Nice hike for a relaxing Monday afternoon

Easy trail. Beautiful scenery, nice to see it growing back since the fire. Watch for rattle snakes, we found a 3 foot rattler sunning on the trail; we named it Gary.

Great hiking and beautiful river to cool off in. Tons of lizards!

Super pretty trail and more green than what you'd normally find in Arizona. The trails weren't marked very well but it wasn't too hard to figure it out & it was pretty fun to make our own path for some of it. Not hard at all and super family friendly

The trails are not marked well. Our visit was cut short with a big ole rattler in an over grown bush next to the trail. To bad the trail couldn't be kept up better and marked clearly.

had a great day on the l9wer salt got to take a really cool photo of a Cooper hawk

I agree it went away from river. We also came across a rattlesnake. Trail is not wide enough and had overgrown grass very close to the trail. After seeing the snake come out of the grass we decided to turn around.

The trail is not very well marked. Not near the river at all, in fact it leads away from the river. Some forks seemed confusing. We ran into a grumpy rattle snake who was ready for a fight. You can however access the river from the parking lot, which was a nice view. And we did see three wild horses walking by the river.

Walked this trail yesterday. Beautiful, green, easy loop. But beware, we encountered 2 rattlesnakes on the trail. One was really grumpy; coiled up and ready to strike.

The trail was very overgrown. It wasn't close to the river, and the trail wasn't clearly marked for the first half. We didn't see any wild horses. That being said, the trees were very pretty.

It wasn't very close to the river at all, and you couldn't see it for most of the trail.