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Great trail, but once you get towards the point in the trail that takes you up to the lookout the path isn’t very clear. If you want to see the lookout there is a way to drive up to the top which had many tourists.

I love this trail and try to go with my dogs at least once a week. It goes back and forth between slightly steep inclines and level ground. For an inexperienced hiker, you may need to take a few breaks before reaching the top but it is definitely worth it. I usually am able to finish the entire hike in about 45-60 minutes if I am not rushing but going at a steady pace. I also will usually end right before the loop because its mostly flat and I don't feel as though it adds too much to my overall workout. With that being said, its definitely worth doing the loop at least once because there are a few cool rock formations to see. If you decide to complete the loop I recommend paying attention as its not incredibly well marked.

1 day ago

Easy in technical hiking where you aren’t scrambling over boulders. It’s a nice short loop hike with some quick elevation climbs. Also excellent views as you walk the spine.

We did this today, but via National Trail at Buena Vista Lot, and it was great. Made it to Fat Man’s pass and turned around.

Fun hike! Get there early if going on the weekend because it gets busy.

1 day ago

nice easy trail when you o my have a small amount of time for a quick hike.

Excellent hike and weather today! Highly recommend!!!

Not too strenuous, well marked and easy to run.

short nice hike heavily traffic good for beginers.

short very heavily traffic nice views of Phoenix. good for beginers

This trail is perfect for me, it has gorgeous views, it’s hard but not hard enough to keep you out of breath the whole time like Piestewa Peak. You get that accomplished feeling when you reach the lookout AND you get to enjoy the experience of the look out while you rest up! My favorite part is probably how few people were on the trail, the only crowded part was at the top.

Took a heathy couple hours. Once I got to the hidden part I was unsure which way the trail went so I turned back. (That and I was half way through my water.) I still got 6 miles in so I was happy. I'll try try again.

Super pleasant walk. Not challenging. Beware of mountain bikers sharing the trail.

Really liked this one. Close to town with a beautiful view of the city. Some tight rocks go thru. In a couple of places it might seem like you lost the trail but sure enough you have to go thru rocks in very tight spaces. It’s not hard, just fun. Not for big people maybe.

Did this one at night and it was pretty cool!

Best hike for kids

9 days ago

Several sections are pretty steep, but one of my favorites on South Mountain. Great views from the top!

I got to this trail around 5:30pm and got to the top at 6:10 right during sunset. I will say, I've had better sunset hikes. If you are looking for a good sunset I would recommend squaw peak over this view. It is cool to see the day & night changes. You also see how polluted the valley is. The hike in itself is good and will get your heart rate going. If you are here at night, make sure to take a friend with you as the area can be sketchy. It is pretty well marked but definitely bring a headlight or flashlight so you don't lose the trail back at night. If you're a beginner, the trail might take you a while. For any avid hiker, I would say it is easy-moderate.

I loved this trailed! It was very challenging and rewarding when you make it to the top. I would recommend to those looking for a challenge. Will also contribute to a great night sleep. Lol

12 days ago

Awesome awesome awesome trail. Absolutely beautiful terrain. Word of warning-about three minutes after you get to fat mans pass you will come to a big block in the trail, just know that you are going to have to squeeze through a pretty tight gap in the boulder and then slide down a big rock to get to the next part of the trail.

I would definitely write this Trail as moderate not hard. I'm a pretty experienced hiker, but even so I found this trail to be pretty easy. It took me 1 hour to get up in 45 minutes to get back down. I didn't have any of this bushwhacking problem. However I did find there was a bit of poop on the trail, but not nearly as much as it sounded like there would be. I was also a little bit disappointed when I got to the top and realized that I could have drove up there and people were walking in and out and couldn't believe that I had hiked up. Just kind of took some of the excitement out of reaching the top

Gorgeous. 10/10 recommend a sunset hike

Easy. No tennis shoes. Recommend hiking shoes or boots.
This trail is all about the rocks.
Lots of fun. Good workout.

Love the hike once you get to the trail. The approach is pretty flat, long and a bit of a drag if you’re just walking. If you are running out to the trail it would be much better.

wonderful hike. It's perfect for a great workout and vitamin D

I enjoyed my hike immensely. Not only was I surrounded by the beauty of the desert, I was able to challenge myself physically. I scrambled, jumped, ran, and climbed with a grin. It’s an active trail with lots of bikers so it’s best to keep your wits about you. Most people I passed were polite and the bikers were appreciative when I let them pass.

Hiked here with my dog and it was a good one. Not too long or short and very close by (for me). It only took about 2 hours and I was at a steady pace for most of it

14 days ago

I really enjoyed this trail and how on a Saturday afternoon there were few people. It was very scenic the whole time although it is not a peak trail. It is very easy to get decent mileage in on this trail.

Moderate hike with nice views

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