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It was nice at the beginning. Getting steep at around 1.5 mile after flat took few break as it getting steep but windy helps too. No shade nice view. Could not finish the trail because the steep really get to me also hot weather. End up 5.2 miles only cuz I went wrong trail once

17 days ago

Great hike with some switch backs to get your heart pumping. We connected with the National Trail and then took Bajada Trail back to the parking lot. Long trek including National and Bajada, but beautiful! :)

27 days ago

We live nearby and hike this trail regularly. The first part is a non stop incline for a good 20-30 minutes. This part I would rate moderate. The rest I agree is easy.

Around sunset, you can hear the coyotes haul - and we have seen them walk across the trail a few times just before and after sunset, but we’ve never heard any negative news of a coyote incident.

I would say this trail is better during spring when the flowers are blooming vs the hotter months when everything is brown and dry.

Parking is limited and gets full 30 minutes before sunset.

Fun discovery this morning!

trail running
1 month ago

Well marked and easy. nice views and lots of trail options to improvise. lots of mtn bikers

This is incorrectly ranked as easy. I am a skilled hiker and have hiked all over. The first 0.7 miles are for sure moderate or difficult. It is all uphill and is a cardio and calf blaster. After the 0.7 mile incline, it then becomes a nice easy hike.

Still disappointed by the people who hike here. People blast their music and bring Starbucks. What? You need hiking shoes, Camelback filled with water, and use headphones. Hiking is about nature. Shut up. And enjoy. The end.

Nice short hike with good views of Ahwatukee. Much more interesting than the nearby Warpaint Loop.

Awesome incline here! A bit challenging and steep but perfect for a moderate work out. I saw 2 coyotes and loved the views. I would recommend the morning hours to hike here, as the shade is very scarce.

I currently moved from Wisconsin to Arizona with my boyfriend. We love the outdoors, and live about 17-ish minutes from the South Mountains. We saw a Quails, Birds of all kinds, small Lizards, and my boyfriend saw a Jack Rabbit but I didn’t, I’m too slow, I guess. Lol. Beautiful views in all directions. Hiked up to the top peak and saw the grand view of Phoenix city. For sure beautiful site to see!! Also many side trails. There is a building prior to entering that you can get a map from. Also, have a model of the mountain with light up blurb information of each view you can hike and see. So that’s really neat!eill be back to check out the other hikes. We just did the main one and drove to the top. Enjoy!

Good hike the first 20 minutes or so are flat (good for running) and there are a few bikers but once you reach the incline it’s a good work out. The incline is nice and steady and the view is great at the top.

Nice easy trail that was quick and perfect for a weekday morning. Very little traffic and little shade. There was a good, short incline at the end

Love the hike once you get to the trail. The approach is pretty flat, long and a bit of a drag if you’re just walking. If you are running out to the trail it would be much better.

Hiked here with my dog and it was a good one. Not too long or short and very close by (for me). It only took about 2 hours and I was at a steady pace for most of it

I really enjoyed this trail and how on a Saturday afternoon there were few people. It was very scenic the whole time although it is not a peak trail. It is very easy to get decent mileage in on this trail.

Beautiful views. Took a total of 5 hrs and the application map helped a lot with directions. Very clean trail, few points/areas were a little crowded but very friendly people.

Mountain Bikers also use this trail, some can be rude but most do not have a problem sharing the trail

3 months ago

Not an easy hike when the official gov website for the park lists it as difficult. Enjoyed the trail, the first incline is overwhelming to beginners and I would not label easy with some large rocks. It tapers out and is enjoyable.

Very pleasant with some challenge

Nice easy trail. Definitely some hills if you are a first time biker or a beginner this is the trail for you. But people do leave trash, sad. It is a more of a urban hike. I didn’t worry I was going to get lost since I had views of the homes, parking lot and the city.

for a beginner hiker

did the national trail trek today, 15.5 miles.. pretty rough coming down, scenery is decent, views are better.

I was glad to stumble upon this hike after doing the flat and easy warpaint loop. This had enough of an incline to make it seem like an actual hike. Nice views at the top.

trail running
3 months ago

Varied terrain well suited to hiking and running with lots of options and great views. Not crowded at all on a Tuesday before 9am.

really nice trail...
just dont do it in summer...

Nice in-town trail, very crowded. Would be great for trail running or walking a dog.

Great hike with beautiful views and super close to Tempe. Only downside is the long, flat, mountain-bike-busy (but polite) walk from the trailhead to the foot of South Mountain where you actually begin to ascend.

4 months ago

Easy hike, nice uphill section for a quick workout

As for my first hike in foir years it was challenging. The trails are well maintained and the inclines are challenging for new hikers.

5 months ago

Nice short hike with enough of an incline to get the heart rate up. Panoramic views at the top!

Great hike, definitely a workout 

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