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3 days ago

Great loop for a long trail run. Nice elevation and terrain. Lots of mountain bikers but the path is generally wide enough to pass each other.

Nice hike with some nice views from summits. Wide clear trail, well marked. Nice restroom with running water and fountain at trail head. Definitely not hard, moderate. No technical areas. Not too busy on a Sunday. Good for dogs, easy on paws rock wise, but be very careful of cholla. There's a lot close to the trail. If taking a dog I'd suggest taking pliers along with you. Also saw an owl, that was great.

Definitely rocky. Not a trail for open-toed shoes, but a really fun trail! It’s easy for sure. A great family trail! We saw many mountain bikers, and other groups of hikers. Very safe neighborhood at the base, and felt safe the entire time hiking!

This is a collection of 3 - 4 trials and I recorded the hike at 3.03 miles. Great trail with an incline at the start and about 65% of the way in. Mostly flat, chill terrain. Great hike!

Great hike! The view is worth the sweat!

15 days ago

Difficulty: Moderate. Easy is not accurate! I started at Desert Vista Trailhead to Hawks Nest preceded to Dixie Mountain Loop. The trail is well marked and exposed with very little shade or places to rest. The loop is just shy of 5 miles. Views of Dove Valley, a cholla forest, ocotillo and saguaro. I spotted a few hummingbirds, lizards and birds. There is a 14% grade. This loop with some rest breaks took me approximately 2 hours to complete.

Great walk, not too much loose rock, double wide trail. Views terrific, especially if you take the .2 mile jaunt up the hill and back as shown. Could run or bike this one if I were in better shape.

Sidewinder is beautiful. It’s a bit higher elevation and has much more variety than the Ocatillo trail which is lower down in the valley. It is really well marked and has map scans on each trail beginning and even along the way so it’s really hard to get lost. Lots of parking here now on Carefree highway and seventh Street

Did this trail with two children 4 and 2. Was a little long for my 4yo but lots of good views and a nice hike for me and my husband.

I am 72. Hiked the loop with both peaks. It was 5.8 miles and took me 3:09. My 50 year old sons do the same route in 2:04. I think it is difficult, they think it is moderate. If doing both peaks we believe clockwise is slightly easier. Go for it!

One of my favorites as not many people and peaceful. Very easy open trail and there is a cool old burned up car in a ditch that looks like it’s from the 40 or 50s.

26 days ago

Did the loop on a sunday afternoon, not too many people on the trail. Easy trail,gradual inclines just a little rocky and with tons of teddybear cholla! More suited for trail running or mountain biking. views are great and the rusted car at the end is a nice surprise!

Veering off onto the summit trails made it a fun hike with pretty views. Good, quick leg workout to the summits to get a sweat in!

Beautiful easy hike.

This trail covers 2 different trail heads of moderate/easy category. I & my friend's started with the Dixie trail and then before taking the Great Horned Owl trail, we made it to the Dixie summit to catch the bird's eye view of the town spread across the North. Dixie trail, is crowded as ever. However by now, we had completed close to 4.5 miles of hike. Then, we took the Vista trail head to complete the other part of the trail. This was pretty interesting. May be the word was catchy - Great Horned Owl. It was less populated with bikers now and then, but not so frequently. We did not get to confront any owls as it was early in the morning. By the time we came back to the trail where we begun, it was 11.4 miles already. Good work out, to be honest. It ain't complex, for sure.

Easy going, moderate traffic, including bikes. Would do again.

Well marked trails, easy parking and enjoyable hike.

Great day hike with lots of cactus and minor up and downs. It’s a multi use trail with lots of horses and mountain bikers. Everyone was very respectful. Made for a great afternoon.

Nice rolling terrain, puts your legs to the test !

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