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Some nice flora up top. Crossed running stream, relaxing and cool even in January. 68^ degrees and sunny.

Half the trail is paved, the other half is not. You can loop around the whole lake, beautiful view, lots of shade.

Great scenic loop around the lake!

great hike

14 days ago

Excellent hike, great views from the top!

16 days ago

This trail is closed from December 1st through March or July, (for Bald Eagle nesting) I forgot what the barricade said. It may be a great trail but it would be nice if they noted it was seasonal so people don’t plan on a trip out there and not be able to hike it.

16 days ago

This is one rural/urban trail that is disappearing to home development and new roads. The portion placing you in the wide open spaces is going fast. The portion in or near the granite outcroppings aren't safe either. I was at a town meeting about development and asked about the future status of the trail, but could not get a straight answer. They did talk of a possibility of light rail on the route. That may be the first rails to trails to rails trail. Home owners adjacent to the new development were told "they can't build out there, it's a drainage." The drainage is being diverted and it's at times a dusty, ugly, noisy mess as of this writing.

A lot steeper than I thought it would be, but the views at the top made it worth it!

22 days ago

Great trail, definitely hard to follow, had to check the map several times and back track a couple. Still the great views, quiet walk, worth it.

Definitely glad that we had a high clearance 4WD truck to get to the trailhead I wouldn’t try to drive here with anything less- the road is washed out with large rocks and steep hills especially towards the end. The hike was beautiful, there is water flowing in sycamore creek along Nelson trail. Went out and back Nelson Trail to Willow Spring Trail to Verde Rim Trail to the summit. Trail was hard to follow in some spots since there are no cairns or trail marker. Didn’t see anyone else on the road out to the trailhead or on the trail, would love to plan a backpacking trip here.

28 days ago

Beautiful hike, even in December. Not too popular, so very comfortable and peaceful. The majority of this hike takes place on the 114, which is pretty well maintained for a rugged trail. The last mile is a detour into Black Crack Canyon. Wildly overgrown, looks more like a game trail than anything. Personally had some hiccups for that detour, but the views were gorgeous. Would love to see the canyon flowing when the Verde Valley gets more rain, but I would also advise against going when it is warm enough for reptiles. As I said before, the path is extremely overgrown, it's more like bush-whacking than anything, so I wouldn't be surprised to run into some snakes. But all in all, it was a fun hike and great exercise for me and my pups.

fantastic trail with wonderful views of Prescott. took us 3 hours to hike and we started out on the Wolverton trail. take the app with you as there are other trails intersecting this one and there are very few trail signs along the way. one specific note...when you are on the trail 9415 below Quartz Mtn, it intersects the Wolverton trail ( shown in red on the app) and if want to go back to the Wolverton trailhead you must take the trail going DOWN the hill.

rather boring flat trail that looks like a logging road. not very scenic. I would skip as there are other trails available to hike.

great heart-pumping hike if you take the left side trail at the beginning. paved trail on this left side which was nice. excellent views.

road biking
29 days ago

excellent views, recumbent bike friendly

I grew up here and it was a bit difficult to see the view littered with houses, instead of pristine forest. Great views of the surrounding area. Definitely remember to go right for an easier hike. The switch backs up the side of the mountain are no joke if you go left.

Pretty fun hike. Relatively easy loop. We had a good time climbing up Tom’s Thumbs. Nice views of the area. Hike was a 4 but the free climbing option made it a 5. Easy parking area with a small fee.

this is a great hike even with burned out areas due to recent fires! it will get your heart pumping and has awesome views from the top. it took us 2 hours going up and a little less coming down. very nice trail and well maintained. highly recommend.

mountain biking
1 month ago

One of the best downhill sites in Prescott.

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