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Good half-loop trail for a quick workout. Very low impact, however. Actually, more of a leisurely stroll. Good nature walk that's great for the kiddos. Trail access is from the Hidden Hills neighborhood. This was great when I lived in this neighborhood. My go to hike as a kid!

I did the Piestewa peak summit trail. I was actually very disappointed in this trail. The entire trail up the mountain is just stairs and stairs. The scenery was just more stairs. The trail was very man made and even had railings at certain spots. This also should be rated easy to moderate. If stairs give your knees problems then it’s moderate, otherwise it’s easy. I should have just went to the gym and did the stair master for an hour. It says no dog allowed, but everyone brings their dogs.

We usually do North Park but decided to do this one to have a challenge. We went Monday to cut down on the weekend crowd but at about in 9:30/10 am it was already really busy. The hike itself was nothing too hard. There are a ton of places to rest and most of the incline is fairly gradual... no real sharp vertical areas except at the very top. In all honesty I do not feel this trail is nearly as difficult as most of the reviews on here say, and the traffic through the area is bad enough i want to say the view isn't really worth it. I went all the way to the summit as a personal goal and im glad I did it once but.... I wont be taking this trial again for quite a while.

Easy trail, but lots of mountain bikers. Good trail if wanting to hike a short trail near the city.

We got there around 9 and waited about 10 min. for a parking spot. But we planned on that and used the time to apply sunscreen. I would suggest this hike for those who consider themselves athletic. There were many people we watched go part way and then have to turn around feeling defeated. In my personally opinion the view from the top was not tons better than part way up but for me it was more about the accomplishment of making it to the top. At the top it is not flat like Camelback. It is much like the rocks you are climbing up to get there so it is hard to find a comfortable place to sit or lay. Climbing this trail is like going up stairs the whole time. I would suggest a stairmaster to train for this if desired. It is a great pretty quick workout. Be sure to wear well fitting shoes. I thought mine were till I was on the way down and my toes were pressing into the end of my shoes. Be sure to bring water.

It is a good hike.. the trail is not heavily markedly

Great hike went this morning. Had beautiful weather and great views. Was mild traffic not too bad just make sure to start by 9 on the way down was getting a little crowded. Also bring the right shoes very rocky terrain. Overall I enjoyed this hike and would do it again.

Great trail, awesome incline towards the peak. Lots of loose rock but almost no crowd! Great views of the whole valley. Parked on Tatum and used trail 100 to meet with the trail to the peak.

go up to the top , then come back down to the half way point. then run the back side all the way around to the front parking lot.

only did it 11 times in a row , in 13 hrs .

5 days ago

I started out today on my way from Piestewa Peak Park to Tatum Drive along the L.V. Yates (8), but not having done that in quite a while, I was a little bit unsure of how to go, so when I came to the Ruth Hamilton (8B), I turned off and headed back to the park. I had not even gone quite as far as I thought, but gave up and turned back. That's kind of the tail end of the 8B anyway, and involves a bit of a climb up to the peak. From there it travels down to the park, along a narrow trail with tricky footing. The 8B is quite a fun trail.

It’s a high trafficked Trail. I took my dog, and she loved it. It’s great for families, as well. VERY HARD TO FIND PARKING. You have to have good luck from the parking Gods to get in that tiny lot.

It was a very difficult trail towards the summit. It was totally worth the climb, and I felt very accomplished after the climb.

pretty good hike. did this and decided to take 302 loop from base and back around east and North to the 1A trail and back to dreamy draw. lots of ups, downs and switchbacks. overall one hell of a workout.

6 days ago

Sneaky hard trail. Good Stuff!!

7 days ago

Respectable short hike but too much traffic and not much variation along the way.

It wasn’t clear to me where to start which my own fault so I actually started at the beginning of trail 8B. I went clockwise from there. Leg and glute burner by the end. Not to strenuous.

Nice hike with great views of Phoenix at the top!

very exciting hike the top is scary but so worth it its an amazing view and my favorite hike in the area so far definitely worth your time

what goes up, must come down. Pretty slippery and rocky, very slow steps on the way down which took away from enjoying the hike. Would love to try again once the paved road is back open. friendly and encouraging hikers on the trail.

Took a lot of breaks during the hike but it was totally worth it! Not recommended for inexperienced hikers. Will definitely do it again.

Love it ... great challenge and beautiful views.

This is a good trail! I think the hike has more than one name- at some point there’s a sign that says two bit peaks. It’s a moderate to hard hike that has great views of both Piestewa and Camelback.

This is always the place I use to introduce family visitors to hiking. Looks easier than it is, but beautiful views every step of the way.

Only giving it four stars because of how crowded it was - we went on a weekend, but would recommend either going very early or during the week. The hike itself is tough, with steep (but short) climbs. May not be suitable for those who have height/vertigo issues, but the view at the top is well worth the climb! Bring water and be prepared to navigate the crowds

Pretty short hike, but a great workout. Went in the afternoon on a Sunday, fairly crowded but not unbearable. Got to the top in just over 30 minutes, if I lived here would definitely return and try and improve my time. Really accessible from downtown Phoenix (I biked over) and great views at the top. Would love to go again either at sunrise or sunset.

Go before sunset. There is nothing more beautiful than seeing the sunset & then the lights of the city. Absolutely breathtaking. It is definitely a very populated trail and people are not always polite. But the view from the top is 100% worth it. Also, go all the way to the top - you can do it. For an avid hiker I would say this is easy-moderate (go at least an hour before sunset). Otherwise I would say hard for a beginner (go at least 1.5hrs before sunset). Try to beat your time every time you go! I'm at about 30 minutes up. If you go at night you should be fine with the flashlight on your phone but you can bring a headlamp if that makes you feel better. You can do by yourself or with friends. If you have trouble parking, just park in the neighborhoods as the trailhead is not too far.

Nice hike, few people on the loop though the trail to the summit is crowded. Parking is difficult on weekends.

Would be 5 stars if not so crowded. Don't attempt on weekends!

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