THIS IS NOT JUST SABINO LAKE!!! Yes, you go to Sabino Lake & Dam (in the first 0.5 mile). But...this is a composition of FOUR trails: Sabino Lake (#30), Creek Trail (#52), Rattlesnake Trail (#50), and Esperero Trail (#25). If you're looking to swim, the only place will be Sabino Lake (again, in the first 0.5 mile).

[Note: the AllTrails route will be different from your GPS trail once you make your first crossing of Sabino Creek above Sabino Lake (at the junction of Creek Trail #52)!! AllTrails shows a non-existent trail that goes uphill and thru a lot of thicket; the trail actually goes right, following Sabino Creek around until it rejoins near the Phoneline Link (#27A) at the top of the Creek Trail.]

Really beautiful trail even late in May. Nice hike to get the blood flowing but not to long (~1.5 hr). Definitely a more crowded trail and crowded area to hike, but very pleasant. Not steep at all. Tons of fun!

Beautiful trail with very interesting terrain. Trail is definitely more beautiful during months when river level is higher but still pretty during summer months as well

Great easy hike, not much elevation change, but nice trail, good views, interesting terrain, lots of flowers etc.

great scenery for a girl from NH!! a beautiful waterfall to cool off in!!

easy hike. lots of people. taking different trails around area is quick easy & fun.