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Split into the separate Rincon Mountain and Tucson Mountain Districts, the dry Sonoran Desert is still home to much life in six biotic communities. Beyond the namesake Giant Saguaro cacti, there are barrel cactus, cholla cactus, and prickly pears, as well as the Lesser Long-nosed Bat, Spotted Owl, and javelinas.

Great, beautiful views throughout the hike. It is actually 7 miles to the top of the peak according to the maps at the visitor center and at the beginning of the hike! Don’t let that moderate rating fool you, the last 1.2 miles of the hike are more on the difficult side for sure. Worth it though! Just give yourself time!

Beautiful after the snow melt. Not a difficult hike. Heavily trafficked.

Great hike today. Not too hot and some clouds. We did the loop which added a little extra mileage. The trail was a steady ascent with some level patches. The last mile was steep but had switchbacks. The view at the summit was wonderful- a full 360. There were open views the entire hike. Highly recommend.

360 views. Great hike.

Was a little tricky to find but an overall good place to visit. Lots of cool scenery and views. Didn’t make it to the summit due to weather but I’ll definitely be back.

This is more a review for the network of trails this connector links to. Be aware - once you get the end of this .8 mile connector trail - the series of trails out here are very poorly marked. USE THIS APP!! Download a trail map ahead of time and check frequently. We had a great adventure getting semi-sorta lost at various junctures. The trail is easy - a few rocky places. Very pretty scenery - fun ups-and-downs. But be prepared to bushwhack. Like I said - we had a fun safe “adventure”.

First 3/4 mile is slowly climbing, smooth (ish) pathways. For all of you other fat guys, the next (difficult) part is only about 1.5 miles. With a couple of short breaks you'll be there soon .

As usual, I am hiking AZ in January so there isn't much to see as far a blooming plants go. I do bring my wife with me and she leads so at least the view is great from a minimum of one angle.

Great hike. Constant elevation gain with minimal leveling points. Very rocky with loose gravel. Take your time. Beautiful views of cacti and surrounding mountains. Completed 1/12/19 4hrs 7.2 miles.

Backside views are beautiful.

I recommend hiking the loop instead of out and back. The scenery and trail are nicer to the northwest. Five deer were on the shady side of the mountain.

Nice hike. Take the loop for nicer scenery on the way down. I watched two bucks and three does.

6 days ago

Good Hike. Unlike other comments, going to the top of Wasson peak was not the best part of this trail. The view was OK at the top, but the hike up had much better moments. I do think this trail is the more scenic way up the mountain.

Great trail. First part is like a stairmaster. Mileage is approximately 1 mile longer than stated. Still worth the trip. Will do it again and again.

beautiful views

Great hike. Due to recent rains water was running in the streams. We crossed streams twice getting up to the end of the horse trail. There’s a small waterfall just beyond the end of the stock trail.

11 days ago

Hikers should be aware that Saguaro National Park regulations prohibit off trail hiking below 4,500 feet and that there is no trail to 3,563 foot Safford Peak. They are enforcing that regulation at both the east and west districts of the Park. The trail known as Scenic Trail, shown on AllTrails, is in the National Park (once you leave the privately owned Sanctuary Cove area). Once you leave that trail, though, you are on a cairned route, now on Arizona State Trust land, which requires a permit (available on line) . So with a State Trust permit you are legal here. But soon the cairned route goes back into the National Park, so you are then in the off limits area. So for now, Safford Peak is off limits. So is Panther, Amole, Apache (near Signal Hill), and others. There are rumors that the NPS might build a trail to Safford coming from Picture Rocks Road on the south side of the peak.

Gorgeous views!

Views were beautiful at the top. It was definitely worth the hike. We did the full loop by taking the trail to the right on the way down. This trail down seemed much sandier and easier to go down on.

We did the Douglas Spring Trail to Bridal Wreath Falls, about 6.3 miles out and back. It so happened to snow the morning of our hike, and it was so-o-o beautiful. Views of the Tucson and Rincon mountains were scenic.

trail running
15 days ago

I ran to the peak and back in late December with about 6 inches of fresh snow the last 4 miles. Amazing terrain. Beautiful Arizona views. A true backcountry adventure in the later parts of the year. Don’t expect to see any humans out there beyond 5 miles, and bring plenty of food! Have fun!!

Nice loop - great views at the top and worth it if you haven’t seen this side of Saguro!

I loved this hike

Cool day trails are busy nice travel up switchbacks good views once saddle is reached. No paper to write on in the register on summit. 9.6 round trip 2,000 elevation gain.

17 days ago

Great hike! Definitely quite the climb the first mile or so, then the terrain changes and it becomes more of a grassland. Better to be done in the cooler months. After a good rain you should see more water.

Lots of changes in terrain; steep at times, with rock “stairs” heading up, especially towards the beginning. Definitely a good workout, but I’d recommend going in winter to avoid the heat, since there isn’t a lot of cover. Falls were a trickle at late December; maybe during monsoon time on a cloudy day we’d have better luck. A fun hike if you bring water, snacks, and a positive attitude since you’ll be doing some uphill walking without too much water in the Falls at the end if you don’t go at the right time.

Nice loop trail with a variety of terrain. Would like to go back when there is more water at the falls. Very well marked.

There are some great views but the trail is overgrown and terribly marked. We had the AllTrails map up most of the way but frequently ended up off the trail. Be prepared to backtrack. Recommend wearing pants due to lots of cactus and thorny plants next to the “trail”.

20 days ago

Beautiful scenery with many varieties of cacti. Gradual incline, loose rocks, no scrambling, not too technical. Moderate difficulty is fair grading. We did out and back, not the loop, which was approximately 11.3 km. Some exposure (wind, sun) dress accordingly. We really enjoyed it.

22 days ago

Beautiful, moderate hike! The nature is dense around the trail, be prepared for a lot of loose rocks underfoot in some areas. We saw a family of deer roaming near the Camino del Cerro trailhead.

23 days ago

Loved this trail - good workout and you get beyond the houses into the Saguaro National Park. This trail is definitely a backcountry trail - keep your AllTrails map in easy reach cause there are some missing trail markers.

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