I have to say, what you will read about this trail online will either be terribly inaccurate or to the T. It depends on the time of year of course. For us it was sunny and beautiful every day. However...it was wet, very wet. and the legendary "cesspool" was incredibly deep and being the tallest groupmember I had the unfortunate duty of carrying out packs across...5 times. But the buckskin is so very beautiful, and so very worth it. The water in the Paria river was filterable but I would reccomend using the springs. It's salt content was so high that each of our legs had a gnarly rash for days after. We did this trail in four days..however I Would highly reccomend making time for 5. You will be very slow throughout the hike, especially when your trying to go fast (the profile is relatively flat going downhill, but with many obstacles including a make your own way 15 foot drop at mile 11 through the gulch). Our group hiked from early morning until dark every day and our best mileage was day on 4, with only 13 miles and mostly high water routes on dry ground. If you do this hike please enjoy it as we did but be well prepared, its probably unlike anything you've ever done.