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I felt that this was a confusing guide as the loop indicated on this app was hard to find when we got to the trailhead. There are many different options of ways to wander around at this park and I’d go again, but I’d need to do more research outside of this guide.

Took the doggos, super easy. Nice views and you can get a shot overlooking all of Phoenix.

Lots of steps :) Worth the trip.


Ended up parking at the end of N. 23rd rather than where this map shows as where the map shows you’d have to walk through someone’s back yard. At the end of 23rd there is a gravel path that leads up towards the trail. Hard to find the trail and not well marked on this side of Piestewa but we managed. Very strenuous and difficult due to how steep this hike is. It did not get crowded till we got up where the trail comes in from the other side with the main TH. Very crowded at this time on a Sunday night. Hiked from 4:30-6:30 with a long break for a gorgeous sunset about 1/3rd of the way down the peak.

There are lots of break off paths on 100. It always makes it interesting and different.

Decent hike, not the best in the valley. Very popular mountain so if you don’t like crowds I’d stay away from this one.

Beautiful Sunrise if you get up there early.

very hot I would recommend going early in the day

Went while it was raining so it was fun

Great hike for when it’s hot. Took about 45 mins with breaks. There are some steep inclines but nothing too strenuous. Beautiful view of the city!

15 days ago

One of my favorites, though I usually come at it from the dreamy draw side for a more scenic and challenging start, if parking allows. 32nd street is a nice option if dreamy draw is full.

I love this trail! It’s steep and tough, and there are several areas with steps/stairs. But, the payoff upon reaching the summit is so worth it! Great views! And, usually a nice breeze at the top. I love it because it’s an excellent cardio and leg workout, but it’s not too long so it’s definitely doable. I’ve always gone very early - no later than 5:45am. Amazingly, there are usually more people coming down at that time than there are going up! I’ve heard this is a super-popular night hike. And I believe it! Overall: Nice people; Excellent workout; Great views. Can’t wait to do it again!

Great workout and fantastic views. I prefer this trail over Camelback.

Beautiful hike with great scenery, especially all the cacti varieties. Those sites that describe this trail as easy and handicap accessible are full of crap.

This trail may be “moderate” in the context of experienced hikers, but for the novice it’s at least difficult.

I’ve hiked it or part of it on 3 out of 5 days and found it wonderful, but quite a workout. I made the mistake of only taking 30 ounces of water today when I started later around 10:00 AM and got a bit lightheaded at one point.

The trails off of 8A, i.e., 8B, 202, are less crowded and later in morning, early afternoon when too damn hot there are also less hikers. Fairly crowded in early morning.

Great hike...the climb is not easy but it’s worth it...I stopped once for a snake :) and twice to catch my breath!!! Beautiful 360 degree view at the top!!!

Awesome Sunrise Hike Today❣️Amazing Incline Workout-Hard Hike to Summit but so rewarding with great views of Camel Back, Squaw Peak, etc.....bathrooms on site and plenty of parking, no charge!

Great workout. I prefer this to Camelback. The difference may be the 300' vertical elevation difference :-)

I like the views and people sharing the trail seem to be pretty friendly. Great fun for an after work hike.

Great Run. Great views. Also there are hawks all around.

My brother and I lived on this mountain when we were 12 and 13. We would run the hills for training and also hike the mountain Sunday morning to go to PFA. They have water fountains there. Also they have a very nice prayer room.

Fun hike...did this last year at Xmas time around sunset. Had to rush down before it got crazy dark. It was challenging but not overly difficult. Worth the views!!

Love this hike...vertical hike to summit is challenging while loop is serene and there are times you forget you are in the city.

mountain biking
28 days ago

wouldn't necessarily say this is for beginners as there are some tricky and steep parts, it is also easy (well, easy for me lol) to get lost, but it was really fun and if you get there early enough, you don't run into too many hikers or runners. would do it again until I gain the technical ability that I lost after not riding for a couple of years. plenty of shade when you go early.

Very tough but good feeling afterwards!

Great Saturday morning hike. Definitely heavily trafficked at some parts, but there were times when I was alone also. The towers are sort of a blemish, but the view from the top was gorgeous! The first .5 mile is flat, then 2 mile climb, 2 mile descent and .5 flat again. Great loop!

It was basically straight up to the peak. It's a tough trail especially if you are used to some flat spots. Otherwise, I enjoyed it! Probably a mistake to hike it at 100 degrees in the middle of the day.

2 hours and 10 minuets from Tatum and 40 st to 15 th ave and peoria what a nice ride today loved every moment of this ride my cardio is getting a lot better from doing this trail

1 month ago

Check out the old cement landing of former Cloud Nine restaurant on the south side of the mountain. Great spot to hydrate and rest with beautiful views of central Phoenix.

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