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Pusch Ridge towers over Tucson and the surrounding desert as one of the most prominent features of the Santa Catalina Mountains. With its lower slopes dotted with cactus and its upper reaches dark with pines, this unmistakable landmark makes the point in no uncertain terms that this is a land of extremes

6 hours ago

Steep trail at first with loose rocks. Cardio ❤️
I enjoyed this trail, surrounded by breathtaking scenery. I love Arizona

Great hike! Wanted to go further towards Mt Kimball but couldn’t find the rest of the trail. The views are stunning. One of my favorite trails. I started around 11am and was back at my car by 2pm.

Be prepared, it’s somewhat hard up and down, but well worth it; I saw Bighorn Sheep, Golden Eagles, and Rattlesnakes.
The views from the top are great, took my time, had lunch at the top and just enjoyed the experience.

This really is a great trail but the first mile is stright uphill, and since its out and back, the last mile is straight down, tough on the ankles and the pups.

This is a nice hike that will get your heart pounding. The distance on this is incorrect, it is closer to 5.5 miles from the edge of the parking lot to the pools and back. The elevation gain is also around 1200 feet. The first 1.5 miles is easy but the last portion is mostly straight uphill. The pools are nice and frequently have water except in the driest times. Plenty of flowers and wildlife if you keep your eyes peeled and the views are great.

went up the trail 5 miles. still 2 miles from making the window. trail is pretty tough. took me 5 hrs 10 min to do 10.07 miles. there wasnt a ton of water flowing at the maiden pools but there was a good amount a couple more miles up. definitely going back and making it to the window.

6 days ago

Awesome hike

Hard but awesome !!

on Ventana Canyon Trail

7 days ago

Amazing views but never made it to the rock! The map ended my trail and I couldn’t find directions to make it. Very strenuous trail specially on the way down very hard on the knees. I want to do it again but not alone. I’ll make sure to get extra cushioning on my boots, a flashlight, extra battery pack and to begin the hike at 5am. Definitely a trail for long pants/leggings. My legs and arms looked like I had been attached by a mad cat. Couldn’t go up stairs when I got home and my knees hurt all night. Very peaceful and lonely hike good for soul cleansing but I must say I got a little panicked when saw myself so tired, in so much pain and still 5 miles away from my car in pure solitude. Gotta get back to climb the Window though ❤️ Overall challenging but rewarding prepare to be climbing for 7-8 hrs definitely more then 9 miles maybe more like 10-11

Great hike with lots beautiful sights to see.I got to meet a lot of cool people on the trail as well.I went 2.7 miles up the canyon and thought it was close to the end.It goes on for a long way.I would highly recommend it.

Great Hike! A little rocky at times no water in the river today. Maybe when the snow is melting later in the spring.

Nice easy trail. Lots of birds, bugs, and just plain ole nature! Good photo opportunities and gorgeous sunset. It took me 1:20:49, but could've completed faster if not for all the photos I took.
Would do again and again and never get tired of it.

We like to do the beginning of this trail (the first 2 miles)with our little girl. It is beautiful, some good climbing for her but not to hard or dangerous. We go as far as we can with her and then head back. We stop and investigate and look for critters, admire true beautiful scenery, and have a great time.
I plan to hike the whole trail once she’s off to school:). But for families, this is a great hike at the beginning. After you walk the 0.8 to get to the main trailhead, you pass by a bathroom and picnic area. I call the walk to the picnic area the boring part. Once you get past that, the kids will enjoy the hike as it becomes a bit rocky and starting to ascend and climb a bit.

20 days ago

Gorgeous views! However, the upper section of this trail was more difficult than I thought it would be from previous reviews- once you turn up toward the window, it is more scrambling than hiking. Definitely possible that recent rains have washed out sections of the trail; I would recommend high ankle boots and bounding poles for the more difficult sections. The view was amazing though.

22 days ago

Headed out early and we’re rewarded with sighting three desert bighorns about 1.5 miles into the hike. Two males were battling it out over a female. Really exciting to see!

26 days ago

Short hike with great views. Very easy hike for beginners.

Heed Claire Burton below. This is not a trail. This is 1/3 trail, wonderful and subtle, 1/3 shwack through cacti and dense vegetation, then 1/3 trail again. I don’t have a problem with shwacking but this is really misleading and in land as dangerous as this it could prove harmful for inexperienced or unprepared navigators.

It's a beautiful place to hike. Pretty easy even with the include, although rocky.

1 month ago

much more rocky than I expected, but the scenery was beautiful.

I underestimated this one. Got to the parking lot around 3:45 and thought I could get it in before dark. Ended up hiking the last leg in complete darkness. Very fun!! Got to see the sunset at the top. No bighorns but a couple of peregrine falcons put on a show for me in the canyon. This hike definitely was a challenge. Not for beginners but so much fun of your up for a challenge

This was a difficult hike. Kicked my butt. I started out early in the day and took my time. Pima canyon itself is beautiful going down. The views of the canyon are stunning. HOWEVER! The pima canyon trail going down is very overgrown for the first 2/3. Really difficult to see the trail for most of it. I lost my way several times. Only my GPS app helped me finally make it to the bottom. Otherwise, I'd come back and do this again.

went up Marshall gulch then down mint spring. Trail is not very well maintained but still made for a good hike.

Great trail. Shades - elevation - views.

Trip number 10 to the top and it’s as hard as the first time!!! Saw big horns again, 9 of them.. so calm and relaxing at the top!!

1 month ago

Went about 2 miles in, nice trail with scenic views. Nothing unusually spectacular though.

Great views both north and south on this trail. Barnum rock is now one of my favorite spots on Mt. Lemmon. Trail is very well marked, moderately trafficked and you can continue on to Mt. Bigelow or Butterfly trail to make it a good length hike. Well shaded for most of the time!

Trail isn’t well maintained, cactus overlapping on trail in many parts.... wasn’t enjoyable....wont do again.

I liked this alternative to Sabino Canyon......

2 months ago

Great short hike with amazing views, wildflowers, and if you're lucky like I was, water flowing down in the Gulch. Part of the trail follows a dirt road with cabins so for a brief time I thought I was going the wrong way, but at the end of the road there was a trail sign pointing me in the right direction. Definitely one of my favorite hikes so far up on the mountain.

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