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We enjoyed this easy hike. Getting to it from Sanctuary Cove was just as beautiful and added a little distance to the hike.

For a first time "hiker" I found this trail not marked to clearly and when I got to the main road I had no idea of where to go, decided to back track in order to make sure I found my car!! Overall was very enjoyable and would recommend to any beginner!!

We really enjoyed this hike. Beautiful Saguaro everywhere we looked. Perfect hike for beginners.

2 months ago

This a an easy trail and a nice way to enter the Saguaro Natioanl Park wilderness. We started at the base of Picture Rocks and took the Cam-Boh to the Ironwood to the Brittlebush Wash to the Thunderbird to the El Camino del Cerro trailhead. When we were in the Bittlebush Wash, we missed where the trail left the wash to head east to the Thunderbird. We took that wash probably 1.5 miles until it was pretty clear we were off the trail. Retraced our steps and bushwacked to refind the trail. It was useful having the topographical print out to identify the double humped features of the hill where we should have taken the right turn off the wash. Beautiful day and didn't mind the extra walking. My wife was taken with the rocks in the wash.

10 months ago

The Ironwood Forest Trail can be accessed from the Cam-Boh Trail near Picture Rocks Road or south from the Picture Rocks Wash. I prefer using this trail as part of a loop. The loop is approximately 3.7 miles beginning with the Cam-Boh Trail, Ironwood Forest Trail, Picture Rocks Wash Trail, Ringtail Trail, and back to the Cam-Boh Trail.

3 years ago

This is a short and very well-maintained trail within Saguaro National Park. There are a few short sections where you ascend / descend steps, but overall, it's fairly flat.