nice paved walk

Gorgeous canyon trail. Very little water unless it's early spring or there was recent, heavy rainfall so don't bet on the falls being active. Very easy hike, not much in the way of elevation gain until the very end. We did this trail in late May, started at 8 and finished around 11- any later and it would be too hot because there is almost no shade. I suggest taking the shuttle, it drops you off right at the start of the trailhead instead of walking about a mile on a paved road. This would be suitable for beginners in the cooler months.

This route is my favorite head-clearing walk in Sabino.

My favorite Sabino Canyon hike❤️ upper hiking vistas into layers of canyons in Pusch Ridge Wilderness. Hike long or short time, it’s least crowded hike in Sabino.

Love that you get to see Sabino from both sides of the canyon.

We do this trail alot. Very easy trail for the whole family. Great views and we love the cool swim.

Awesome hike from October to April. The best time to hike it is when Sabino Creek is flowing from the winter snow melt.

My son (7 years old) and I enjoyed the cayon views and minor rock scrambling. The girls in the family are strong hikers too. However, did not care for the heights amid some loose gravel parts.

4 months ago

My first hike last year visiting... Easy and bathrooms along the way. Little pools with small waterfalls near the top if I can recall correctly. Very scenic and memorable.

beautiful hike, fun trail

Great trail, use the tram to get to the trail head not gps- gps drops you a mile from the actual trail head. Very heavily trafficked.

Agree that the distance is wrong. More like 4.7. Beginning and end are flat, some wide trail/road.....less appealingly.

Made it about 3/4 of the way there. Complaining kid made us turn back. Plan for lots of water & start out early. We went on a day when the tram wasn't running, but would plan next time to go when we can take the tram so we cut off some time getting up there. Beautiful trail and well traveled - saw other kids and a variety of ppl walking.

6 months ago

Did this hike as a day trip, would love to spend a night at the pools next time. There is too much to do! I'd hit this hike in the Spring as the snowmelt usually fills the pools quite a bit.

Beautiful trail that winds and climbs through Saguaro, mesquite, Palo Verde and crosses river bed many times. The trail disappears every now and then but the route is well traveled so following footprints is helpful. Other hikers are usually close and helpful.

8 months ago

We did this as a 3 day backpacking trip, with 2 nights at the pools. The trail is well-marked. There is still water at the polls. We encountered 2 separate campgrounds starting about 10 min after you cross to the south side of sabino creek then a 2nd campground another 10 minutes down the trial.

Approximate time:
~ 120 minutes each way

Beautiful hike. Lot's people but that is a good thing as you feel safer. Took the tram to save time.

pretty view of the mountains. very easy.

Sunday, July 09, 2017

Bring LOTS of water and sunscreen! There is very little shade on this trail. Incline and terrain wise it was quite nice. It took us almost 5 hours to complete, but a lot of that was due to rest stops in every tiny patch of shade we found. I'll definitely be returning when it's a little cooler out.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Great path for running. It can get crowded at peak times, but I usually go early in the morning before the trams are running and it's much quieter. good mix of rolling hills, with a steeper portion the last 3/4 mile to the top.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Great place to take the kids! Very beautiful.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

If you are new to the area or new to hiking, this is a great option. It's paved so there's no need for special gear. Make sure you have enough water and protection from the sun (depending on the time of day) - there are markers every mile. I do this several times per week and almost every time is a different experience because of the abundance of wildlife and views the canyon offers.

Saturday, April 01, 2017

Arrived here for a dog friendly hike; NOT DOG FRIENDLY! THERE IS A NO PETS SIGN AT THE VERY FRONT OF THE PARKING LOT. So bummed. It used to
Allow pets... not any more :(

Stay to the right or you will end up on phone line in the beginning. Start early (7am) so you can spend more time playing at the top before the descent. Took 2 hours from the top to the parking lot.

Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Recent rains in the Tuscon area meant that the falls and the river were still running. The temps we in the low 70's and there was a continuous cool breeze blowing up the valley. The views are spectacular and the falls were gorgeous.
An easy hike even for a beginner although there were places along the trail where the trail could be better marked. At one point when we were unsure which direction to go someone had built a couple of cairns to mark the way, by the time we had come down someone else had removed to cairns.
A beautiful hike to take in spring, in the heat of the summer it would be unbearably hot, ans in the rainy season it would be all but impassable.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

I love this hike for initiating my loved ones! I've brought my family and boyfriend here, all of who have never really hiked much before or who haven't hiked in a really long time. It offers beautiful views all while providing an easy, paved road to walk upon. Along the way, there are a few off trail paths that dip into the cool running river that returns during the wetter months. If you get out of the way of the tram that periodically passes through along the road, you're sure to have a wonderful time!

Monday, February 20, 2017

Great hike, but difficult to follow trail at some points.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

I have hiked to 7 Falls many times, at all different times of the year. I always leave from this parking area which allows you to ski[p the crowds that are at the Sabino Canyon area,. It can be done either way, but this is simpler. When you leave the parking area you will have to cross Bear creek right away. If there is a lot of water in it, then that's a good sign. Because the waterfalls will be running full tilt. I have been to many waterfalls all over, but these are really something to see when they are flowing after either a good summer rain, or winter snow melt. An oasis in the desert literally. Once you cross the creek right there, you will walk up hill to where the well tramped trail meets the road that goes back to Sabino to the left, but you will continue to the right to the falls. At the end of this road, the trail begins and there are 7 creek crossing to make. If it is flowing really well, you will be doing some wading. Some of the crossing still have the pedestals that were built up to use as stepping stones to cross. Those were great. However, a few years back in late July of 2006, there was a major event that took place in the Catalina's that dumped an enormous amount of rain over the range in a very short time. The run off was epic for the most part. Most of the pedestals were literally sheered right off with the flash flood that ensued. Sabino Canyon was trashed too. It completely rearranged Bear Canyon. I hiked in a few days after and it was almost not recognizable. Sections of the trail were gone and you had to figure out ways to go forward. Now years later, it is back to being an easy trek in and out. And the Falls are still as incredible to see as they always were. If you haven't been, you are missing out on one of the jewels of this area.

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