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19 hours ago

Excellent trail 3/4 of the way it’s washed out. I got stuck in a river bed but that was my own fault. Oopsies

Creds: AllTrails Pro so accurate mileage and altitude gain. 9.6 mi. 1,808’ altitude gain.

Free designated parking off Iron Springs Road. My car only one in parking lot.

Started ~9:15am Sunday, 21 April 2919. Went clockwise around Loop.

Had to squeeze through 2 gates. No closure signs. Awesome single track trail in excellent condition ( no landslides) and easy to follow. So don’t let gates deter you.

Highly recommend going CW around loop since can see huge sweeping views of Prescott National Forest, beyond Chino Valley and many 280 degree sweeping mountain ranges views. Altitude descent significant and quick and exposed to sun .

Once ‘down’ mountain, still hiking on high up beautiful plateau that wraps around mountain to between Granite Mountain to Granite Basin Lake. Hike back is gradual incline (mostly) and shaded (mostly) with tall green pine trees.

Crossed a number of wet and dry creeks. Didn’t see anyone until after 5 mi when close to Granite Basin Lake.

Saw lots of coyote scat, but no mountain lion or black bear scat. Thought PNF had over 2,200 each of these????

Hands down best views experienced so far.

Can’t wait to do again!

One of my favorite places to hike. It's an easy walking trail, but very pretty.
There is shade and sun and lots of wildlife to see.
Plenty of little places to sit and watch the kayaks on the lake, so it's a good trail if you have someone who can not walk for a long time. Dogs are always on the trail and almost always they are on their leash and friendly.
A good beginner hike, but a great hike just to get your steps in, too.

I would recommend for a quick & easy hike around lake. Lots of waterfowl on and around lake. Eagle, osprey, great blue heron, cormorant, mallards.

Great trail once you get on the actual trail and off the jeep trail. We walked in the stream most of the first leg and the pup loved it. It gets prettier as you get to the end. Worth the hour drive from Phoenix.

It’s ok. Three times we had to cross a stream, luckily in April there was barely any water. Quite and peaceful walk however not much scenery.

My friend and I walk/run The Summit Trail weekly....Year round and we LOVE IT! Some of my best training for 1/2 marathons and team endurance events happen on our weekly mountain routine!!

6 days ago

It was more challenging than expected but a great hike. The rating could be changed to moderate due to the ups downs twists and turns. The description says it is out and back on trails 318 and 325. It needs to be updated to day 318 and 332.

Beautiful trail in mid-April. We saw blooming Hedgehog Cacti, blooming Banana Yucca, and blooming Desert Globemallow. Easy inclines and nice views.

Don’t make a mistake at the parking lot and go out the 545 OHV trail. We did that the first day and had a nice 4 mile hike to Interstate 17 and back.

Creds: Used AllTrails Pro so accurate mileage and altitude gain. Hiked 8.6 mi with altitude gain of 1,017’.

Free designated parking at Trailhead.

Left 8:30 am Monday 15 April and went CW.

Beautiful winding trail under 50 plus feet trees. Views of Goldwater Lake, Thumb Butte and Granite Mountain.

Definitely would rate this hike easy or moderate since minimal altitude gain, well maintained trail, and no technical hurdles.

Recommend hike.

Wow!! I have lived in the Prescott area over 20 years and never completed this hike! The trail was superb and the views were incredible. It says it's 7.9 miles, but from the parking area to the top and back, we logged 10 miles. It was rather windy today, and the wind gusts up top were pretty intense. This is definitely a hike worth doing!

7 days ago

It's a shame that locals don't do this hike more often! It's a gem. We went up to the summit and from the parking lot, it was 10 miles total with some stopping for pics and resting along the way. The views while climbing are dramatic, especially of the Bradshaws at the top. At the same time, It was a beast with the 20 mph winds and pretty tough grade climbing. And coming down you have to be pretty careful with the loose dirt and some shaky rocks. But without a doubt, it was a great accomplishment, and I want to do it again!

nice easy hike, great views

Our family loved this hike. 2,000 year old Giant Alligator Juniper . Wow ! Seeing that tree in person surrounded by burnt trees was very powerful. We’ve been wanting to do this hike since doing the Granite Mountain Memorial Hike.

Creds: AllTrails Pro so accurate GPS location and mileage. 9.4 mi. 1,640’ altitude gain.

Free parking and restroom at Trailhead.

Started 8:30am Saturday 13 April 2019. Went Counter clockwise.

The 6 mi trail going up to Spruce Mountain gorgeous with gradual altitude gain. Going down ~3.5 mi rocky- trekking poles make huge difference. Small creek crossings.

If go clockwise - recommend leaving early as quick altitude gain in shorter distance.

Saw over 20 dear.

Views from Look out incredible: San Francisco Peaks in Flagstaff, Granite Mountain, Lynx Lake, Willow and Watson Lakes, The Dells, etc...

Highly recommend this Loop Trail.

14 days ago

This a very experience. I was the only one on this trail for the first 75% and it was a Sunday.
This is the main perk of this trail that it is remote and you may only see some locals but not crowds of tourists like in Sedona.
Beautiful views even with some snowy peaks at the distance. Flowers are blooming.
The trail has very gentle incline. But don’t worry, slowly but surely you are getting up and up . That is before going down and down to the canyon.
I missed the turn down to the canyon. Glad I had my trail map on this app. Its on your left side at about 3.2 miles.
Trail down to the canyon is overgrown and not clearly visible at places but it even added to the adventure.
Secluded waterfall with a lagoon at the trail end is worth the scramble thru spiky bushes and slippery rocks!

Nice easy trail. Brought 5 year old daughter and dog with us. Saw a couple herds of deer (or same herd twice, Lol). Mostly in the shade, single trail at times, nothing strenuous to climb up, not rocky.

a fine trail to break a long car journey

Beautiful views of surrounding mountains and Prescott/Prescott Valley. parts of the trail are not well marked, and there are many "cut through" trails - make sure to follow your GPS to stay on track!
Best to go with a buddy as this trail will lead you into more remote areas of the mountain side.

Beautiful views of surrounding mountains and Prescott/Prescott Valley. parts of the trail are not well marked, and there are many "cut through" trails - make sure to follow your GPS to stay on track!
Best to go with a buddy as this trail will lead you into more remote areas of the mountain side.

over grown
16 days ago

such a great scenic run

A great hike. Not too many people the day we were there.
We did meet several people who were confused as to why it is listed as near Prescott, when it is over 20 miles away. Living here in Prescott, we knew where it is, but apparently a lot of people were told that it was right outside of town and several had turned back to drive back towards Prescott as they assumed they were lost.
Look it up on the maps before you head out here. It's an easy drive, but its not near Prescott.

18 days ago

Great hike. Well marked.

relatively easy trail with rolling hills and calm water views.

Started as Iron Springs Road as an out and back on Little Granite Trail. definitely more incline coming back towards iron springs!

Great incline which is well shaded in the morning includes beautiful views!

A great hiking experience. The Alligator Juniper Tree is very impressive and well worth.

19 days ago

This was an amazing hike. It was well worth the hike to see the giant juniper. It was awesome memorial for the Granite Mountain Hot Shots that lost their lives.

one of my favorite trails, really gets your heart going in some spots.

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