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Not well labeled. More for mountain bikers than anything else.

It's an easy walk up to great views. This is my kids' favorite hike.

on Hole in the Rock Trail

3 days ago

colin I've been checking out some of the trails you hike on and I am wondering if you can either call or email me 315-882-3462 or solo6957@gmail.com I have more questions Jan-17-2019

7 days ago

Good for little kids. Can stay on the relatively flat trail or go off the trail and climb in and out of some of the little caves, which was the kids’ favorite part. Parking was limited right off McDowell road.

Easy to lose the trail but love the walk

mountain biking
9 days ago

one of my favorite trails for riding my mountain bike with my boys, paved all the way around or go halfway on the trail to complete the loop.

Great easy walk with views of downtown and the mountains beyond.

Nice little hike just north of Downtown Tempe! Perfect for when you need a little escape. Get off the trail and relax up in one of the numerous rock cutouts/caves.

The area is fairly open and the trail is not well marked. It's pretty easy to wander onto a different trail if you aren't familiar with it. The views are pretty nice when you get near the buttes and even if you lose the trail, it's flat and open and you won't get lost.

More easy than moderate.

Really easy, short, and pretty hike. For all age groups!

Very easy, Very busy. Went on a Thursday and it was crazy busy crawling-with people but it was a beautiful day the views are spectacular and is in the middle of Phoenix and Scottsdale so very easy to find.

Very busy with a lot of families and kids. Easy enough walk to location. Hard to get any good photos with so many people in a tight space

Nice walk with some cool views. Decently marked but if you get off the trail it’s easy to connect with another one or find your way back to your trail.

Decent little walk. Pretty crowded.

Very busy but the view is pretty amazing! Great trail for families, kids, and anyone looking for an easy hike to a neat view!

awesome view and nice hike but far too many people. I literally thought I was going to be pushed off the top of the thing with the overload of people.

Perhaps the worst signed trail I have ever used. Impossible to find half the trail. Paving is only a short distance. Kids liked rock clambering, though.

Nice easy walk. Excellent trail to catch the beautiful sunrises here in AZ. If you like aviation, great area to watch traffic at Sky Harbor. Interesting rock formations with carve outs.....2.5 miles in total

Quick and easy, but very busy. A bit nerve racking watching the families and especially kids without appropriate footwear. Worried someone would slide off the rocks and cause a bad day for everyone.

Completed this a few times now, great for walking the dog and beautiful views.

Nice trail, easy to get through and easy to follow

28 days ago

this trail is good for walking, running, or biking- especially for beginners. as others wrote, the trails blend into each other so it's easy to not stay in track. but it's very open and you can't get lost. over all this is an easy walk, I wouldn't call it a hike, and I'm a newb. takes about an hour to do the big loop around both mountains. this trail doesn't take you up into the mountain and I recommend you don't go up there since the rocks are loose and slippery.

1 month ago

Fun, family friendly trail with nice views.

Unless you have to go, avoid weekends, holidays, and sunset. Go on a weekday not during sunset for smaller crowds. There are always people there, though. There are actually two holes - the main on and one at the top, so don’t forget to look up! There’s an unofficial path off the main one just around the curve (not the one that has a sign telling you not to enter) that is a little more challenging (as compared to a groomed flat trail), and you can go back down around the other side and make it a loop; there is a trail. If you’re looking for more, go across the street to the butte loop and hike one or more of those trail options. Source: I’m a local.

Super easy walk with lots of small areas to explore. However at parts I wasn't sure what was the trail. This was not a big deal other than to help preserve the area. Its pretty wide open with people around so you aren't going to get lost. Would visit again with those that are less fit or on a day when you don't have enough time to drive outside the city.

Awesome to see, best suited for families. Not if you want a good workout and hike.

on Hole in the Rock Trail

1 month ago

Easy peasy, good view!

Nice photos from the top, which is about five minutes up a well marked trail. Good for all skill levels.

Nice little hike. I’d say it’s more of a leisurely walk with cool views of Papago. There are several trails within one so it’s easy to not follow the exact route that’s shown on the AllTrails App. I imagine in the summer there is more of a challenge just due to the lack of shade and the heat.

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