Very easy trail. Not a lot of foot traffic.

Reviews mentioned a lot of trash so we brought bags, were pleasantly surprised with the lack- we only managed to find a bit. Easy stroll, not completely accessible, but the trail itself is do-able if you have big wheels and strong muscles.

Make sure you have Tonto Pass which you can buy at the Walgreens on the way in for $8. The trail itself was okay, still a bit muddy from the rain last weekend.

nice little. trail

The place is beautiful. The trail itself did not have trash but down by the water there was a terrible amount of trash, old clothes, and lots of beer cans. Didn't get a chance to see the wild horses but the trail was a lot of fun, not too hard but not super easy, it was a good workout with beautiful scenery. You MUST get a recreational pass to park, we parked without one and didn't get a fine but it's best not to take chances.

RECREATION PASS REQUIRED ! You need a recreation pass to park near this trail which is not available anywhere at the location .. you need to drive back to the town to get one at a gas station. So if you are heading to this place, please make sure u buy the pass on your way to the trail. We were very lucky to find someone who had an extra pass that we could buy- Bless that soul. It's a beautiful trail , very green amidst the cactus and the weather was brilliant in February. We didn't see any trash so I'm guessing the good samaritans did an amazing job of cleaning up the place

The trail is ok mostly on sand so it is easy. Like other people mentioned, there is a lot of trash near the river.Too bad.. We saw 10 wild horses, took pictures of them, that was the highlight of our day.