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Beautiful sight!

2 days ago

This trail is NOT a continuous loop around as the description states. On each side of the dam the trail ends with no way across. So we went on one side to the dam and back and then went to the other side of the dam and back. It worked out to about 2.75 miles. It was easy and kid friendly. I gave it 4 stars because it was beautiful, peaceful and well worth it. We would definitely do it again. Trail is not marked.

Here to work on my section of the AZT the best section on the whole 800 miles⛰

Gorgeous trail up Spruce Mt! Started at 7am and it was very peaceful. Birds singing their morning songs and the sun rising over the mt. Saw a lot of deer hanging out, some right in the middle of the trail. The weather was perfect! One of my favorites so far for sure!

I think it is a fairly boring trail. We did the clockwise loop, and after you climb and reach the top there are no more views...just forest walk. It's nice but nothing more. Note, there are two parking areas, so if you come from Prescott valley keep going beyond the the marked All Trails parking area, there is another one right behind the curve to your left.

This is my favorite hike in the Prescott area. I've done the out and back to the top of Spruce Mountain but I enjoyed this loop even more. Saw about 10 deer running through the forest. This was in the afternoon. Started about 10 a.m. Weather was great. Love all the pine trees, the great smells and listening to the wind through the trees and, of course, the spectacular view at the top. Will do this one again and again.

Great view of the city but nothing to write home about.

9 days ago

Depends upon which side you choose to start, it can either be an easy or difficult start. The paved path becomes steeper and steeper, while gravel and paved path is easy. Anyway provides beautiful view of Prescott.

11 days ago

Fabulous hiking. For older not in great hiking shape people like me, it was a bit of a challenge. Somehow went the wrong way right from the beginning and wound up hiking 2 miles out of our way. Understand now counter-clockwise is definitely the harder way. Was a little disappointed watch tower at top of mountain was closed. Must not be open on weekends. One more thing - I think the All Trails directions get you to trail 377. Trail. Trail 307 (Grooms) is at the 6.5 mile mark from Gurley St.

11 days ago

Great hike! Challenging but not overly difficult. Great views the entire way up!

love this trail. great views from the saddle of Prescott and Williamson valley.

15 days ago

Never been hiking before, easy trail to start on.

17 days ago

fun trail not to long or difficult

Did this hike for the first time Easter Sunday, did not see anyone for a total of 8 miles. It is a well established trail, you can't get lost, very scenic the farther you go. It is very gradual in elevation, would not consider it difficult, maybe moderate but more because of distant. You have to drive 2 miles on a good dirt road to get to the small dirt parking lot. I would recommend this hike, we enjoyed it. Something a little different than desert hiking in Phoenix Valley.

Reminds me of Michigan!

trail running
23 days ago

This is a fun trail to run. The switchbacks are very gradual and the trail is well maintained. Yes, you do have to drive past a shooting range to get here, but it is worth it. As another post said there are cattle trails, but I think the main trail is easy to stay on and you can’t get too far off course. I was running and didn’t make any wrong turns. If you are worried about losing the trail, go up the switch backs first. The trail in that direction is very clear. There are nice vistas and cool limestone cliffs along the way. Enjoy.

I loved the trail itself. Lovely views and a nice hike that I'll do again. HOWEVER. The hike was made unenjoyable when the entire time the unpleasant thump of bass from music pumped out of the boat rental shack followed me. Even when far back in the various coves the banging followed.

Great short hike and can be challenging. At the right time of day the trail can be relatively quiet.

Great trail with views. Road leading up to trailhead was closed which added another mile (one way) to the hike. No trail markers but the trail is clearly visible.

Great short hike. Steep depending on which directions taken (clockwise or counter clockwise). From Feb through mid-July parts of the trail are closed for the falcons breeding cycle. Great way to get your day started off right. Be aware there is a parking fee at the trailhead.

Whew! Just finished with 2 dogs, 7 and 12 year olds! Everything went great (counter clockwise) all 7 miles under 3 hours until...the last .25 miles the dogs were accosted by javelinas. We scared them away and made it out safe! Heed the wildlife warnings!

Pretty. Hardly saw another soul. Reliable sources of water this time of year.

I did the whole thing starting at 260 TH to Pine in about 3 and a half days. The trail was beautiful with many opportunities for water and camping. Certain parts are very poorly marked. It seemed like I'd have to search for the trail again everytime I crossed a wash. Luckily it had just rained and I was able to follow other's footprints.

Omg what a perfect morning. Prescott was buried in fog, but Spruce Mtn was bright and clear. Got started at 5:30 am, 37F and brilliant starlight at the trailhead. Had a couple of false starts following blue tree blazes in the darkness. Once I caught the trail had no more issues. Pretty sunrise at the watch tower. Loved it.

Beautiful views, but the trail is not marked at all, so it was impossible for us to finish the loop. The forest service is currently clearing brush in the area and the trail is unrecognizable at the start. We tried going counterclockwise and made it about 200 yards before the trail vanished. We went back to the trailhead and started in the other direction. At some points the trail splits in 2-3 directions. We had printed out the map but that was very little help as all these other trails are not on the map.
At one point after hiking for about an hour we realized we had just completed a loop on a completely different trail and were back to about a 1/4 mile from where we started (the 2nd time). Luckily I was able to get cell service and pulled up MapMyHike and the AllTrails app and was able to start back out again on the correct trail.
Once you start heading up the mountains there are fewer extraneous trails to get sidetracked on.
Hopefully someone comes though once the forest service is finished and is able to properly mark the trail.
Other than that, it’s beautiful and very few people were on the trail (they were probably lost!) and the trail is covered in quartz.

1 month ago

View from the top is well worth it!

Very pretty lake with mallard ducks and a few benches along one side of lake. We logged just under 3 miles around the lake, though. It’s not 2.4 mi.

1 month ago

Took 30 High School-aged boys on this hike. It was a rough road and the recommendation of high clearance vehicle was important. However, nobody needed 4WD. We found out that the cow trails were more distinctive than the hiking trails. This Trails app was excellent to help us stay on track (although we got off the trail multiple times). The views from the Verde Rim and Pine Mountain we’re absolutely amazing. We camped just West of the Pine Mountain summit. I will go back again for the challenge of doing the entire loop and staying on the trail. Would be amazing in the fall especially along Sycamore Creek.

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