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I've done this trail a couple of times. Enjoyable, decent views, nothing particularly incredible. It was fairly quiet, didn't pass anyone on the trail the second time, and the first time I only passed one person going the opposite direction. It is very well marked. Nice greenery. Prone to getting mucky in wet weather.

trail running
18 days ago

Awesome end of the year (2018) trail run. It was great to have Alltrails app because there are unmarked trails and crossroads throughout this trail.

Did this with my dog. Overall a great trail. It gets harder towards the end. Just be careful with the sliding rocks and you'll be golden. Beautiful sights all along the trail. I was kind of disappointed when I reached the end of the trail, I was expecting a nice view from above but it's just a patch of grass, a dirt road and a bunch of trees.

1 month ago

Great hike through a forest of ponderosas! Dogs loved it, too.

I love this trail! Will keep coming back for sure!

Not a favorite of mine but sweet views.

I'll go again and again! I prefer weekdays, much more peaceful but always fun anytime. The eagle people are always nice and let you watch the eagles and always a great chance to make friends with the chipmunks.

it's too busy for my taste but convenient to go too, just acrossed from Humane society. missed the cave on the way out but saw it on the way back.

nice trail, done it a few times. Not too busy, just saw 1 person in the few times we went.

This trail is a favorite for my family, water, pretty meadows, wildlife, close to town. We have done this one too many times to count and continue to go back!

I did this clockwise from the trailhead. The best part is that if you just do out-and-back on See Canyon, you will not get any views along the rim. I didn’t follow this exact route, recommend that you when you get closer to the Drew Canyon trail descent, turn right to take the trails/roads that go toward the rim. There is a campground along this road and his has excellent views from the rim. I hike a bunch of miles and it was a moderate hike for me. For the average hiker, I would consider moderate to hard. See Canyon is hard to follow at times and semi-steep at the top. Also a bunch of turns through out that you need to navigate.

much improved with a lot of single track. Nice up and down. super views. The big negative. the ruts caused by ATV's. good chance of seeing wild horses in the forest.

I use this trail as a good workout at least once a week. Nice views of the White Mountains along the Pat Mullen Mountain section of the trail.

See my Country Club trail review for more info.

Great well marked easy trail. It does connect to Pat Mullen trailhead. This trail is moderate to hard. Elevation increases by about 300 feet to a vista. It is worth the effort. Distance the trailhead is a little over a mile. Loop is about 3.5 miles. We did an out and back to the top of Pat Mullen that was about 3 miles.

This is a very beautiful hike. To me, it is easy, and I am not a professional hiker. I made it to the top. The top of the mountain is just a road, no scenic views, nothing like that. Be careful with sliding rocks. Pay attention to trail markers like tiny ribbons on branches, stacking rocks, carvings, and affixed markers to find your way to the top and back. The trail is steep and narrow when it’s about 800 feet away from the top. The hike is about 1700ft elevation in change. Bring snacks and water. It took me 1 hour to complete See Spring (extremely easy hike, all scenic views), and 4 hours to complete See Canyon. There is cell service for Verizon customer, but I am not sure about other carriers. Have fun and enjoy!!! Don’t give up half way because the views along the trail are magnificent and breathtaking.

3 months ago

Excellent and easy hike! Very lush forest, peaceful creek you walk through a few times and beautiful scenery every where. It was cloudy when we went and I was afraid the clouds would let loose any time, which it didn't, but it really provided some nice shade for us. There is camping nearby (tent) and an outhouse. Just a short dirt road to the trailhead. You will see the creek at the beginning of the hike and follow it sometimes as well. Family friendly and relaxing. Highly recommend this hike!

trail well marked but look for wooden teepee by trail which signifies proximity to cave. Cave is easy to miss because trail forks in a few places. Watch for fenced enclosure 40 yds off of trail near vertical logs stacked like teepee

Went for a day hike on a Saturday. Trail pretty well marked with white blazes. The ice cave js fenced off which was very disappointing. I'd pass on this if the cave is closed and go elsewhere.

Love this hike

You can see forever

Eagle nest were amazing

Great fishing as well

A very nice hike. Was a challenge for my aging body. My app set the distance at 7 miles without adding the short hike to the spring. It was straight up to the top of the rim. No spectacular views from the sperspective at the top. But beautiful coming up the canyon. In September the temperature was 90 by mid morning but it was a lot cooler up at the top. The trail is well marked with reflectors on the trees. The second half of the climb is steep and rocky. Coming down there were sections that felt like skiing down the scree.

This trail was recommended by a woman who lives in Payson so I had a feeling i would like this one. It was harder and longer than the rating on here but my friend and I hike often so we could handle it, just didn’t expect it. There was hardly anyone on the trail and many parts were grown over. This was great but also made it hard to find the trail so a few times we got lost then had to turn around and figure out how to get back RJ the trail.

The last 2ish miles are VERY steep so you need to watch your step (I didn’t and slipped down the side landing on my wrist) and bring poles if you’re prone to slipping or babe bad ankles or knees. I wear an ankle brace so that helped during my fall.

Overall, I loved this green, peaceful, unique trail. It reminded me so much of Minnesota in the summer. We heard tons of birds, saw a baby tarantula, saw many lizards, and the view at the top is beautiful. It took us 4 hours to complete 10 miles per Fitbit.

This is the one trail I hike every week.

4 months ago

What an awesome beautiful hike. We really enjoyed our time here. This hike is now one of my favorites. up there with West Fork and Butcher Jones. I highly recommend this trail. Very easy and only about 4 miles.

4 months ago

Pretty easy hike which most kids can do. We had our three year old and I had to carry her for some of it, but our older kids did fine. Getting to the spring was great and it was a nice cool hike in the pines.

This was a good trail with lots of views. We got to see the Bald Eagle’s best along with babies. My only advise would to bring lots of water and sun screen. Also in some areas water shoes would be nice to have.

4 months ago

Easy, light traffic, horses, joggers, hikers. Slight elevation change.

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