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I really loved this trail. Great cardio and elevation gain at the beginning. Beautiful views at the top make for a perfect spot for a snack. While the ascent is exposed, the top is a nice flat stroll through shaded forest. The descent is exposed but a more gradual grade than the ascent. Overall a nice moderate hike that can be done in a morning. Fun to drive to Jerome afterwards for a well deserved cheeseburger and beer for lunch!

Great trail for beginners or seasoned hikers. Great scenery and away from the city heat of Phoenix.

4 days ago

New favorite!

Good workout. Went counterclock-wise to the right. Nice incline for cardio. Talked with a local hiker who told us the descent on the backside was steep and slick. We chose to return the same way as we went up.

I did this loop clockwise. The first 5ish miles were not my favorite. It was wide open and could see for a few miles, but overall I found it kind of boring. There were areas that you could still see the devastation from the fire which was sad and scary. The second half of the hike was much better and would do that again, I just don’t recommend the first half. My other hiking app logged this loop at 11.4 mi.

Great hike! We went counter clockwise up the more gradual incline to the lookout tower and then down. There are a couple tables and a toilet at the top. It's worth going the extra distance up to the tower and reading through the journal. Besides the length and the elevation change its really a realitivley easy hike and well maintained trail that is well marked. We only came across 5 or 6 people so plenty of soltitude for being so close to town.

Had lunch at the Cafe today and then a leisurely walk around the lake. It was 94 degrees so it was a little hotter than usual, but it was just as beautiful as it always is. Love this hike every time

Came here on a whim. It's a good trail with a mix of forest and desert, some great views and quiet :)

23 days ago

This is a nice mostly flat trail. We are training our young dog for hiking so we decided to try it even though the PV end is being encroached on by Granville development. So just for information to share here we noted the distance before you come into anything resembling a nature trail. From the dog park at Granville where you can park, it is now 2 miles before you get to enjoy any reasonable nature. Once there it is a wonderful and beautiful trail. I would rate this trail as easy and best suited for bicycling and running.

Easy trail to follow and nice walk

1 month ago

West half of the trail is paved - so easy for all ages. Bald eagles almost always on dead tree snags to the east and can be seen across the lake. Benches along trail on west side of lake. Lake is beautiful - picnic tables and bbq’s on south. Flush toilets on north side of lake. East side of trail is more rugged and rocky.

Great hike, easy and beautiful. Great weather and awesome place to beat the heat during June. Can easily go around the whole lake a couple of times if you want more excercise.

Great trails surrounding the lake. Was there yesterday and loved our visit there! Great photo opportunities when the Eagles roost. Perfect for kayaking and fishing.

1 month ago

We took the trail clockwise and the first mile was a bit confusing. Definitely keep your map open to be sure you’re staying on the correct trail. This particular trail is not marked on the map at the nature center or on any of the signs. You will however see many signs for other numbered trails.
At one point you will be walking alongside a road, but after that it’s a very interesting hike with varying terrain. We say several deer along the way. No part of this trail was closed due to bald eagles nesting, but one of the areas behind the trail is closed Dec - July and would only affect you if you decided to hike a different connector trail.
Also, the hike is closer to 6 miles, not 5. We enjoyed it and would do it again. We thought about starting/ending at another trailhead, but in the end liked finishing up at the nature center for the restrooms and shaded tables and chairs where we could rest up and have lunch before heading back to Phoenix.
PS- the person who did this hike the day before and rated it 2 stars didn’t do this hike. Looks like she just hiked around the lake instead of doing the actual Salida Loop. Perhaps that led to her low rating.

1 month ago

Unless you like hiking with the map in front your face the entire time I would stay away. Wife & I got 20 minutes and turned around and went back to the car to find something else.

mountain biking
1 month ago

Really fun ride. Lots of loose rock and steep climbs. Technical down hill.

1 month ago

Awesome trail! At the top we went left onto trail 307 and took it 3.5 miles to the start of groom creek. Very neat views and terrain. Mostly shaded but could get a bit hot at times. Be cautious of mountain bikes and horse back riders they come through fast. We also saw 7 deer which was a cool sight

great hike with amazing views once you reach the top. I stared right around 7:00 on my way up only saw one couple. on my way down there more hikers heading up.

Fun hike! Pretty easy, has some good views and shady parts of the trail.

Solid hiking spot, very popular mountain biking spot also.
Trail easy to follow, moderate rating is accurate, nice payoff at the end.
Saw a number of colorful birds, and a deer.

Definitely a trail to do in early am at low temperatures. The views are stunning on both sides of the hike. Do 106-105a-105.
It’s definitely more that a moderate hike!

This trail was amazing. Shade from tree tops complicated and an amazing work out. Beautiful scenery. Highly recommend this trail.

horseback riding
1 month ago

A little harder than expected but a great ride in the pines. A little bit of traffic for the first mile then all alone on the trail

on Thumb Butte Trail 33

2 months ago

Great workout! This is my favorite hike when I only have about an hour.

Go left at the beginning for a slow, steep hike up. Continue on the loop for an easier descent. With kids, under 10, the loop takes about an hour and a half. Up and back down the steep side is about 45 minutes to an hour for the typical adult.

East out of Pine TH along Highline Trail. Turned up the Donahue Trail - that was a tough climb. Some of Donahue were hard to see due to overgrowth.

2 months ago

Nice hike for beginners such as myself. Nice views all around the lake. However, the trail is not 2.4 miles. It is closer to 3 miles.

trail running
2 months ago

Low traffic. Well maintained. Easy access. Great views.

Part of an extensive network of trails through a beautiful Pine Forest. Most of these trails are shared with mountain bikers. I had a very enjoyable hike and appreciated the shade during the hot part of the day.

Great hike. We went clockwise (right) on 95. It was perfect. Lots of shade.

The road leading to the trail head was closed off for some reason but the road itself is only about a mile long and flat so we just hoofed it. Other than that the trail itself was very nice. Nobody else was on the trail at all and the views were amazing.

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