Not well maintained. Very little “nature”. It’s a walk in the Desert. The water pics are not on the main trail.

Great beginner trail however we hike it frequently just for a chance to see the horses , also it’s close to our home . Seeing . them definitely makes the hike worthwhile.

I was expecting a lot more from this hike based on other reviews. If you are looking for a beautiful hike THIS IS NOT IT. I hike every weekend in Arizona and know there are plenty other trails that are easy and gorgeous.

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21 days ago

This was an easy hike, even for my 9 year old. Unfortunately we did not see any horses, only massive amounts of poop and the skeletal remains of a horse we found slightly off trail. We found a wonderful area for a picnic by the river off trail which doesn't seem to get many visitors. We saw some fascinating birds, including a roadrunner in the parking lot. Lots of creepy trees on this trail. Very mystical. The loop back is typical desert- not very interesting. Will definitely visit this trail again however I'll turn around halfway rather than loop back.

Didn't see an horses but it was a nice hike.

nice shady walk. came right up to the herd of horses eating in the Mesquite grove. very cool.

This is a great beginner trail that is well worth the hike. There is a-lot of beauty all around from the wild horses that wander to the water to the Beautiful Mount McDowell. The trail features plaques with information about some of the trees in the are which are great but definitely need a bit of maintenance and love. Be careful to pay attention to all of the trail signs as there are many areas where others have blazed their own trails.

Great hike. Easy, with nice views and wildlife. It must have been my lucky day...saw 8 horses and a roadrunner. Paths have a lot of horse poo but it's easy to dodge.

Great easy hike with wild horses and awesome bird watching.

Of course there’s horse poop everywhere - there’s WILD HORSES everywhere. And it’s awesome!! There’s lots of trails that do lead to nothing but it’s interesting because some of these areas seem to be the shelter for these horses. I took my pup and boyfriend and talked to fly fisherman along the banks. It was an amazing experience AND you should do it. Seeing those horses was magical and sharing it with my family made the whole world disappear. And as for the trash - you can’t control what everyone else does. Just pick it up : be part of the solution, not part of the problem.

This trail was a bit tough to find the beginning, later we noticed a couple start markers down. lots of "on your own" trails made it confusing. the beginning & end is to the furthest corner of the parking lot.

I enjoyed the river side mostly as there was more bird activity and the water views were beautiful. there is a high level of horse droppings as people said but easy to walk around.

I should have paid more attention to sand comments because my Keen Uniques which I wear a lot on easy trails filled up with little rocks continually.

I really enjoyed the interpretive parts learning just a bit more about the area and think if you did this at different times of the year you would see a variety of things.

I’ve been to many beautiful places in Arizona but this trail is no good. Salt river is a gorgeous river, but this trail doesn’t really go near it much unless you cut trails.

Perfect hike to do with the wife / kids/ Dog whatever you want stay on trail or be a trail blazer great views love this trail

Some nice scenery but mostly walking on loose sand which is akward.

This trail was kid friendly and we saw wild horses which was pretty neat. There is however, a lot of horse poop and we also saw a lot of garbage unfortunately. Overall, I would do this hike again with my kids though. It’s very beautiful. When I went it wasn’t too busy. We went around 1pm.

3 months ago

horse poop everywhere and so much traffic the trail has turned into power. I did this Trail less than 6 months ago and it was in way better shape. I wouldn't drive across town for this hike but if you're close it's nice to see and hear the river.

Great for a trail run.

Nice trail well marked, relatively flat, opportunities to see wildlife and nice view of Red Mountain.

Nice hike for a relaxing Monday afternoon

Easy trail. Beautiful scenery, nice to see it growing back since the fire. Watch for rattle snakes, we found a 3 foot rattler sunning on the trail; we named it Gary.

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