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Insane cardio and really good views. Love this hike!

23 hours ago

Definitely moderate.. the trail wasn't clearly marked as others have said. But it was fairly easy to navigate yourself around. pretty good work out if you go all the way to the top! great views.

moderate? it is just as bad as the "hard" summit trail. this trail has a lot of steep rocky area with a lot of slick rocks. so many switchbacks.

Great workout, views, and people!

This is my favorite hike in Phoenix! It offers a great cardio workout and beautiful views at the top!

Not my favorite hike, I’d prefer to do Echo Canyon over Squaw Peak.

Nice views and a great mix of incline and flat areas. Lots of rocks so wear good shoes especially if going up the 220. Beautiful and took about 2 hours to loop while enjoying the scenery.

Love this trail for several reasons
First u can go pretty late and gate is still open and no tickets like at echo ..... second , it’s s fairly challenging trail but u can take your time or run it finally the view is amazing one of my favs

Nice short day hike. The first mile along the interstate I could do without. I would say this trail is moderate/easy. Footing can be an issue in parts...very rocky. I took the voaz shortcut to take a few miles off the trip. It was a nice uphill hike with some good views. I enjoyed the hike and look forward to exploring more areas of the Preserve. Friendly people along the trail. I didn't have too much of an issue navigating but I do agree there could be more posts for less experienced hikers.

6 days ago

Nice trail, but certain sections aren’t marked as clearly as they are on the AllTrails map. You won’t get lost, per say, as there are plenty of other trails to take through the preserve area. Overall, what a great place to spend the morning!!!

Best trail in the valley to time and push yourself consistently. Great walking warm up then basically straight up the mountain. Not many people even on the weekend are on the actually peak trail. Can be difficult at times and no flat walking areas once you start up the mountain. Never had issue with parking. Loose rock for much of the hike which does get annoying. Can do as beginner or expert.

good climb but not time consuming.

1-9-2018 Nice Incline workout

Definitely challenging if you’re out of shape (like me) but I still made it to the top. Thankful I had my camelbak full of water though!!

ok ...but not a moderate trail, should be rated easy, in my opinion.

Nice area especially once you start heading up. I’m new to the area, wish I could have figured out a loop to go back a different way. I’m sure there are several.

Very nice place to hike.

Good hike and grea views from the top. It was difficult for me but i can imagine there are more difficult.

I love it 3rd time ) it never gets old - fantastic view at the peak (priceless)

Hard but worth it!

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