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on Iron King Trail

mountain biking
1 day ago

Good trail for easy riders.

Had a blast!

This is a favorite trail of local residents. It is relatively easy but offers nice views Easy to get to with a passenger car. Ample parking at the trailhead.

4 days ago

When you get to the trailhead from the parking lot. There's a sign saying 3.5 miles to the lookout and 6 miles on Groom Creek trail. I took the longest way (6 miles) to the lookout. It was tough comparing to taking 3.5 miles to the lookout. So, if you want the easy way to the lookout, take the 3.5 miles to the lookout and then to Groom Creek trail loop back to the parking lot. If you are looking for a good exercise, do what I did this morning. It was a very nice hike in the early morning. Took me 4 hours with a stop at the lookout. The host was nice! I did not know that I had to "knock" and figured it was closed but she opened the lid. It was very interesting inside. Beautiful view! Be sure to come in the morning to beat the heat in the summer!!!!

LOVED THIS TRAIL! So beautiful and great for beginners.

Great trail system loop. Can't go wrong- it's all looped together. Amazing views of unique boulders. Good mix of easy and moderate hikes. Free parking. Close to town.

12 days ago

12 days ago

fun trail for the family

15 days ago

This part of the groom creek trail can be difficult. There is ample shade and nice views. The switchbacks are a good workout before coming to the top.
The later at the tower was awesome. She pointed out the nearby towers and towns. She even let us use her binoculars. We could see the Goodwin fire still smoldering in off in the distance. On the way up her we could see the fire impact on the mountain.
This day it rain a little but good thing we had our backpack plastic covers. Started clear in the morning... but it can change quickly.