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Very pretty hike, but should be rated hard. About half of it is steep switchbacks.

Super easy trail. Love this hike for days when I don’t have a ton of time but still want get in some cardio. Views are great and not too busy.

This is the perfect early morning trail for my dog and me. Pretty busy on the weekends though. It’s not difficult, but you definitely feel like you get a good workout in if you keep a good pace.

Great views of the city, and challenging vertical hike

Great trail. Love the views from the top. See if you can find the helicopter landing area off of the switchback portion of the trail.

Great little in town walk/hike.

Short, simple. Good and quick in town exercise. Not particularly special in my opinion.

I think this is a much more enjoyable hike than Camelback. Still a beast but terrain is more consistent.

Started at 6:30 and took 48oz of water. It wasn’t enough. I could have used 64. That said the climb is tough but worth it at the top. I was slowest guy on the trail I think. I saw one guy who was running it and did it twice at least. It is very busy. You are never out of sight of people. I met an 83 year old who has been doing it for 43 years.

Great workout for a hike! It basically stairs all the way to the top. An incline and elevation gain of a little over 1,000ft! Beautiful views of the valley day and night. It’s a favorite spot!

trail running
16 days ago

Well marked, some loose surface and sharp rocks. Good for experienced trail runners. Great views, easy to get to from Scottsdale. I went clockwise, I think best direction for early morning shade and allows for a faster finish pace back through the valley to the car parks. Get the steep, busy summit section done first. Lots of people park close to the start of the summit tail. You can park further up and jog down to the start. Going back to do again on my next visit and will include the summit trail to add some more distance.

18 days ago

This loop is amazing it will test your cardio and endurance go up the back way up then hit the incline last save your water if you go in the hotter months

Path not marked with lots of loose rock and varied incline. Not for the novice.

Totally doable in late afternoon or evening to avoid the hazards of mid day sunshine

Decided to hike here to watch the sunset. Just way too crowded. As of right now, you CANNOT hike the “loop”. Northeast side of the mountain is completely closed due to maintenance/construction. Could only access southeast side(which is a steep incline for .7 miles to the summit(be aware that there are towers at the top) then had to turn around and come right back down. Short and did not get a good workout because of the amount of people. If you are a nature inspired fitness guru, I would highly suggest plenty of other mountains to get your fix.

Lots of steps; not overly technical.

Great length and level of difficulty for four kids 5-11

A very busy trail, but rewarding for a newbie like me. The view was definitely worth the struggle to the top. Won't be doing it again for quite some time, but I am glad I did it.

nice scenery..alot of soft rock and loose rocks hiking up small mountains..another thats more for biking. buta nice day outing for sure..very easy a walk in the park

Hands down my favorite trail, when it’s not busy. I was pretty frustrated today with the amount of people that were rude and not adhering to simple hiking rules. A lot of people were playing loud music.

However, it’s amazing. So beautiful. My therapy without the cost. I would pick this over almost any hike in the valley...but only at sunset. It’s the most beautiful place to watch the sunset. You have enough time to get down in the twilight.

Make sure to wear shoes that don’t hurt your toes on a decline.

My reason for loving this is there are a lot of beautiful stops to relax and also a solid amount of shade. It’s a good 10 degrees cooler at the top.

A bit to busy for us. People were listening to music on speakers and running up and down. Started the walk at 6am and it took us an hour to get to the top with stops. Lots of hummingbirds near the top. I wouldn’t say the hike is hard it’s moderate, right at the top it’s rock climbing for about two meters.

Did Mojave today. Wonder about the spelling of the name. The sign on the street reads Mojave but the signs on the trail read Mohave. Oh well, Mojave is Mohave is Mojave, I guess. The trail might be said to proceed along two wings, one to the north and one to the south. The northbound wing is easy and nearly effortless, with just a little elevation gain, but the southbound wing is much trickier, or even downright tricky. That trail quickly narrows, until eventually it is completely blocked. To the left is a field of smaller flat rocks offering plenty of room for rattlesnakes to lay in wait, and to the right is a boulder and other larger rocks blocking the trail, also offering room for snakes. You can climb over if you are willing, but the trail past that point becomes so narrow as to require use of handholds. If you make it that far you probably won't be going back and you are greeted by a final scramble over rocks to reach the true top. Today, after I came down, there was a very attractive girl with a dog who started up the same way. I thought to ask her if she had ever been up that way before but didn't want her to get the wrong impression so just let her go. Mojave is a short hike, but challenging if one tackles the southbound wing. Fun stuff.

Nice hike- Good ups and down.Started with the summit trail and decided to break for the freedom one, loved it being a peaceful hike.

I consider myself a beginner hiker still..although I completed this mountain 2 times before a couple of years ago..this mountain challenged everything i thought I knew about hiking mixed with the heat and the sun beaming down on me i def. had to push through. People you encounter on this mountain are also friendly..encouraging you to keep going and making sure you have enough water..

Beautiful for a sunrise!

1 month ago

Really not a great hike. Impossible to follow trail. Deceptive to call it easy - many would struggle with the footing not to mention the lack of signposts make you wonder if you are completely off track.

1 month ago

I did this one this morning. Started around 5:10AM. Took me a little over 2 hours, went counter-clockwise. What a beautiful trail. Very interesting and moderately challenging. Highly recommend. I don't care for the "down" on the Summit Trail, but I highly recommend this fantastic hike.

1 month ago

Easy casual hike on fairly flat landscape.

1 month ago

It was a fine hike... marked well.

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