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This was a great trail except for the fact that we did not do Fat Mans Pass first and we could not find the trail after we went through the tunnel. It was a difficult scramble for us up the slippery rocks after the tunnel and we almost gave up on ever finding the trail. We did not understand why the signage stopped after the tunnel as well, because up to this point the signs had been very clear and easy to follow. Now I see that the Hidden Valley Loop to Fat Mans Pass is an undesignated trail, so I guess that explains a lot. So my advice is to go first to Fat Mans Pass (which is really cool) and then on to the tunnel.

1 day ago

Easy to maybe moderate hike. Not a pretty hike in my opinion and lots of dog poop on the trail. Many other options besides this one to hike at South Mountain. Reaching the bench with graffiti on the end was anti-climactic and underwhelming.

A fun hike to do with friends, family, dogs, or solo. It is easy, yet can offer a bit of a rewarding challenge for those who are just getting into hiking.

So much more than I was expecting! Challenging but not so hard that you’re not enjoying the climb!

amazing, clear path easy to follow.

amazing, clear path easy to follow.

amazing, clear path easy to follow.

easy trail, nice weather

2 days ago

Loved it

Great hike in preparation for the National Trail Trek next weekend

Great hiking!

3 days ago

Great workout!

Climbing part is definitely during the first part of the amazing hike. Next time, I will probably cut out that loop at the end of the Mormon trail. Too much actual ROCK climbing and hard to find the trail on the loop. Lots of dogs on the track + a fair amount of people that should probably exercise to work up to this level.

nice hike. took me 3+ hrs to hike the trail.

Quick hike. Ok scenery.
Good hike to bring kids along with. Lots of people running up and down. Great work out.

4 days ago

Fantastic hike - somewhat technical at times, mild at others; lovely flora/fauna, beautiful rock, great views of Phoenix as well as a few peaceful valleys to explore.

Great fast hike, can connect with National trail to go up to the castle then connect to pyramid trail

Could be a great combo hike/trail run
Some bikers on javelina.
Decent parking that includes dirt lot.

Cool views decent hike

Good workout. Not impressed with the scenery. Good views of Phoenix skyline. I think I saw 3 golf courses. Probably won’t go back. There are much better hikes.

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