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horseback riding
22 hours ago

A little harder than expected but a great ride in the pines. A little bit of traffic for the first mile then all alone on the trail

Great hike. We went clockwise (right) on 95. It was perfect. Lots of shade.

trail running
10 days ago

Hot today but well covered with shade!

Just hiked this trail for the first time and i really enjoyed it. Taking the right side up is definitely easier then taking the left side up. Trail was really easy to follow well maintained and marked. Not really any great views from the top but if you're into forest hiking then this is the trail for you. lots of shade. even the ridge line is really wooded. I did the entire loop in 4.5 hrs that was with several breaks and a 40lb pack. 32oz of water was plenty for me. There is parking right at the trail head with restrooms and i believe there's no fee to park. but i could be wrong. I was dropped off. But yeah it's a great hike and I'm looking forward to doing it again. Oh yeah. one more thing. the creeks were dry. (hike date 5-5-18)

Great hike with great views! Not much of an incline but you still get high enough to see over all the trees! Not many people were on the trail so that was nice!

27 days ago

I like this trail because it’s easy, relaxing and surprises you! When you begin the walk, it seems like it will be boring with nothing to see but construction and newly built homes. If you stick with it, and can take seeing the heartbreaking sight of land being gobbled up with new developments, at about the 2 miles mark or so, the scenery changes and it becomes beautiful. The trail into Prescott takes you to the Humane Society. One way is about 7 miles.

Suggestion:When you turn onto Santa Fe Loop, into the development to catch the beginning of the trail, do not park in the first parking spaces on the right. Continue down the road until you come to the dog park on the left. Park here on right gravel lot.

fantastic trail.some elevation, lots of trees and shade.

Gorgeous trail up Spruce Mt! Started at 7am and it was very peaceful. Birds singing their morning songs and the sun rising over the mt. Saw a lot of deer hanging out, some right in the middle of the trail. The weather was perfect! One of my favorites so far for sure!

This is my favorite hike in the Prescott area. I've done the out and back to the top of Spruce Mountain but I enjoyed this loop even more. Saw about 10 deer running through the forest. This was in the afternoon. Started about 10 a.m. Weather was great. Love all the pine trees, the great smells and listening to the wind through the trees and, of course, the spectacular view at the top. Will do this one again and again.

Fabulous hiking. For older not in great hiking shape people like me, it was a bit of a challenge. Somehow went the wrong way right from the beginning and wound up hiking 2 miles out of our way. Understand now counter-clockwise is definitely the harder way. Was a little disappointed watch tower at top of mountain was closed. Must not be open on weekends. One more thing - I think the All Trails directions get you to trail 377. Trail. Trail 307 (Grooms) is at the 6.5 mile mark from Gurley St.

Reminds me of Michigan!

trail running
1 month ago

This is a fun trail to run. The switchbacks are very gradual and the trail is well maintained. Yes, you do have to drive past a shooting range to get here, but it is worth it. As another post said there are cattle trails, but I think the main trail is easy to stay on and you can’t get too far off course. I was running and didn’t make any wrong turns. If you are worried about losing the trail, go up the switch backs first. The trail in that direction is very clear. There are nice vistas and cool limestone cliffs along the way. Enjoy.

Omg what a perfect morning. Prescott was buried in fog, but Spruce Mtn was bright and clear. Got started at 5:30 am, 37F and brilliant starlight at the trailhead. Had a couple of false starts following blue tree blazes in the darkness. Once I caught the trail had no more issues. Pretty sunrise at the watch tower. Loved it.

2 months ago

Took 30 High School-aged boys on this hike. It was a rough road and the recommendation of high clearance vehicle was important. However, nobody needed 4WD. We found out that the cow trails were more distinctive than the hiking trails. This Trails app was excellent to help us stay on track (although we got off the trail multiple times). The views from the Verde Rim and Pine Mountain we’re absolutely amazing. We camped just West of the Pine Mountain summit. I will go back again for the challenge of doing the entire loop and staying on the trail. Would be amazing in the fall especially along Sycamore Creek.

2 months ago

i love this trail, not too difficult for beginners and so close to my home! be aware you have to pay a small fee to park though.

2 months ago

Granville side is turning into a paved walkway with little to view other than homes.

The trail (IMO) is not clearly marked. I liked the views but ended up way off track.

total loop is 9 miles, only time for 3...wished I could have done it in its entirety

This is by far one of our favorite Arizona trails. We always hit this one at least twice during our stay. Never crowded and pretty easy with a nice sitting area up the creek with a waterfall (maybe only in winter months) and nice views.

The 9263 trail is not a loop. It runs into the 93 trail which just keeps on going. The 95 trail is a good loop trail. The 9263 is very rocky but the vistas are beautiful !

I like this hike, but AllTrails should really update their "directions" which are very confusing. They should read that you will be on the FR52a for some time and then you'll see a sign for the 307 Trailhead on the right. If you have hit where the FR52a is no longer paved, you've gone to far. Again, I liked then trail, I just think it is funny that the name the forest calls it, "the 307" is nowhere to be seen on AllTrails. So, other things. it was snowy and somewhat muddy, which is to be expected this time of year. A very enjoyable, and for me, challenging trip. My trekking poles saved my life or my ankles several times. Good views, nature around, doing their thing. Only ran into a few other folks

Uphill pretty quick and then some great views on the way down. Very nice hike.

Some nice flora up top. Crossed running stream, relaxing and cool even in January. 68^ degrees and sunny.

4 months ago

This is one rural/urban trail that is disappearing to home development and new roads. The portion placing you in the wide open spaces is going fast. The portion in or near the granite outcroppings aren't safe either. I was at a town meeting about development and asked about the future status of the trail, but could not get a straight answer. They did talk of a possibility of light rail on the route. That may be the first rails to trails to rails trail. Home owners adjacent to the new development were told "they can't build out there, it's a drainage." The drainage is being diverted and it's at times a dusty, ugly, noisy mess as of this writing.

Definitely glad that we had a high clearance 4WD truck to get to the trailhead I wouldn’t try to drive here with anything less- the road is washed out with large rocks and steep hills especially towards the end. The hike was beautiful, there is water flowing in sycamore creek along Nelson trail. Went out and back Nelson Trail to Willow Spring Trail to Verde Rim Trail to the summit. Trail was hard to follow in some spots since there are no cairns or trail marker. Didn’t see anyone else on the road out to the trailhead or on the trail, would love to plan a backpacking trip here.

road biking
4 months ago

excellent views, recumbent bike friendly

5 months ago

The Granville subdivision is destroying the PV side of the trail. More and more homes being built and parts of the trail are actually gone now. The antelope are losing their range land and they are being pushed across the highway to try to find a place to live safely. Many are not making it across the highway. Now this subdivision is building a golf course. The trail will be gone soon. If you want to take a stroll on the sidewalk that runs behind the backyards of the new homes, this trail is for you.

Good hike...will return to do trail #94 as we didn’t have time today.

fun well used trail! good for a quick run!

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