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Pusch Ridge towers over Tucson and the surrounding desert as one of the most prominent features of the Santa Catalina Mountains. With its lower slopes dotted with cactus and its upper reaches dark with pines, this unmistakable landmark makes the point in no uncertain terms that this is a land of extremes

Just finished this hike for the 5th time. It is very steep, great workout and awesome views. Last week I saw 5 big horns early in the beginning when just starting up the canyon. Very cool. Highly recommend it.

Beautiful area! If you want a bit of a shorter hike, take the tram from the parking area and get off at the last stop. We camped for two nights. There are some pools with water in them. Really lovely trip.

Beautiful scenery!!

It really was difficult but had some of the most amazing views! Take your time and enjoy the view!

9 days ago

11 days ago

Great hike with amazing views of Tucson and up into the canyon. Some fairly technical hiking over loose rock but nothing too bad. We really enjoyed this trail with our 12yr old daughter.

You can’t trail run after about a half mile. Great hike! Definitely not for beginners. We did it round trip in 3:45 with plenty of breaks.

13 days ago

I did this trail once last Thanksgiving, and once again this Thanksgiving, and boy was it different. Last year we had gotten a lot more water, so once you got down into the canyon it was very lush, complete with a running stream--not so this year! It has been dry since July so it pretty much just looked like regular desert the whole way.

Things I like about this trail:
-It's very easy to get to
-Nice vegetation and pretty shady after the first mile
-Some good views of the city in the early parts of the trail
-There's a nice big rock about 2.5 miles in, maybe a bit less, with views of the stream bed and some cottonwood trees that is a very peaceful place to sit and rest before turning back.

Things I don't like about this trail:
-Can be heavily trafficked at times which kind of ruins the peacefulness of it.
-Really, really rocky. The first mile, and everything I've done past about 2.2 miles is just walking on big rocks, which you might think is no big deal but my feet are always pretty sore the next day from having rocks poking into them.
-Unless you want to go all the way to the end of the trail, which goes well beyond what is shown here, there isn't really anything that feels like a destination on this trail
-Like most of our trails here, most of it is not very well shaded
-As others have said it is a bit overgrown; go in expecting to get your arms scratched up.

15 days ago

Finger Rock to Mount Kimball. Return over Pima Saddle then down Pima Canyon trail. A car shuttle is needed. The first 5 miles are over a 4000’ elevation gain. Bring a 3 liter water blabber & headlamps just in case. Start at sunrise to end before dusk. The loop took us 11 hours including lunch & picture taking. This loop is similar to Hiking Bright Angel trail to Indian Gardens & back the same day.

15 days ago

Three of us decided to work off too much turkey on the day after thanksgiving by hiking this trail. We started at the sabino visitors center and headed out on what we thought was a 14.1 mile journey based on all trails which ended up being over 16 miles. When we got to the saddle on Esperaro we did get off the trail a couple of times but with the excellent help of all trails we quickly got back on the trail and were able to continue. I figure total extra distance due to being off the trail was less than a quarter mile. Because we didn't read the past reviews we were surprised at how over grown the trail was and how quickly it could disappear. Once we started following some of the cairns which lead us in the wrong direction. We were also surprised, which we shouldn't have been, on how long it took us to get up some of the steeper sections and how slow the downhills were going down Ventana Canyon. The worst part was thinking we had one mile to go and finding out we had closer to 3 miles left. The last 1.5 miles was done with headlights. Thank goodness we were prepared. This ended up being a 12 hour adventure and it was well worth it. As a word of caution if you do this hike don't rely on the mileage listed by AllTrails and make sure you have at least 5liters or more of water.

4th time going up, still brutal but love this hike!! Will go up for sure again!!