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17 hours ago

I come to this trail specifically for running because it's away from the touristy trail (Telegraph Pass) and there are some hilly parts to make the run more interesting.

23 hours ago

beautiful hike! make sure you follow the Dobbins exit on the way back out if this is the only trail you plan on doing. Great views!

Great hike & great views! To start, parking lot was full and so was much of the on-street parking but we all found spots relatively quickly! Walking up, there was a mountain rescue going on (remember to be careful hiking) and we started up the Mormon Trail! Hiking with a cold made the climbs a bit difficult and it was steeper then I had expected but nevertheless, there were amazing views, tons of wildflowers and the top part of the loop was very pleasant and enjoyable! Overall, a great hike :)

I live close and do this hike at least 2 times a week. You can see all of awhatukee and even climb to the top of South mountain. Great work out for running.

2 days ago

This was by far one of my favorite hikes within the last two months. It was pretty hard on the way up. We wanted to get to the stone building, so we had to go along the road, and then jump onto the path leading to the building. The way down was much easier, and we loved it. It was awesome! I used 1 water bottle, without being dehydrated.

Awesome time

Great views great hike

Great hike close to home. Can get the heart pumping

We went early (arrived at 7:15) and there were not a lot of people but on the way back down there were about 4 or 5 groups heading up. Loved the views and it was super easy. We were finished with the hike by 9 but it only took so long because we were going off of the trail to check stuff out for a long time. Definitely would recommend to anyone no matter the skill level

Access this trail from the 48th St Pima Canyon Trailhead parking lot- it opens up right to the rest area!

Love this trail! It's my go to each weekend. Marcos de Niza offers awesome views that reward incline efforts. Depending on the direction you choose, this trail can have varying difficulties. My personal favorite is to take an out-and-back approach from the parking lot without ever touching Pima. It's gratifying to see those steep climbs in reverse. At a fast walking pace, this route takes about an hour or less, with the SW leg being most challenging and the NE return being far less strenuous yet far more scenic. If you're feeling beat up after the SW leg, swing East at the end of Marcos de Niza to loop back on the flat, walk-friendly Beverly Canyon Trail. The easiest way to see the beauty of Marcos de Niza without all of the work is to access it via Beverly Canyon.