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Pusch Ridge towers over Tucson and the surrounding desert as one of the most prominent features of the Santa Catalina Mountains. With its lower slopes dotted with cactus and its upper reaches dark with pines, this unmistakable landmark makes the point in no uncertain terms that this is a land of extremes

Very challenging hike, especially the last 0.2 mile. After the end of the FS maintained Trail (less than 1 mike in), it’s very low traffic and can be super steep in some areas. You’ll be scrambling up some short rock faces and sliding around a bit. Don’t do it if you’re afraid of heights (or do it??). Plan to be on all fours through parts of it and bring lots of water and a camera for the top. You won’t need boots, Trail shoes will work fine. Views are amazing, hike will kick your a**!

Maiden Pools is one of several destinations on the Ventana Canyon Trail. See instructions and reviews for that trail. Not sure why this section is rated moderate and the longer trail hard. I’d say the lower canyon is easy (first mile or so) but as the trail ascends it gets much steeper and more rocky - i.e. hard. The trailhead is within the Ventana Canyon Resort and the first section of the trail runs along an easement through private property. It is well travelled and the trail is obvious.

Great short hike!

The trail is rocky, to say the least, and much of it is loose and slippery, so I highly recommend the use of hiking poles, especially coming down. This trail is steep, but the view from the top is worth the effort.

Amazing hike! Didn’t make it to the peak only to the summit But being our first time hiking it was really a challenge! So worth it! Amazing views and definitely worth the hike l. I can’t wait already on my list to hike to the peak!.

10 days ago

Good to get a workout trail. Rocky but lots of ‘natural’ rock steps. I would recommend poles unless you are nimble. Great views; trails are easy to follow.

Easy to follow trail and bang on GPX track. Bring 5-6 liters of water (winter).
Beautiful change from low desert to high pine forest.

A nice climb to a great view and then another climb I have not completed yet. Pretty exposed but the temps up at the first big ridgeline cool off nicely. Can have some nice flowers in the spring.

Wouldn’t give this a “moderate” rating. Better ranked as “easy”.

The description states that the trail is closed from Jan-April because of Big Horn Sheep, this is inaccurate. Currently the notice for the area states to stay on the trail and you’re fine. There are restrictions going off trail but the area remains open. I power hiked up and did my best to trot down. If interested, there are established Strava segments for runners. Down and up in under two hours for me.

Definitely tough! I would not bring dogs and make sure you have proper footwear. Very steep and I hope your cardio is on point. Had a blast and loved the challenge.

Very steep. It's lucky that it's not a long trail. About five hours totally.

Hiking boots NOT required. Trail-runners work fine if that’s what you’re used to. Trail is very good.

Hard verticals with a few spots to scramble up. If you want “quick” vertical gain and a HUGE view, this is it! Super fit hikers can do this in under 2 1/2 hours. Average hikers should expect to be on the trail 3-5 hours, maybe more.

Follow the good trail until a sign says it’s no longer maintained by forest service and go up that one. If you think you’re off the trail, you probably are. Just keep looking, it’s not far away.

Pretty accurate distance and vertical! Exactly what I expected from those measurements!

Be prepared, this is a hard hike. Unless you’re very fit, this will take you 6-8 hours. Maybe longer. It’s very hot with only the last 3/4 mike with much shade. As someone who loves hiking 14ers in Colorado during the summer, I’ll say the difficulty is pretty comparable to some of the “easier” ones. Great training. Don’t be unprepared!

Kicks your butt!! but so worth it!

Difficult, but the view at the top is totally worth every single switchback!

Well developed trial. Easy to follow. Turn left to Esperero trial to see window rock. Took us about 11 hours to Window rock and back. We are a group of hikers without much experience.

Beautiful Tucson day and beautiful hike. A bit rocky but navigable. Little water in the pools. A little past the pools the vegetation change to more green with trees. Prettier. Make sure you watch for the cairns along the way. Would do it again.

20 days ago

It's our second time hiking up from the hwy and it was much better. Not hard anymore. We hiked to the canyon where there was nice little falls. Just under 7 miles RT. the temp was in the high 30s starting out and stayed nice and cold until we got down and it was a little warm. Really enjoyed the workout.

Doesn’t get easier but still an amazing hike... the views are just spectacular!!

Gorgeous day for a hike in Arizona!

Fairly quick hike up if you are in shape. Super views. Upper trail can be tricky to find at times. Have fun.

Was nice hike through the low clouds .

Great trail. Did it in the rain today and it was beautiful with the low clouds.

1 month ago

Breathtaking views but kind of a drag that to get to the trail you have to walk a mile through an easement with barbed wire fence on either side. Large rocks/boulders cover a large part of the trail and the trail is not well marked. It’s a great workout because of elevation gain. I experienced a spiritual tranquility being surrounded by
what really can only be described as the majesty of nature.

1 month ago

Today we tried to get to the window but after 3.93 miles up we decided it was time to turn around. Boy, we were all too tired and the heat certainly didn't help either.

Great views, the mileage is off- was 5.2 miles round trip.... would like to do again after some rain...

Trailhead tricky to find. After parking keep walking toward house at dead end. Trailhead is on the left. The last 1.75 is paved road. We opted to take Marshall Gulch trail back to Mint Spring. Making for a total of 7..1. After so much desert hiking the woods were an ice change.

on Pima Canyon Trail

1 month ago

Perfect trail for a fairly quick out and back . It is kinda anticlimactic when you reach the end to turn around. The trail is well maintained and well trafficked.

relatively easy. beautiful scenery. great morning hike

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