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Our favorite trail in Phoenix.

Set out this morning to do the desert tortoise loop, accidentally took the turn up the hill. Not even mad! This trail is gorgeous, with beautiful vista views. Even with the clouds I got a great view of the sunrise over the mountains. Saw 3 other people the entire time, and it was on our way down the loop. Watch out for cholla cactus on the trail, there are definitely *a lot* of them, and if you're hiking with your dog like I was, you're not going to want any of them in their pads. Easy enough to avoid though.

First time there yesterday. Great hike for rehabilitating my knee. Good workout and great views. It’s going to be a regular for me.

Great hike. Lucky that it was a cloudy day. Good elevation gain, and enough switchbacks to keep the hike interesting.
Few people on the hike, so was peaceful. Look out for lizards.

1 month ago

Did after it rained, so there were a lot of flying ants and flies at the top, but also dragonflies. Overall it was a really enjoyable hike. Mostly easy desert walking until the great horned owl trail and union peak trails where it gets a little steeper and a little rocky. Great views!

1 month ago

Very boring hike. The entire thing is paved and a gradual incline. Definitely should be easy and not moderate, but even easy may be pushing it. Taking the sidewinder trail around is at least dirt

This is a top 5 hike for me right now. Great views, good mix of incline and flat. Not too crowded, well maintained site with bathrooms at the trailhead. Good hike for 1.5 - 2 hours.

I drive 20 miles to hike this; it's worth it. Great mix of incline and flat, you can do the loop only with only one or both summits. The first part (Hawk's Nest) is most difficult part in my opinion. Would hike here every day if I lived closer. Not much loose rock and no scrambling. Great views, the east view is basically open desert. There is shade for 1/2 the hike if you go in the morning.

Easy Hike. Great Mountain Views. Easy to Moderate. Very quiet, not too popular, for those looking for a peaceful hike.

Great hike! Good trail for bringing your dog. I would say this is a moderate trail, not easy. Great to see the owl’s nest at the beginning and the old crashed SUV at the end. Awesome hike

Baby owls were super cute! Did not realize it gets so hot quickly, we started our hike 9ish and it got too hot too soon

This is my preferred trail in north Phoenix. Never too crowded and feel like you've left the city soon after starting.

Awesome. Saw the new baby owls. Mama enjoying the sunrise. Balloons right above. Another beautiful morning in the desert.

No shade be prepared. Great trail that is wide enough to wall side by side. Not to strenuous, conducive for talking and actually site seeing. You don’t have to focus on your footing. Great option to take dogs, good distance even without the summits. I went clockwise, ran a bit and did the two summits in 2 hours flat.

really nice hike! People on here said to took about 2 hours but i finished it and the connector in 1hr and 20min. But, that is just because i am a trail runner so it was not long. Only had very minimal periodical stops. Overall, nice hike. I'm more for difficulty but, this hike is beautiful non-the same. You'll enjoy it! It is worth the drive. And it is free no fee to hike it (the best pat lol)

mountain biking
5 months ago

5 months ago

very easy to follow, nice trail head. A good hike

Excellent trail, plenty of up and down terrain.. beautiful views, so clearly se to the city

5 months ago

Definitely not hard, moderate more appropriate. Suggest doing the loop and include the 2nd summit, even then not hard. Nice view from summit.

5 months ago

Beautiful views. Easy to moderate hike.

Nice views with reasonable elevation, especially at the two summits. You can expand this hike by using adjacent trails. Restrooms and water at trail head.

It was a great Saturday morning walk with the dogs but was crowded, lots of bikes. Will come back during the week and check out the traffic.

Dependable, go-to trail. Add the Dixie Mountain Summit if you’re wanting a little extra kick in the workout. Nice views and moderately trafficked. Good variation and many different trail options/combinations you could do!

Long gentle inclines that skirt two summits. If you want more challenge, take the Spurs up to the summits. Mostly away from civilization and noise so very relaxing.

This is the second hike I have done in this area (Go-John was the first). I enjoyed this one more because of the variety of vistas. Very cool to see an owl in nest along the Hawks Nest trail leading to the Dixie Mountain loop. The extra 0.4 each way to the summit is worthwhile.

I like the Desert Vista loop trail. Very quiet typically and not a lot of traffic. The climb to the summit half way in, which is a side trail off the main loop trail, is worth the aerobic effort.

It’s a moderate trail due to the up and down nature of the loop and the distance. Clean restroom at the trailhead.

A great easy to moderate trail with facilities and lots of parking at the trailhead. We want to go back with our bikes.

I did the Dixie Mountain Loop with the summit. I highly recommend this area; it’s my favorite so far in my exploration of the Phoenix area. It’s rocky, but so is everything around here.

Bring a camera! Hike the Dixie Summit for sunset...then when you hike down be sure to have a flashlight. You’ll see the gorgeous neon sunset and then the dazzling city lights and darkened clouds on the way back. -A view you won’t forget! This is definitely one of my most favorite hikes -both for the varied difficulty and the views! The terrain is gorgeous. Seguaro cacti abundant. Lots of wonderful picture opportunities.

trail running
5 months ago

Great loop for a long trail run. Nice elevation and terrain. Lots of mountain bikers but the path is generally wide enough to pass each other.

Nice hike with some nice views from summits. Wide clear trail, well marked. Nice restroom with running water and fountain at trail head. Definitely not hard, moderate. No technical areas. Not too busy on a Sunday. Good for dogs, easy on paws rock wise, but be very careful of cholla. There's a lot close to the trail. If taking a dog I'd suggest taking pliers along with you. Also saw an owl, that was great.

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