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Pusch Ridge towers over Tucson and the surrounding desert as one of the most prominent features of the Santa Catalina Mountains. With its lower slopes dotted with cactus and its upper reaches dark with pines, this unmistakable landmark makes the point in no uncertain terms that this is a land of extremes

We just did this trail today in mid January with two dogs. It was a very nice walk for part of it then there were parts where you were kind of crawling up rocks and stuff. Going back there is definitely a noticeable incline as well. The trail ends at the Marshall Gulch picnic area at the very top of the mountain. All in all, very nice hike and I would do it again.

I’m 7 years old and made almost to the top then ran down and my dad could barely keep up. Fun trail. Will go back soon and make it to the top. Dad has to buy me hiking shoes and gear first!

Beautiful trail, best route there!

trail running
1 day ago

Ran 3 miles up and turned around. Nice scenery. More rocky than I expected.

Nice hike but the view is the always same along the trail.

Great challenging hike. Start early before 9am. Very rocky, hiking boots required.
The only thing - at the beginning of the ascent to the peak there is a little “cave” consisting of fallen rocks right next to the trail. Do not stop here. Both times I have done this trail I have been attacked by the bees that live right next to it. So try to get past that spot ASAP but be careful not to fall.

Super awesome trail. Great views and definitely a hard trail!! But this app end on the wash and there is more trail to see after for a total of 5.7 miles instead of the 3.8 the app says!!! Glad we kept going and see the rest of the great views!!

Fantastic views!

This is my favorite trail so far in Tucson. Nice trail, beautiful scenery, and in general a reasonable incline, not too steep. I made it about 2hrs in so far, up to the top of the ridge. I'm planning on doing Mt. Kimball from Pima Canyon and then come down either Finger Rock or this trail to finish. Should be epic !

10 days ago

Went up to the peak, kicked my butt. Rewarding. Beautiful. Right in the backyard.

My wife and I hiked this trail a week after Finger Rock. This trail offers spectacular Rock cliffs and formations besides Window Rock. We went to the very top 11.71 miles. We didn’t go over to Window Rock as we were running out of time. We are both in our sixties but loved the hike.

14 days ago

The first mile is the toughest and if you can get through that the rest will be smooth sailing. The trail is easy to follow and provided some kick ass views. Would not recommend this to someone who has bad knees.

trail running
15 days ago

One of my favorites!

16 days ago

good cool weather hike, beautiful, variety of desert flora birds!

Tough and very steep. Awesome views!

18 days ago

No real destination and a bit busy, but diverse foliage and great views.

I’ve been coming to this location for a few years. It’s a great alternative to Sabino Canyon due to the ridiculous shuttle going up and down with tourist aboard. It’s much quieter because there’s no PA speaker system nearby. I usually access this area from the small dirt parking lot to the south, in a residential area. Very scenic area as well.

23 days ago

This one has it all... elevation gain, distance, changes in nature, great views, and some water (maiden pools). A great challenge! Bring a LOT of water!!! And plan on taking several hours to complete the whole round trip.

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