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First time we hiked this trail so only went a couple miles in before turning around. We saw a Doe and her three fawns. A beautiful area and a nice easy hike. Looking forward to coming back and trying to finish all the way around and go to the Lookout.

I really enjoy this trail because it's easy and as a lone hike, I felt very safe here. Great views all the way around the lake.

This is one of my favorite trails. I love the beautiful view at the top looking out over Prescott. For awhile, I was hiking this trail twice a week to prepare myself for when we hiked the Bright Angel trail at the Grand Canyon... During winter, be prepared for some very icy spots.

3 days ago

GORGEOUS trail, now one of my favorites. The only tough part is navigating as the trails are not well marked, and there are a lot of trails. The trail to the top of the quartz-capped peak is marked with cairns up to a certain point, and I got there by going towards the peak at each fork in the trail thereafter. It worked out well, and there are plenty of natural landmarks to help remember your way. The views are amazing, they are totally worth the mazes of trails. If you like climbing, the huge quartz chunks are super fun to climb, and my dog was able to climb up and get back down (he is an avid hiking buddy, so hes used to climbing.) About halfway up, the trail begins to become scattered with bright white quartz, and its everywhere. So magical! For most of the hike, you can't see the peak, but you'll get glimpses to help you navigate. When you get pretty close to the top, you'll see an area where dirt bikes and other 4x4 vehicles have been, and I took the very left trail and made it to the top. Also, finding the trail was a bit tricky, if you GPS the trailhead and park in the little gravel lot, you'll see a rock garden and trailhead post to your right. The trailhead actually is straight ahead, and you walk next to a fence and some houses at first. Overall, this hike is totally amazing. Took me about 2.5 hours round trip with lots of distractions and climbing at the top. Moderate would be a good description, as the trail gets technical in some places, and very steep in some places as well. I definitely will be returning!

Great trail!

Thoroughly enjoyed this hike with a couple of friends. We encountered one horse, 5 or 6 mountain bikers and just as many other hikers. You can pay the $3 with card. Facilities at recreational area were decent. I can see this place being pretty busy in the Spring and Summer. If we are ever back in Prescott, we will likely come back for birding!

13 days ago

Great incline and decline. Beautiful views. Thanksgiving tradition to hike this before the big meal.

13 days ago

Nice trail

great hike and not hard at all! well marked and easy to follow the trail. The views from the top are amazing! I think doing the loop will worth it even more! bring warm clothes if you intend to do it in nov-march...the wind is chilly!

It was a nice hike but the trail wasnt very clear in a few spots. The tree was amazing to see, but very sad thinking of the firefighters.

Nice intermediate hike.

This is a great hike in the summer. There’s lots of trees and shade. Pretty easy hike takes about an hour.

Great little hike, worth checking out at least once. surrounding forest is beautiful very much worth the time it takes to hike. Great for any occasion easy enough for a family and beautiful enough just to do it because.

19 days ago

Great trail

This is a beautiful hike. As other reviews say not a good marked trail, watch your GPS! Counter clockwise is going to end with a very rapid decent, a slippery trail covered in Pine needles, lose dirt and leaves. I took 3 spills and I had a hiking stick. Overall, beautiful hike and the quartz was endless.

Actually a 9.1 mile.

Much of the views are looking Southwest into the sun in early morning.

Much of the views are looking into Southwest into the in early morning.

Badly marked

For someone who loves to be outdoors and enjoys new trails! Took my 10year old and 4mos baby on this hike in the evening. Took us about 1hour and 40mins. The trail was easy to follow, the Views are beautiful, and it was very nice in the canyon area. Definitely would come back again.

27 days ago

These directions took us to Thumb Butte. There were no signs that read “White Rock,” so we asked someone who said she was a hiker who frequented the area and had never heard of White Rock Loop. This is not the first time the directions in this app have led us to locations that were incorrect.

Did the hike counter-clockwise, started at 1000 with about 40• F outer temp. Beautiful hike; the last 1/4 was perfectly timed for early afternoon.

Went off the trail somewhere in the first half mile; this app got me back quickly and easily. When I do this hike again I’ll post where the missing marker is (or just fix it lol).

28 days ago

Beautiful trail, great views

used to hike this trail in college all the time. it's one of my favorites in AZ.

Easy, pretty trail! Sandy path most of the way, with few narrow spots. We didn't see any wildlife, but saw plenty of tracks!

A favorite spot of mine, very beautiful and lots of wildlife

Fun hike with beautiful views. The hang gliding launch area was interesting to see. Moderate for most of the hike with above moderate in some areas. would definitely do it again.

Hiked Granite Mtn to Little Granite Mtn this morning/afternoon with a friend and our dogs. The trail was well maintained (clean, free of waste and garbage) but difficult to find at times... The washes look very similar and we wound up getting lost a few times. It should have been about 6.5 miles round-trip, we finished at 9.3. Beautiful hike regardless through barren rocky landscape and forest. No wildlife and no other hikers seen today. The weather was beautiful and skies were clear. Remember to pack sun screen and plenty of water!

this is a trail that is actually a road that you can drive to the fire tower and the part that actually is at trail goes nowhere.

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