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on Granite Mountain Trail

12 days ago

Great trail with a pleasant walk though ponderosas then a good pump climb with southern exposure through a burn area to top out. there's also a class 4 climb to get the peak, however you don't need to do it to get the amazing views of Prescott and surroundings. It took me about 5 hours for the hike with a fairly long break at the top. I drank about .5 to .75 gallons of water leaving the trail head at 11 am on a unusually warm early March day. I'm out of shape as well. Happy Trails!

Love this trail, have done it three times. Only sad think is some of the trees near the top burned during a fire a few years ago, and I had hiked it before that, but still is a gorgeous hike. It is strenuous for me, as I'm a little out of shape hiking wise. First times I did it(years ago) with a heavy pack as training, but if you're used to rocky switchbacks this hike won't be hard for you. That's the middle section of the hike, before that and after that is pretty easy. At the top, if you rock scramble a little way further there's like a perfect chair like shaped space to sit and relax before starting back down.

17 days ago

Four stars because the lake is beautiful and it is nice for what it is. A leisurely walk around the lake, a good portion of it paved. Although, you can wonder off other side trails at several spots and a few will go on into a decent hike into the woods. The loop trail is a good place to start if you don't really hike. The most challenging part will be crossing where the creek flows into the lake if it has been raining recently. It is a beautiful spot to get outdoors and move. In the winter the area and paths under the shade of trees will stay snowy and icy when the melt has occurred on the road and in the city, but it is beautiful then in a diffeent way.

on Granite Mountain Trail

22 days ago

Good hard hike. Trail is super wait. In the low ground is very wet an muddy. Streams crossing and going down the trail. High ground there's a lot of snow and ice. I could only make it to the saddle due to snow. It was as high as hip deep(I'm 6'4"). And no one has cleared the path higher than the saddle.

Great views

29 days ago

Love this place. Very nice gravel trail. Easy to walk on, gorgeous views. I'll be back!

1 month ago

Only went in 2 miles due to time constraints. It was steep in some places, so good exercise, but pretty boring. Excellent view of the Verde Valley, though. Not much else to love about this trail unless there's something awesome further up. Good trail for solitude. I didn't see anyone else there.

1 month ago

Beautiful views. Amazing workout. Be sure to wear pants and long sleeves. There are shrubs with thorns that are terrible on bare skin!!!

An amazing hike! The memorial is absolutely beautiful and the hike is pretty strenuous which makes you appreciate these wonderful hero's.

Great hike and workout with amazing views. Be sure to wear any type of pants as the ground shrubs are full of thorns and brutal on the exposed legs...

Trail was hard to find and almost completely gone. Never been on this trail before. We ended up hiking to the top of pine mountain. I still had fun and plan to hike it again.