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Sweet walk, long uphill when doing this hike counterclockwise. Saw about three people total. Great peaceful walk will definitely do this Eleven-miler her again.

Great hike, a little tough for a first timer like me but enjoyed it. My gps recorded 4 miles up to the left to the lookout tower. Took some amazing pictures from inside the tower.

Well maintained, fairly easy short hike. Will definitely return.

Nice trail with good views that gets better as you go along. Wish I could have gone further up the canyon but I didn't have the time. Watch out for rattlesnakes. I ran into one that gave me plenty warning as I approached.

5 days ago

DO NOT BOTHER!! The directions this gives you to the trail head leads you 25 miles down a gravel road into the middle of no where. Then you have to go another 5 miles driving down an un-maintained road. Once you reach what this has marked as the trail head you find out that half of the trail was the horrible road that was just being driven on, and the rest is unmarked. This trip was a HUGE waist of time.

Really nice, easy hike. The backside (unpaved) was much nicer but some slight rocky obstacles. Maybe not appropriate for your 65-year old mother, unless she's a regular hiker. Dogs absolutely loved it.

Great trail. Started a little weird and finding the trail could be a challenge at times, but as you work your way towards the massive boulders, it is stunning. Fun rock climbing and we only saw one other person on the back side.

it was fun we started from our house in Ponderosa Park and ended up cutting across the mountain to connect up with the trail. We then followed it down to the Camp Ground

10 days ago

Fantastic hike - 3 hours at a moderate hiking pace averaging 20 minute miles.

12 days ago

A good trail but definitely should be rated as difficult due to the long steep descent/ascent and very rocky narrow path. As others have stated, be sure to wear long pants and long sleeves.

12 days ago

I'm a beginner hiker and loved it here. Beautiful! I went around 9am today (Good Friday) and there were people in the paved trail but no one in the backside of the trail. Can't wait to go back.

Great trail. Did the whole loop. Trail was so much fun. When starting go to the left first to get to the top. Then coming down the other side it's easier. My opinion. But what a sight when up there. With a 1700 ft climb it is definitely worth it.

A pretty easy stroll. Be prepared to get your feet wet when crossing stream and possibly at the spillway.

Great hike, and even better during winter!