off road driving
11 months ago

Love this trail, easy maintained road in the beginning (Although very very muddy and there was even a giant puddle we were going through for an 1/8 of a mile, since I've been up the trail a million times we went through it) but once you get to the broken down houses and buildings is where the fun really starts. Going south down a trail right after the cattle guard is another maintained road that you follow for a couple miles until you reach the mountains. Now once you get to the southern mountain range I suggest that all stock and/ or pavement princess rigs turn around because it gets brutal. You climb up a rough trail in between two peaks and come back down which leads you on a road along the power lines, following that road will take you up another road through a couple peaks. I say again, going up these optional routes you should have a pretty built Jeep or truck. I did it no problem in my 98 Wrangler with a 4" lift and 35s. Happy Wheeling!