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The trail itself wasn’t bad, pretty messed up from the horses walking through. The trail was full of big rocks also. We got to Scott Reservoir and it was nothing more than a puddle and the ice cave was refreshing. We got most of the way to the ice cave and then it started pouring which was welcome. By the time we got back to the truck we were soaked. All in all it was one for books and a nice get away from the hot Phoenix weather.

Went on a Wednesday morning, arrived around 9:00 AM- did not pass one person on the trail! People were on the shore fishing, but didn’t see anyone on the actual hiking path. In shade most of the time. We left around 11:00 AM, right as it started to get pretty warm (85-90). Perfect day for me and my pup!

7 days ago

This was an enjoyable “walk in the woods”. Quite a few people around.

Think it was really 3.5 but better than 3. WE got there at 8am on a Saturday and it was pleasantly cool at 71 degrees and parked right at the store. The most noise at that time was coming from the baby cranes in the next on the north side of lake. It was quiet but the first half mile of the shore was completely filled with fisherman. Lots of families with little kids :). First 2 miles was flat, easy and not too entertaining (except for the baby cranes in the trees that we spotted). The last 1.7 miles was more interesting with some rocks, switch backs. Wildlife spotting was somewhat disappointing, the cranes, a few osprey and lotsa stellar jays. The last mile was horrific with noise as inconsiderate hikers descended upon the trail carrying loud music, off leash out of control dogs, etc. The lake looked clean and refreshing and we woulda' loved to have been on the lake in the early am before the crowds got there. When we left at 1130 it was a zoo - people double parking, etc. IT was 77 at 1130. Good little 3.7 mile (exacly on my Garmin) hike with little challenge but enough to get you out of the Valley.

Not a bad trail ( despite all the whiners complaining of bourse ruts , cows etc. it’s nature folks, get over it ) and the cold air coming form the lava tube ( ice cave ) is a welcome addition.
We hiked all the way to the junction with Blue Ridge Trail and then turned back for a total 9 mile round trip.

Easy hike, great views, lots of shade

10 days ago

One of the most beautiful trails I’ve hiked

12 days ago

Beautiful, easy a great, quick way to get out of the valley of the sun!!

Fun and Beautiful Hike Today❣️Lots of Bald Eagles, people fishing, kayaking...easy trails with some rock hopping. No Fees. Washrooms on site.

Nice fairly flat, well marked trail. Saw mountain bikers, other walkers and 2 gals on horses. We added the Pat Mullen trail for some steepness. Disappointed at the top-thought the view would be better. But will do it again.

20 days ago

nice well marked trail with almost no elevation gain. not much to look at, prefer the Country Club trail. should be rated easy.

Lots of horse and cow poop on the trail. My dog kept trying to eat it. I ran into a heard of cows grazing, and they all started mooing like crazy, sounded like a bunch of triceratops from Jurassic Park. They were so close, i thought they were going to stampede me and my dog; can cows charge at you? Idk, but I booked it outta there just in case. There’s an area by the cows you have to cross, where the trail breaks from the creek, it’s really muddy, I tried to jump it but my shoe ended up getting sucked into the mud. That was fun trying to get out. I then came up to Scott Reservoir expecting to see a lake with water...depressingly no water at all. I thought I saw some, but it could’ve been a mirage. After that I turned back around, everything just looked sad and dry. Only the beginning of the trail had the most greenery.

22 days ago

If you’re looking to get a good walking exercise, this is a good length trail. However I didn’t find it moderate, mostly easy. It’s June, and there is absolutely no water in the creek. Was kinda hoping to see some. There’s these little puddle, water creeks here & there but mainly what the cows drink from. Some open meadows, but not much else to look at.

Good trail. Well marked. Not particularly scenic. Pretty heavily used on this Saturday. We parked a vehicle at the trail head and took another to the Blue Ridge trail head just past the overlook. 4-1/2 mile easy hike, mostly downhill. The only advantage is the proximity to Lakeside.

We did this trail once as a family, we have 2 kids, 9 & 11 and really enjoyed it. My husband and I did it a second time after some rain. It will be even better once the creek starts running.

28 days ago

It’s an ok hike. Very minimal incline in a couple areas but mostly flat. I would rate as easy. Not much to see. There was a little bit of water but not much due to lack of rain in the area.

We decided to start from Military & took the way that leads away from the rim first... thought it would be better to end on the gorgeous side & it didn’t disappoint! The back road is kind of boring and follows the road so it’s more like a leisurely stroll rather than a hike but once you cross rim road and head towards the rim the magic happens! The views are spectacular! It’s amazing just how far you can see from 7500 ft and it was a crisp 65 degrees. The only downside, & why I only gave it 4 stars, is that there are several spots that aren’t marked and the insane amount of deforestation that is occurring. It’s a shame that such a beautiful area is being cut down.

1 month ago

Easy hike. A lot of shade in the afternoon. We went counterclockwise so the first half seemed prettier with the creek crossing (dry this time).Took my 13 yo son that’s isn’t really into hiking and he did well.

Trail was narrow and full of large rocks. There is a stables next door so the trail is full of road apples too. I would rate it moderately hard because of all the rocks. We only hiked into the reservoir because our party found it more difficult than fun.

I wish I could say I loved it but it ended up being an awful day. We started the trail enthusiastic because it had been a few weeks since our last hike. It started out well with a nice breeze to calm the strong sun. First mistake was taking a right at a fork which ended up being the wrong direction (trail not marked well to direct you). Once we finally made it to the lake I was disappointed in the proximity of the trail to the lake. With only rocky access to the water we continued on the trail, where you can’t really see the water, and we wandered off again due to poor markings. At this point I attempted to use the app which led us through a lot of brush... thankfully without a snake encounter! We finally found our way and trekked the last few miles of sand. In the end the trail ended up being 10.5 miles v the 7.8 which would normally be fine but an extra couple hours of being lost left us thirsty.

Beautiful area!

Fun easy hike. Highly recommend hitting the Pat Mullen Mountain to add some more fun. It’s .5 mile one side (a little steep; beautiful) while you are covering the country club loop.

Excellent trail

1 month ago

We took a shorter route which was good today. This was a well marked and easy trail to hike. We did have GPS which is always nice to have. Only used the GPS when we were taking the short cut. As it gets warmer, getting an earlier start would be ideal. Will be back later for the full hike. Some of the hiking trails were beautiful with Buena vista views.

1 month ago

Nice trail! Close to downtown pinetop. Very well marked. Went counterclockwise about 3 miles and then turned around, beautiful views and only saw 1 other person the whole hike. Gradual up and down, nothing to steep. Great way to spend a few hours in the trees!

on Country Club Trail

2 months ago

Nice little hike through the woods. My favorite part was looking out into the beautiful meadow about 2/3 of the way.

Good quick hike but poorly marked at times. I kept my GPS on to make it for the full loop. Good views once you get past the trees. But kinda eerie at times alone Will do it again with a friend ☀️

The weather and water were fantastic. Great trail.

Perfect for the whole family!

trail running
2 months ago

Tough climb for end of long run. Loose rocks on much of the trail.

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