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Great chance to see birds black throated sparrow

Beautiful trail. We really enjoyed it. Has a little of both ups and downs and flat trail. Spectacular views. It’s easy to moderate.

Since we just moved to Arizona we aren’t the most experienced hikers but this was a good trail to build up experience. The first portion is the most difficult but has a nice view. It is $6 to hike however. You can pay at the parking lot but no change available and the parking lot has limited space. Decent hike.

7 days ago

Great morning hike!!!

15 days ago

This is a great hike casual hike with a steady mild up climb for about 1.7 miles and then back down. It was great for my little buddy Keebler who is 13 years old and distance is starting to get to him. It's also a great run trail.

I am 82 and my wife is 80. We loved this trail. Varied terrain and flora. Great views. One thing needs to be noted, the trail shown as Malpais is actually the Moonlight trail. We did it counterclockwise. Would recommend doing it that way. This gives you a nice long down hill finish.

21 days ago

FYI you have to pay to get into this area for the hike, it’s $6. My husband and I didn’t know that before going and didn’t bring any money with us as we thought we were just going for a hike.

I’m a beginner. It’s challenging, but I loved it!

Nice hike. Get there early to park!

I love this hike. The first climb hits fairly quickly and is the hardest part of the loop. Realize that this loop connects with San Tan trail then Dynamite trail which leads back to the entrance. I made the mistake of staying on Goldmine trail all the way which leads quite a ways away from the mountain and to different parking lot. San Tan was easy with a slight climb and dynamite had lots of bikers as the terrain was steady and easy to hike. VERY stunning and scenic. Not too busy on a Wednesday morning, had solo time and quiet during my hike along with a few hikers and dogs and bicyclists. My favorite loop to date.

1-22-2018 Loved it!! Beautiful scenery and a great workout!!!

26 days ago

1-22-2018 Nice easy hike! So Pretty with horses and mountain bike riders on trail....

it would have been nice to know the Malpais trail is over half sandy wash. great views up to Malpais hills. not an easy biking trail

Beautiful Sunday morning hike.

First hiking trail!

29 days ago

Easy and scenic loop if you connect with the goldmine trail to come back. We walked it with an 85 year old. She is in pretty good shape. One caution, it crosses dry washes and can have loose rocks and very small inclines.

1 month ago

A great day hike. Only slightly challenging at times.

1 month ago

Nice walk in the park. As others have noted this is definitely not a difficult hike as there's nothing really technical and very little elevation change. Still lots to see and be sure not to miss the rare crested saguaro cactus about 2.5 miles in from the beginning of the trail (if starting going left that is). If coming from the right you could easily walk by it . enjoy.

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