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1 month ago

Easy trail for kids. I have a 17, 15, 14, 11 and 9 year old.

Easy and pretty

This was a nice little hike that we took the first part of February on a beautiful day. We didn’t realize that it was primarily a horse trail, which is fine, however the trail was beat up pretty bad and it was extremely muddy which made it difficult to walk and maneuver around the trail, which sometimes took us off the trail little bit to try to avoid the mud. It may be a better hike during the summer months perhaps, but it was still a nice hike.

2 months ago

I completed the hike with my two dogs and they had a blast. The scenery was bueatyful, and the hike was challenging enough to be a good workout. Can be muddy in parts of the trail.

2 months ago

Second time I made the trip. Absolutely breathtaking views from the Rim.
Beautiful. If you stay on the blue diamond trail then it’s not very difficult. A few areas of the trail have trees blocking and require traversing but otherwise pretty easy.

Moderate hike with great views of Woods Canyon Lake throughout the entire hike.

2 months ago

Took a group of kids age 5-14. Hike was more of a walk, not strenuous, and the kids had a great time playing on the frozen creek.

Beautiful in the fall. All the leaves were red and yellow. Pretty good incline halfway through

Beautiful trail! Last mile kicked my butt!

Trail was well marked, a little rocky at some parts and a little over grown past the ice cave.

The trail is not as labeled as other trails in pinetop. The only map we seen was at the start, but the scenery is so grateful and beautiful that you cant help to go off the trail and actually explore. You can follow the stream or climbing the mountain on the other side of the stream. If you get lost 3/4 of the trail is surrounded by houses or roads eventually you'll hit a house or road.

4 months ago

We took the trail backwards...in the order that we did it, the scenery looked the same through 3/4 of the trail. All the scenic parts were towards the end, so it was a nice way to see it. Good trail to take with kids that are a little older (10+).

I dont know that I would bring my kids on this hike as parts of it were quite difficult and only part of the trail was marked with the blue diamonds. Otherwise its a beautiful location and was lots of fun!

this trail was safe interesting !!!

Enjoyable autumn hike. Although there were quite a few people at the lake fishing, we didn’t see many people on Trail.

scenic driving
4 months ago

A little tiring towards the end but do-able and worth the views!

Started this hike as a happy accident and it was wonderful. There was only one other family on the trail but besides that it was just the two of us. Amazing views of the lake, forest, and animals such as elk, squirrels and chipmunks.

Beautiful hike, the leaves are changing makes for great views close to the top end of the trail. It is rocky as you make your way up. On way down took the See Spring trail and enjoyed sitting by the water relaxing. Went on a Saturday and only saw 3 groups of hikers.

5 months ago

Nice little hike! We went on a Friday morning and there was not much foot traffic. Our dogs loved the trail!

5 months ago

Nice views and hike. Easy to miss turns & get off trail so be attentive. Will do again.

A nice well-trafficked trail around the lake. Parking can be an issue during the weekends. Dog-friendly.

Per AZ Game & Fish, April 1st through August 31st a portion of the trail is closed and rerouted due to bald eagle nesting (SW portion of the trail) which you can catch a glimpse of from the opposite side of the lake, bring your binoculars.

Lots of campgrounds in the area ensures some congestion during peak times/seasons. Camp store and boat/kayak rentals as well.

Loved this hike so much. Nature was all around and so inviting.

6 months ago

Nice. First half, going clockwise (left), is quite flat and not too exciting. A lot of trees marked for thinning with big orange stripes. Popular with horseback riders. The second half is prettier, rockier and steeper with a stream, green grass and a couple of stream crossings (rocks to step on). All in all a fairly easy hike with just a small section, that might be a challenge for some, where the trail gets steeper and rocky.

The first time I tried this trail I was alone and I definitely don't think it's the trail to do alone. it's pretty isolated. This next time I took my mom and we both felt it was pretty eerie. I guess because it is so isolated in back woods and there were bones hanging from trees. the trail markings aren't that great. We found a road halfway in and took that back to the car. overall, wasn't bad.

It was a nice hike. there's a few connector trails that almost makes you feel lost.

horseback riding
6 months ago


I've gone up to Woods Canyon and Bear Canyon lakes to camp since I was young. Still my favorite place to go camping and I never pass by the view off the rim without stopping to take a look

Pretty easy hike. If you follow the blue diamonds it's about a 5 1/2 mile hike around the lake. Very picturesque. We saw elk s soon as we got off the trail.

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