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The trails in this wilderness will take you deep into gorges, high onto rocky ledges, past ancient rock art and long abandoned cliff dwellings.

15 hours ago

Very beautiful hike

1 day ago

This trail is beyond beautiful and the end is the best part! I would definitely hike this again and again! It’s a great hike for good distance without it being too difficult and the sights are so amazing!

Amazing Trail...worth every step of the 7 miles in and out picturesque to say the least.

nice short easy hike, awesome views

This hike is fairly pretty, but ultimately we found it dull. The first 1/3-1/2 of the trail follows along the fence of a resort, which detracts a bit from the feeling of being out in nature. There were also many people on the trail at this point. Farther along, the trail becomes less crowded and has tall-ish vegetation along either side. The last 1/3 (approx. 1+ mile) of the trail goes into the forest and along the canyon wall and was completely shady and quite chilly the entire way. I was hoping that we'd come out into the sun at the end of the trail, but we never did. So, prepare for this last section by bringing layers. I was glad to have them, especially for the hike back.
To us, the end of the trail was not spectacular. There is a sign stating that you've reached the end, but it's not a particularly cool vista or a comfortable spot to sit.
This all may be different in the summer, when the coolness of the canyon feels wonderful or if the sun was shining into the canyon at the right time of the day. (We started around 11:30 am.) But, in February it was only so-so. Also, the elevation gain is largely imperceptible until the very end. So, if you'd like an easy, flat trail, this might be a nice choice. If you want a bit more elevation gain and vistas, I'd try somewhere else. I don't think we'd hike this trail again.

A great hike down in the canyon. It gets cool as you are down low and in the shade, we needed long sleeves for a good portion of it. Make sure to stop and look up at the red rocks, the view at the end is amazing! Relatively easy trail until the last the third of a mile or so, uphill is definitely worth the view! We did see some javelinas, keep your eyes open!

Awesome trail. Very pretty views. I actually would mark it as 'semi-easy'. The trail itself is easy to walk but the length makes it a pretty good work out. We are 58 and 60 though and pushed it pretty hard. Took us about 3 hours and we didn't lolly gag. Definitely would do again.

10 days ago

Leisurely walk added in the Summit. Trail to the top was very loose in places, top section is marked with orange tape. Vista on top was worth it.

beautiful canyon and with changes in ecosystems along the way. hiking was easy until you reach the main summit point. then you had to crawl up and down steep rocks. epic views at the end!!!!! lots of bird chirping and activity. highly recommend this trail!

11 days ago

Great trail what a mix in temps!! Water crossings were easy but water level was pretty low. Fun hike in water snow and mud!!

12 days ago

12 days ago

1/30/18 My sister and I got there pretty early around 8:50am. It was very chilly, 36 degrees Fahrenheit. Definitely wear layers. We did catch sun/warmth heading back. It was a beautiful hike! There was still snow in shaded areas and some of the stream was still icy. I recommend people finish the trail, the canyon is worth seeing.

Beautiful hike, there was snow in the shaded areas and some ice, made for great photos.

12 days ago

My favorite hike thus far in Sedona. The first mile or so is next to the resort and little thrills. Once you pass the resort, the vegetation grows higher and it quickly feels like you’ve left AZ for something farther north. At the end, it gets steep. So calm and magical I laid on my back for an hour looking up at the end of the trail.

13 days ago

Really great trail and a fun hike to do with the dogs. The majority of the trail was not shaded, and bc we started around noon, the dogs got tired really quickly in the sun. The hike is more shaded once you get to the end. We continued up to the lower part of Mountain Canyon/Wilson Canyon trail and saw some beautiful views just past the trail end. Lots of fun!

Using the Thompson trailhead,loop using,Cibola pass,Jordan,Anthill,Grand central,Powerline and Javelina trails nice diversity of geography ,plant life and vistas the trailhead parking can be busy.

Awesome views well worth the hike

17 days ago

Went first week of January- nice weather. Some parts of creek were frozen over, but that's all. Came back 3 weeks later in January and there was snow!!!!! So beautiful. Much of the creek was frozen. Rocks were slippery due to ice! Just have good shoes and foot placement. Very nice and easy hike! It can go on forever! It's beautiful. Get there early to enjoy it all :)
Parking lot is a good size, about 20 cars. Accepted under the green red rock pass.
Took my dog first time when there wasn't icy rocks! She loved it!

Maybe it’s from the government shutdown, but the gates were locked. Couldn’t park on private property and couldn’t get to the trail.

26 days ago

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