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nice scenery..alot of soft rock and loose rocks hiking up small mountains..another thats more for biking. buta nice day outing for sure..very easy a walk in the park

I was on 100 for a short time yesterday, starting on 8 and then swinging over to a parallel trail and then on to 100. I have been meaning to go back to 2 Bit Peak, which I found once from 100 and another time from Piestewa Peak Park, though I didn't find that yesterday. I just meandered for a time on 100 and then jumped on 1A and headed back to parking. 100 is essentially a long, flat trail, with plenty of connectors for more challenging hiking. It's pretty anyway, and does provide a long walk through the desert. One time I drove to Tatum Drive, parked at Tomahawk Trail, and then hiked to Piestewa Peak Park and back. A good 6 miles one way. I am determined to find 2 Bit Peak again, so will spend more time on 100.

Did Mojave today. Wonder about the spelling of the name. The sign on the street reads Mojave but the signs on the trail read Mohave. Oh well, Mojave is Mohave is Mojave, I guess. The trail might be said to proceed along two wings, one to the north and one to the south. The northbound wing is easy and nearly effortless, with just a little elevation gain, but the southbound wing is much trickier, or even downright tricky. That trail quickly narrows, until eventually it is completely blocked. To the left is a field of smaller flat rocks offering plenty of room for rattlesnakes to lay in wait, and to the right is a boulder and other larger rocks blocking the trail, also offering room for snakes. You can climb over if you are willing, but the trail past that point becomes so narrow as to require use of handholds. If you make it that far you probably won't be going back and you are greeted by a final scramble over rocks to reach the true top. Today, after I came down, there was a very attractive girl with a dog who started up the same way. I thought to ask her if she had ever been up that way before but didn't want her to get the wrong impression so just let her go. Mojave is a short hike, but challenging if one tackles the southbound wing. Fun stuff.

26 days ago

Easy casual hike on fairly flat landscape.

Good workout and great views of the valley from the peak. Watch your footing if you are not accustomed to rocks.

Very rocky trail, it is only moderately difficult in my opinion.

Fun hike. Enough elevation to be challenging. You won't be lonely...lots of hikers and dogs. Did the 3.5 miles in under 2 hours.

Extremely beautiful area, easy to miss turns on trail though. Ended up back tracking to find the right spot. Climb is tougher towards the the last half mile, had to climb switchbacks to get to the two bit summit.

Great for a quiet walk! As others have noted, sections are poorly marked and so it can be a little confusing. But I enjoyed it very much, good walk with quiet spots to meditate.

Decent trail for shorter outings. Has some options up to various peaks for some good views.

Love this trail. 302-304-1A. That's the way! Follow the 1A off of the 304 either going directly west up the side of the mountain, or around back of the mountain, where 1A meets VOAZ and Irregular Link. VOAZ and Irregular Link form a short loop between wings of the 1A as it travels along the mountain directly next to and north of the Summit mountain. Beware! 1A travels through Piestewa Peak park and winds up out on the street near 20th Street, just west of the park. I wound up going that way by mistake one day to trail end and did 7 1/2 miles on 1A before traipsing back to the park to the car. Love the trail anyway. May have done just 4 miles on it today.

Great trail, awesome incline towards the peak. Lots of loose rock but almost no crowd! Great views of the whole valley. Parked on Tatum and used trail 100 to meet with the trail to the peak.

Nice short challenging trail.

nice trail for the most part, there are sometimes where it is not clearly marked and does intersect with other trails. Also, lots of side trail options. Trail rolls up an down the mountain so you will do the elevation changes multiple times.

Good hike for moderate experience hiker. great views all the way up. gets steep from sadle to peak. well worth the effort.

Nice views and a great mix of incline and flat areas. Lots of rocks so wear good shoes especially if going up the 220. Beautiful and took about 2 hours to loop while enjoying the scenery.

Nice short day hike. The first mile along the interstate I could do without. I would say this trail is moderate/easy. Footing can be an issue in parts...very rocky. I took the voaz shortcut to take a few miles off the trip. It was a nice uphill hike with some good views. I enjoyed the hike and look forward to exploring more areas of the Preserve. Friendly people along the trail. I didn't have too much of an issue navigating but I do agree there could be more posts for less experienced hikers.

Best trail in the valley to time and push yourself consistently. Great walking warm up then basically straight up the mountain. Not many people even on the weekend are on the actually peak trail. Can be difficult at times and no flat walking areas once you start up the mountain. Never had issue with parking. Loose rock for much of the hike which does get annoying. Can do as beginner or expert.

ok ...but not a moderate trail, should be rated easy, in my opinion.

Nice bits of rock/stone and up n down. GPS necessary if you want to stay on these loops; not well marked; many other trails branch off hither n thither n yon. Better views n more secluded on E side.

Great trail - could be better marked in a few spots. Didn’t quite get to the end due to an overgrown bush (and best part is really at the peak midway on trail). Still a great workout that only takes just over an hour.

3 months ago

good mixture of flat areas and inclines

Pretty much all the trails loop back around, yeah it might be hard to follow the EXACT trail, but honestly what’s the fun in that? Relax and let the trail take you and choose your own adventure... getting a little lost is fun and I mean you can see the highway and civilization from anywhere on these trails, so it’s not like you’re really lost...

Great trail for beginners to experienced trail runners. Most hikers here are from the surrounding neighborhood and are very aware of their trail ettiqute. Can be very technical but manageable for inexperienced hiker. Always a great alternative when Piestawa and Camelback are packed.

Great if you want a long hike that isn’t very hilly.

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