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Pusch Ridge towers over Tucson and the surrounding desert as one of the most prominent features of the Santa Catalina Mountains. With its lower slopes dotted with cactus and its upper reaches dark with pines, this unmistakable landmark makes the point in no uncertain terms that this is a land of extremes

Vast views. Challenging terrain.

The first 1.5 miles are relatively flat with a big kick up before maiden pools. The pools are as far and I went- they were beautiful. Water was running but they were a bit dry. Be careful as the rocks are pretty slick thanks to frequent water erosion. There were many water crossings that I could see being challenging when flowing- most of them were totally dry today. Wildflowers were in full bloom and in combination with ventana canyon views made for stunning visuals the whole way. I WILL be back to get to the window!! Over doubling my 5.2 miles with substantial elevation gain will be a hike of a lifetime for me!

1 day ago

Rough at first, gets easier further in. A lot of yellow flowers at present along about the first quarter mile.

We did this short trail today to the first mount and it was nice. Just 1.5 miles one way.

Lots of lizards, gilamonsters, huge butterflies bighorn sheep and beetles on this trail. I left at 10 am and it took me til 3 to get up to the top; at 3:30 I knew it was gonna get dark so went back - coming down only took 4 hours.
Tough hike for sure but when you're on top where over one side you can see oracle and turning around you can see Tucson it feels worth it:)

Nice hike, amazing natural rock "stairs." Water creek running, very cool at bottom of canyon, makes it for a nice hike.

Very rocky trail in places. Not sure it's a good one for real beginners or those who are a bit gun-shy about clambering over rocks. Trail is narrow in many places so moving off to let people pass is tricky in a few spots. We didn't encounter anyone on horseback but it would be very important to find a good spot to let horses pass without spooking them or landing yourself into a cactus. Beautifully peaceful early in the morning. A lot of hikers use this trail and most seem to talk the whole way up and back.

on Pima Canyon Trail

8 days ago