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I grew up here and it was a bit difficult to see the view littered with houses, instead of pristine forest. Great views of the surrounding area. Definitely remember to go right for an easier hike. The switch backs up the side of the mountain are no joke if you go left.

Pretty fun hike. Relatively easy loop. We had a good time climbing up Tom’s Thumbs. Nice views of the area. Hike was a 4 but the free climbing option made it a 5. Easy parking area with a small fee.

this is a great hike even with burned out areas due to recent fires! it will get your heart pumping and has awesome views from the top. it took us 2 hours going up and a little less coming down. very nice trail and well maintained. highly recommend.

mountain biking
11 days ago

One of the best downhill sites in Prescott.

14 days ago

The Granville subdivision is destroying the PV side of the trail. More and more homes being built and parts of the trail are actually gone now. The antelope are losing their range land and they are being pushed across the highway to try to find a place to live safely. Many are not making it across the highway. Now this subdivision is building a golf course. The trail will be gone soon. If you want to take a stroll on the sidewalk that runs behind the backyards of the new homes, this trail is for you.

Great hike!

Start right for a gradual hike up and continue to loop around to go back down the steeper side, paved.

fun well used trail! good for a quick run!

Beautiful trail. Some challenges and some easy hiking. Perfect for training for long hikes.

The first mile of this trail from the trailhead has been mostly obliterated by a subdivision. Nice sidewalk but not for hiking. Past the dog park it improves quickly.

23 days ago

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