!

Good flat trail for fast runs. Little rollers here and there to keep it from being too monotonous.

Great trail! It's probably best to go in the winter but I went in the summer and it wasn't too bad (bring lots of water though!) I recommend going early in the morning otherwise you will lose the little shade there is on the traim. The tunnel is awesome and I love the saguaro like usual. Definitely a beginner's hike and can be done in a couple hours even with some breaks.

Javelina trail is really fun, I go up Ridgeline for more scenic views

I’m an avid hiker so I found this trail very easy. It’s a good workout and has some great views of downtown.

I have to agree with some other posts. The hike is a great workout, I wouldn’t rate this difficult by any means unless you do it in the middle of summer. I did it for more of a workout and it’s great for that. But if you’re looking for scenery I’d go somewhere else. The top was full of people that drove up. Seemed like a bunch of local kids in the hut and they were smoking and cussing. Unfortunately my hike was ruined due my experience at the top, and not to mention when I came back down my window had been smashed in the parking lot. I won’t be returning to this hike.

Nice challenge for a beginner level. The Classic Trail rocky terrain made it cool. I hiked today, while cloudy and windy.

I will definitely hike this again.

go early on morning with a headlamp. sunrise is gorgeous!

My 2nd time hiking and this is the trail my sister picks. I thought I was going to die. Had no idea the difficulty level until it was too late to turn back. I’d definitely do it again... but only when I’m in tip top shape.

Great Hike beginning at 5:00 am in time for the sunrise! It was beautiful and a great first mile plus incline workout...Moderate Hike with awesome rock formations. No washrooms on site, but plenty of parking, Water and Picnic Tables.

1 month ago

I love this trail! Great workout!

1 month ago

It was fun we had a group ranging from ages 41-9 years old. It was difficult to go up but easy to come down. We went off a little to the Hidden Valley tunnel then walked back down. Overall a fun hike, would say that it’s about moderately difficult

on Mormon Loop Trail

1 month ago

Scenic trail with a good combination of uphill and downhill sections throughout. Not well marked in a couple places and it would be easy to end up on another spur. Enjoyable otherwise!

trail running
1 month ago

Favorite for trail running

I tried hiking Acer Summit with "barefoot" finger shoes and really enjoyed the experience. Among all the big rocks are many smooth surfaces to step on and there aren't any parts with just sharp rocks or large gravel to contend with. The "barefoot" experience encourages me to use the front of my feet and during and after this hike, my knees felt better than usual.

Temperature was approaching 90. Round trip took about 1 hour. 33 minutes to Acer Summit, less coming down.

Beautiful views hiking a rocky path with shifting elevation and some ridge and valley hiking. Scenic views of the Phoenix and Chandler as well as the towers on South Mountain. Parking can fill up quickly, but there is some overflow parking a little down the road. Get here early and enjoy the heart of South Mountain.

A good destination for locals looking for a short, challenging hike. Lots of big rocks and boulders to have fun with. Beautiful views of the city and surrounding area from the top of Acer Summit.

Started down Javalina at 5:30am and finished at 7am before it got too hot. The sun hits your face on Ridgeline so I recommend sunscreen. The hills on Ridgeline can be tough to varying degrees but each one pays off with a great view.

Beautiful views hiking a rocky path with shifting elevation and some ridge and valley hiking. Scenic views of the Phoenix and Chandler as well as the towers on South Mountain. Parking can fill up quickly, but there is some overflow parking a little down the road. Get here early and enjoy the heart of South Mountain.

mountain biking
1 month ago

Killing out here got dropped off at 5 am and rode hard all I can say is National trail did not disappoint

A great experience in the city. Moderate challenge from the elevation change on Ridgeline and a more relaxed hike through the valley on Javelina. Simple, beautiful views of the city and surrounding mountains throughout.

Great sunsets. Great happy hour!

2 months ago

Started at 48th st parking lot. Ended up being about 6 miles round trip from there. Moderate difficulty. Not busy, but it is June.

This was a great Sunday morning trail! Not too hard but it provided a good workout. The view at Dobbins lookout is beautiful and has a different perspective of the city. I would rate this as moderate and would recommend doing it as early as possible as there is really no shade except at the lookout point.

I think this should be rated a moderate. It’s not very difficult but a good workout. Hiked in the morning & it’s shaded about 2/3 of the way since the trail is on the west side. Beautiful views of the city & the desert.

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